Perform a literature search on smart card technology and write a 1,000 to 1,250-word paper that addresses the topic and, specifically, the following questions: What is the history of “smart cards”? Which industries have utilized smart card technology successfully? Explain the concept of “stored value” as it applies to smart card technologies and describe how this feature might be utilized by consumers to obtain health care services. Explain how smart cards can reduce fraud and streamline administrative procedures. What are the futurist projections for the use of smart cards in 5 to 10 years? Required to use a minimum of three qualified, current (no more than 5 years old) publication references with in-text citations for this paper. Prepare this assignment according to APA guidelines. Abstract is not required.

    Vigorous Card Technology in Sanitycare


    Vigorous cards are considered to be single of the principal notice technology achievements in the globe. While the vigorous card is resembling in bigness to a faith acquittal card, a vigorous card comprises an embedded recollection scrap or microprocessor which when coupled with a discoverer, has the potentiality to arrangement notice and suffice-ce a repletion of purposes (Sellappans, Chua, Tajuddin, & Lai, 2013). Vigorous cards are arrival-govern emblems that are conservationd to arrival suffice-forr basis contingently through the internet availing indivisible or vocation basis beneficial simply when insufficiencyed and to an misspend conservationr. Vigorous cards are considerefficacious in providing basis shelter, portability, spare-interval and so abundantly balance (Sellappans, Chua, Tajuddin, & Lai, 2013).

    Fact of Vigorous Card

    Vigorous card technology dates tail in 1970 when Dr. Arimura came up with a intent that integrated arithmetic logic and basis storage onto a silicon participation. He filed a plain ce his romance in the identical year (Shunmuganathan, Saravanan, & Palanichamy, 2015). To fuel the development, Intel familiar a original computer-on-a-scrap in the year 1971. Consequently, Roland Balanceno, became the original French contriver to soar the original scrap on a flexible card in the year 1974 following which he filed a plain ce the identical and the emblem that could discbalance the basis on the scrap. The romance was posterior determined the Vigorous Card. Balanceno’s proposal was exalt sold extinguished when he stated a order unreserved as Innovatron that sold these vigorous cards to bankers who loaded vogue on these cards entireowing merchants to conservation them to catch acquittals (Shunmuganathan, Saravanan, & Palanichamy, 2015). In 1979, Michel Ugon, an employee at BULL CPS intented the original operational microprocessor vigorous card unreserved as CP8. In the identical year, Motorolla familiar the original arrest vigorous card that was conservationd in the banking activity. In 2001, Bull sold its CP8 disruption near their plains to Schlumberger. Schlumberger posterior concomitant the CP8 with its possess vigorous card and created Axalto. In the year 2006, Gemplus and Axalto became the globe’s no. 1 and no. 2 vigorouscard manufacturers. These span companies posterior merged to grace Gemalto.  

    Applications of Vigorous Card Technology

    The vigorous card technology has been employed in a repletion of collisions with the incline of leveraging the technological practices brought by these cards, balance so, the posterity of shelter. Contrariant industries such as the banking activity, the office of plea, and hazardous infrastructure, elevated command, and contrariant sectors of the oppidan globe. In the banking sector, vigorous cards keep been rolled extinguished ce faith card business and ATM conservation (Sellappans, Chua, Tajuddin, & Lai, 2013). Resemblingly, the office of plea has conservationd these cards on its civilian and soldierly employees ce communicating electronically and granting netexertion arrival. Resemblingly, elevateder attainments institutions keep conservationd vigorous cards to mark student’s furniture, mark loans arrival govern to unmistakefficacious facilities such as dormitories and unpopular buildings (Washington, DC Plain No. 9,357,375, 2016). Vigorous card technology has been applied in manifold economic sectors and recrement to be considerefficacious ascribefficacious to the shelter features it offers. In sanitycare, vigorous cards keep so base majestic conservation and keep been reckoned to be very induced.  

    The Concept of Stored Appreciate and Collision of Vigorous Cards in Sanitycare

    In the vigorous card technology, stored appreciate refers to the choice to specie that entireows storing currencies and arrangementing of businesss. In sanitycare, the vigorous card technology can be utilized to suffice-ce as the movefficacious medical memorials ce a unrepining. The vigorous cards keep been programmed to suffice-ce contrariant purposes. As such, they can be programmed to hold the indivisible identification sum of a unrepining that can simply be arrivaled through an signed card discoverer that arrivales the bearing notice of a unrepining withextinguished necessarily life alike to a computer netexertion (Luis, Fernández-Alemán, Señor, Lozoya, & Toval, 2013).

    Healthattention basis has presented manifold challenges such as concealment factors and competency of unrepining attention. Vigorous cards keep been efficacious to reresolve these span challenges by presenting a arrest method of storing and distributing unrepining medical memorials. Vigorous cards are considerefficacious in storing of indivisible notice such as medical safeguard notice, gregarious shelter sum, character of screenage, and induced and hazardous basis such as unreserved entireergies, class character, and medical fact unarranged others can be thickend into the vigorous card (Sellappans, Chua, Tajuddin, & Lai, 2013). Considerablely, the basis can be coded and encrypted contrariantly ce a unmistakefficacious medical quickness to apprehension bearing basis which can simply be fascinated by that quickness ce which the basis is bearing to. Simultaneously, vigorous cards growth the hasten ce basis apprehend reducing the queuing and protraction interval when visiting a medical quickness.   

    Generally vigorous cards are conservationd ce storing private basis that proves the personality of a unrepining and suffice-fors as the solution to arrivaling bearing notice. Mainly, in sanitycare, the vigorous card conservation translates into storage of medical memorials, providing trial of empowerment to sanityattention benefits, reducing memorials subsistence costs, and providing arrival to sanityattention networks (Shunmuganathan, Saravanan, & Palanichamy, 2015). The main practice of using vigorous cards on sanityattention is uninterruptedness of attention irrespective of geographical subsidence in the state. At the identical interval, sanityattention affordrs mould arrival to accomplished and respectful medical fact which implies that they don’t keep to depend on a unrepining’s recollection or the attentiongiver’s recollection to attain the fact.

    How Vigorous Cards can Reduce Injury and Streamline Administrative Procedures

    According to Yeager (2015), it has grace obscure to quantify the asoar of coin contrived ce sanityattention that has been lost through affront, impair, or injury. In 2013, the US Mediattention and Medicaid labors made inexpedient acquittals wholeing to a sum of $36 billion that middle injury and coding mistakes. While the coin parch is a symbolical drift in the sanityattention classifications ce sundry countries, the sanity vigorous cards afford the best choice to reducing the injury. Simply, these vigorous cards insufficiency to be arrestd with biometric markers making identification of a unrepining failsafe.

    Forthcoming of Vigorous Card in 5 to 10 Years

    Vigorous card technology has balance the years been progressively improved to engage the increasing technological trackments that acorder balance shelter threats. It’s likely to understand the coercionthcoming in the vulgar developments. Vulgarly, three solution posteritys keep been signed such as authenticating the affordr and beneficiary during sanitycare, exchanging beneficiary notice electronically, and conveying beneficiary’s notice to insurers and badness versa (Hussain, Ariyachandra, & Frolick, 2016). Resemblingly, vigorous cards earn inoppidan balance arrest mechanisms such as conservation aspect avowal equitable as there is the conservation of fingerprint biometrics ce attached shelter. Attachedly, trackments earn keep been made to cbalance ce the continued injury in the sanityattention classification.


    Conclusively, vigorous card technology suffice-fors as the abridgment of medical sanityattention labor. It has made exertion easier ce the government, insurers, sanityattention affordrs, and sanityattention beneficiaries at the identical interval. The technology has evolved balance interval to suffice-ce an plain nobler role in ensuring that shelter resisting the contrariant sectors ce which it’s conservationd is majesticly upheld. Balance interval, the vigorous card technology is going to track to engage entire the shelter insufficiencys that understandm to be of regret in the vulgar collisions. However, the balanceentire catch on the collision of vigorous cards is more exquisite.  


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