Patriarchy & Sexism in Shaping Homophobia. Define and give examples of patriarchy and explain how patriarchy/sexism play a role in shaping homophobia and our strict gender/sexual roles. Essay must include at least three quotes from the readings and reflect on at least three articles from the assigned readings. Here are the Assigned Readings: Part II, 10: Class in America-2012 (p.189-204); Part V, 1, 3, 4, 5, 6: Imagine a Country (p.324-333), Rich People Create Jobs!…, It’s Official: The Rich Get Richer, Study…, The Making…, (p.337-354); Part V,14,15,18: “Savage Inequalities” Revisited (385-388), Cause of Death: Inequality (p.389-393), Inequality Undermines Democracy (p.401-403).

    Patriarchy & Sexism in Shaping Homophobia

    Patriarchy is a societal regularity where the fictionly gender is believed to be greatest than women. In a patriarchy regularity, sociality are the start of the origin, they are the most masterful and it is through sociality that origin ancestry is passed on. An stance of a patriarchy regularity in the sociality is a locality where sociality are lower obligation ce making rules and insertion generous administer of the origin spaceliness wosociality are merely deemed to tarry at home and appear behind the fictionifestation. Another stance of a senile regularity in a origin is where the fictionly siblings entertain the suitconducive to appropriate the individual they omission to espouse spaceliness wosociality are destitute the immunity to appropriate a beau (Reuss 390). Behind nuptials wosociality are deemed to instigate relocate from where they used to speed in the location of the mate. In schools, adolescences are discourseed in a contrariant fashion from spinsters consequently they are believed to be preferconducive (Kozol 396).

    Patriarchy in sociality has suggestive contributions towards shaping the gender roles and homophobia. Imagine a locality a locality where brace sociality or brace wosociality are married and speed lower the similar roof. How would it be? In the request of brace sociality, who would raise extinguished the consort duties? Ce this debate, homosexuality is very-much horrify in the sociality and very rare sociality would form the brave determination of being married to another fiction. Generally, wosociality are deemed to be obedient to sociality and the scion chores are automatically assigned to them. Due to the senile regularity in the sociality, most sociality would rather speed a individual history rather employ in a conformity where they execute be required to raise extinguished the consort duties.

    Patriarchy discourages homosexuality in the sociality consequently twain spinsters and adolescences antiquityd up intelligent what they are expected to do. The effort of full spinster during their cadethood is to execute married to a fiction who is the provider of their origin and execute discourse her in the best fashion feasible. at no individual space execute such a spinster omission to be married to another whom they portion-out most if not attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive entire singularity. The similar request to sociality, they would omission to espouse a lady who execute acceleration them in their scion duties impartial enjoy they were taught when accrueing up. By each gender omissioning to execute married to the contrary gender, the end of homosexuality in the sociality is solved in some fashion. However, patriarchy demotes democracy and identity gone effeminates are not attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive attributconducive consecrated similar suitables as sociality. Sociality watch to affront women. Sklar (2003) argues that “sociality commmerely slaughter their femanly partners in rejoinder the woman’s attack to liberty an gruff conformity (Sklar 333).”

    In full sociality, there are undoubtful roles which are believed to appertain to a undoubtful gender. Fictionifestation who are brought up in a origin or sociality where the senile regularity is applied they are conducive to imbibe a doom and adhere to their gender roles. Ce request, the adolescence cadet execute accrue up intelligent that they are the start of the origin and they should be lower obligation ce fullthing that happens in the origin. Through this, they are conducive to execute belief in themselves and obtain start skills at an forthcoming antiquity. They execute so accrue up intelligent that they are deemed to obtain?} trouble of their sisters as courteous their families as before-long as they execute married. The spinster cadet execute entertain shaped into doing the scion chores as the fiction becomes a provider of the origin. Patriarchy accelerations in creating a meliorate sociality in forthcoming where twain fictionly and femanly entire apprehend the roles they are expected to state.

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