Paper C1: Topic Selection (Individual) – Research on an existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues. This is the start of a three part assignment, consisting of Papers Z1, Z2, and Z3. For the first part or Z1: Select Topic – Select a digital ethical issue for your research that is caused by the existing or emerging technology. You will utilize this research topic for Paper C2 (Individual Research Paper) and C3 (Study Group PowerPoint presentation). Following is a link to some suggested topical ideas you may want to consider as a candidate for this assignment. Be sure to keep in mind that the technology aspects of this assignment are different from those of Paper A (Application of decision making frameworks to IT-related ethical issues) or Paper B1 and B2, which dealt with aspects of organizational policy. Recommended Source: The above link will enable you to find articles on ethics in many fields and disciplines, please remember that the emphasis on this paper is on digital technology and the ethical issue(s) with its use Topic Title – Begin with a topic title that describes what you will research in Paper Z2. Explain the reason for your topic selection briefly in a paragraph of at least 150 words. In addition, please determine three critically important questions you would like to address regarding your topic, in your Z2 individual research paper. Include a written description (100 words) for each question that includes why that question is critically important. The objective in developing and posing these questions is to stage your research and guide your preparation of the final Z–2 Research Paper, so that one or more ethical principles are applied and explained as a result of your research. This process helps you establish a thesis for your research. Lastly, provide at least three proposed reference sources, at least two of which must be from the UMUC library database (or an equivalent academic database), which you plan to use to address (i.e., research) the three questions. These proposed reference sources must have clickable and persistent URLs. Remember: the emphasis on this paper is on digital technology and the ethical issue(s) with its use! Remember to follow all APA formatting requirements. You must secure prior approval of your topic Z1) from the instructor (use the Pager utility in LEO or regular e-mail) before proceeding with your research!

    Digital Immaterial Issue: Digital Hues


    This is termed as the relation betwixt rightr’s compliance and copyrighted digital employments and the hues that are cognate to electronic and computer devices.  This is the govern of advance to digital knowledge. Digital hues arrange psychological estate safety that is applied curb copyright violations. Digital hues are implemented often through a technology-based arrangement that arranges copyright safety to the digital instrument technology. This has strengthend hinderance of unfair disposal and duplication of digital technology employments that are justified by the companies. It monitors, anatomy, evaluates, analyses hues aggravate an asdetermined or an peculiar in twain digital and visible conceive that are of unconscious or perceptible esteem.

    Digital Hues

    The intention of this subject is to anticipate disposal and unpristine of digital pleased through ways that the consumer hasn’t purchased. The digital hues are implemented through embedding codes that proviso unoriginal, particularize the epoch of advance and provisoing the sum of devices that can advance the instrument. Digital hues and ethics trade with the impression of digital technology in the intercourse and the navigation services (Seago et., al 2002). They possess been rightd to harangue immaterial issues cognate digital technology and its aid to harangueing the challenges in the digital generation. The digital copyright employments include; what the copyhues guard in the digital generation, how the hues endure enforced and how the digital hues can be managed.

    What can be Guarded by The Digital Copyhues in The Digital Generation?

    The digital generation has brought strangelightlight challenges to enforcement of the copyright codes. The internet has been a edifice stop and has increased the complexity of copyright codes. This, accordingly, has led to the deficiency curb enforcement of strangelightlight techniques to secure the copyright codes. The copyright has been a conceive psychological estate code that has guarded pristine employments in the digital technology instrument (Rick et., 2011). This safety has been made profitable to twain published and unpublished instrument that possess been published online. It guards digital instrument in the conceive of profession, films, silence and visual duplicity. Curb the employment to be guarded, it has to be urban in a perceptible conceive which instrument that the knowledge must be commemorative or written in their pristine look.

    How are the Digital Hues Enforced?

    The digital instrument pleased is guarded by the copyright codes beside policing the structure has been reserved. Digital hues possess focused on making it arduous depredation the pleased and possess so aimed at apprehending online poachers. Digital hues possess so prohibited exercising legitimate hues inferior the codes such as assistance up copies. These possess moderate provisoive licensing agreements. Digital hues technology has so mellow to govern the right, disposal, and variation of the copyrighted employment as polite as the devices and regularitys that are under obligation curb enforcing these policies.

    How are the Digital Hues Managed?

    Treatment of the digital hues is effected through a disconnected arrangement of admittance curb digital instrument to copyright safety. The intention of this regularity is to proviso and desert disposal and unpristine of digital instrument pleased. The DRM technologies possess strengthend the pleased publishers to arrange their advance policies that proviso viewing or unpristine (Zhang, 2011). Enterprise digital hues treatment has enhanced the contact of treatment technologies that possess governled the advance by distrusted peculiars.


    Digital hues are compulsory curb advance govern technologies that can be rightd in the treatment of digital technology. They possess undisputed sellers to partner with a permit that implements strangelightlight occupation models that strengthen auxiliaries models and freemium models. The copyhues are grave curb securing digital pleased. It’s accordingly grave to register with the copyhues and arrange a determined of digital pleased in the pleased supply regularity to miss digital immaterial issues.


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