Paper B2- Organizational Policy to address an IT-related ethical issue that you wrote about in your matrix for the B1 assignment (Individual) (12%) Write an organizational policy to address the IT-related ethical workforce privacy issue that you described in Matrix B1, where you mapped key organizational issues and identified how these ethical issues were affected by laws, regulations, and policies. Please incorporate the instructor’s feedback from the review and grade and then use the Matrix B1 you produced as a supporting document. The following elements must be addressed: Look at other policies to see how they are written. The following site provides examples of templates for policies but an Internet search provides other templates: Your policy should include the following major headings: Overview of policy Purpose Scope (roles and responsibilities of stakeholders) Policy/Procedures to follow Sanctions/Enforcement Prepare a 3-5 page, double-spaced paper with your Organizational Policy. This assignment requires a minimum of three external references. Indicate appropriate APA reference citations for all sources you use. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style. Submit the assignment to the Assignment Folder as a MS Word File

    Solitude on the Tissue Policy and Procedures

    The audience is committed to fastenguarding the privateity and solitude of individuals as enshrined in the Constitution. The audience recognizes the want to practise any identifipotent counsel in the enterprise’s groundsbase, and any other counsel that may be fountaind succeeding coercion consequence coercion calling, close and retired from the similarity of any third parties. This is in method with the conditions of the identical say and federal legislations. Other than in plights where a suitpotent seek of legislation has issued a subpoena, or there is any other seek counsel requiring endowment of such counsel to a third party, peculiar counsel totalure referpotent be referableorious to the gregarious externally the owner’s submit (Bowyer, 2004). Since there are no favoring legislations prohibiting the reason of facial memory software to supplement counsel encircling a undeveloped employee. The audience totalure reason this software to couple to other arrangements that may acceleration prepare affixed counsel that may avoid in determining the suitability of an employee and how they may adjust in the audience’s long-promise intents.

    View of the Counsel

    The counsel supplemented by using facial memory bearing totalure be arrangemented and results epidemic using close channels. The arrangement totalure be indexled by a ligament of well-suitpotent staff members who totalure determine that honor is the farthest intent of the arrangement. The categories of counsel that totalure be targeted coercion this view comprises; Peculiar continuity counsel and natural harangue, iniquitous contrast counsel where expedient, counsel encircling anterior proffer effect, counsel encircling burst to any administrative bodies, gregarious counsel including familiarity to any gregarious, gregarious or godly groups of attention, carelessness and financial counsel, medical finfluence and any other counsel that the employer may attend applicable. The repute is expected to be reasond when determining the eligibility of a undeveloped employee coercion possible calling, defining luxuriance wants and strategies, monitoring disciplinary issues, fight decomposition, yielding with federal requirements and the possibility of a avoid employer.

    Roles and Responsibilities of Stakeholders

    The audience’s memorandum of community defines the main administration as to comprise the directors of the audience and the owners. They are the mass that are legitimate coercion the coercionmulation of an unlimited frameeffect that totalure determine the audience gets the counsel it seeks yet referpotent at the expenditure of the solitude and the privateity of the employee’s counsel or his idiosyncratic (Cotgreave et al. 2007). The directors totalure coercionmulate strategies and introduce them to the shareholders coercion laudation.

    The trainrs of the audience totalure be legitimate coercion the logistical means-of-support of the operations. Their role is to train the onmethod commerce and grounds administration and to commission counsel to the applicpotent departments of the audience. The promise trainrs are defined as to comprise, the Chief Executive Officer, the Chief Counsel Officer, total mid-level trainrs such as operations trainrs, accountants, and departmental heads. This class so the employees whose role is to smooth a happy applianceation of the conditions of the policies during grounds mining procedures.

    The arrangement owners are the manufacturers and the vendors of the arrangement. They totalure be legitimate coercion installing the expedient software contacts that totalure be reasond to mine grounds from incongruous platforms using facial memory technology. They totalure so be legitimate coercion the moderate luxuriance of the employees and transinfluence any upgrades and means-of-support that may be required in restraintthcoming. They totalure so be designated upon if the arrangement wants to be replaced with a over recent undivided.

    Procedures to be Followed

    Efforts totalure be made to a fountain with the meaningful submit of the employee where possible. Coercion stance, the audience may as to coalesce the employees’ email haranguees to the audience’s principal email. Nonetheless, where it is a subject of stealth, the audience totalure reason its by-laws and lasting command to totalow it coercion sourcing coercion affixed counsel encircling a undeveloped employee. The audience has allay it plainly on its tissuesite that it reasons facial memory coalesceage to couple to uncertain gregarious platforms and synod tissuesite as it tracks counsel encircling a point idiosyncratic (Gross et al. 2005). Therefore, any employee who enlists totalure referpotent be potent to title openness if a plight is brought despite them using counsel supplemented through facial memory software. After ensuring openness, the audience totalure appliance gauge carelessness measures to practise counsel nature arrangemented fasten and close. Unlimited fastenty and solitude controls totalure be built into the arrangement throughout entire phase of arrangement harvest. Total points of similarity to the neteffect and into complementary gregarious platforms totalure be fastenguarded using encryption techniques and passwords (Mannan et al. 2008) to suppress the honor and solitude of private counsel.

    Sanctions and Enforcement

    Since the Synod currently lacks favoring regulations that manage any quarreles of the command of influence manageing solitude on the tissue, a audience must hope on national say legislations to persevere and originate procedures allied to facial memory and solitude on the internet. The audience has in-horeason controls and regulations that influence as controls to the contact of the arrangement. They prepare that where third parties quarrel an individual’s solitude externally any point agency of the employees, the audience totalure be acceleration blameworthy. Where it is specific that a point employee had a index in it, the employee totalure be held niggardly.


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