Option #1: Analysis of Denver Furniture Corp. Denver Furniture Corp. is nationally recognized for making high-quality products. Management is concerned that the company is not fully exploiting its brand power. Denver’s production managers are also concerned because their plants are not operating at near full capacity. Management is currently considering a proposal to offer a new line of affordable furniture. Those in favor of the proposal (including the vice president of production) believe that, by offering these new products, the company could attract a clientele that it is not currently servicing. Also, it could operate its plants at full capacity, thus taking better advantage of its assets. The vice president of marketing, however, believes that the lower-priced (and lower-margin) product would have a negative impact on the sales of existing products. The vice president believes that $10,000,000 of the sales of the new product will be from customers that would have purchased the more expensive product but switched to the lower-margin product because it was available. (This is often referred to as cannibalization of existing sales.) Top management feels, however, that even with cannibalization, the company’s sales will increase and the company will be better off. The following data are available: (In thousands) Current Results Proposed Results without Cannibalization Proposed Results with Cannibalization Sales Revenue $45,000 $60,000 $50,000 Net Income $12,000 $13,000 $12,000 Average total assets $100,000 $100,000 $100,000 Instructions: Compute Denver’s return on assets, profit margin, and asset turnover; both with and without the new product line. Discuss the implications that your findings in part (a) have Denver’s decision. Are there any other options that Denver should consider? What impact would each of these have on the above ratios? Show your work and use Excel or Word for your submission. The written portion of your assignment should be four to six pages in length with document and citation formatting conformity with the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.there

    Denver’s financial dissection




        Congregation can investigate irrelative approaches to repair the infamy avowal or instrument the faculty of the infamy. This is feasible when the structure is referserviceable permitted to unmeasured body.  Selection of best approaches is feasible when proposals are made and evaluated. Proposals should be depending on the constitution of the boarding or device.

        Denver is a polite-mannered-unconcealed structure that is investigateing the coercionmation of a novel effect to instrument its infamy gone the advantageous media are referserviceable unmeasuredy utilized. It is believed that supply of a novel effect earn boost sales accordingly the affair earn invite further customers. However, some of the portion of the skillful-treatment team arrive-at that inferior priced consequence earn convey encircling privative effects on the massive sales. Others debate that whether there is cannibalization, sales earn extension thus making the congregation to be in a melioobjurgate aspect.


        Gate of novel effects is segregate of affair annotation. There is constantly a elevated possibility of extensions sales imputserviceable to gate of a effect (Smith & Collins, 2005). Although, there are factors which can privatively attempt sales if embezzle actions are referserviceable charmed. When customers attempt coercion further conspicuous or capacity effect, the claim coercion the massive effect is mitigated to lessen. Thus, there would be a decline in the sale of the massive cheerfuls .This extensions cannibalization objurgate which is the restraintfeiture sustained imputserviceable to gate of a novel effect. Successful effect are those that do referserviceable extension cannibalization objurgate beside extension the flatten of sales unconditionally. The subjoined exception presents the financial disindividuality of Denver precedently and succeeding the gate of a novel effect. The caution of the asset hinge balance, gain latitude and rehinge on cheerfuls as polite-mannered-mannered as their descriptions and implications are supposing. Besides, the decisive exception describes the other non-interferences that Denver can investigate

    Exception A: Caution of different financial connections of Denver

    Denver’s rehinge on asset

    Rehinge on cheerfuls (ROA) = Enmesh pay/Mean aggregate cheerfuls

    ROA domiciled on present results

    Enmesh pay=$12,000/$100,000


    ROA domiciled on contemplated results outside cannibalization

    Enmesh pay=$13,000/$100,000


    ROA domiciled on contemplated results with cannibalization



    Denver’s gain latitude

    Gain latitude= Enmesh pay/ Enmesh sales*100

             Currents sales             



             Contemplated results outside cannibalization

                         =$ 13,000/$60,000*100


            Contemplated results with cannibalization



    Denver’s asset hinge balance

    Asset hinge balance= Enmesh sales/ mean aggregate cheerfuls

    Currents sales        



    Contemplated results outside cannibalization    



    Contemplated results with cannibalization



    Exception B:  Discussion in-reference-to the implications of the aggravatehead results.

    Goods hingebalance connection

        Description:    Asset hingebalance connection examines how an structure shapes reason of its cheerfuls geneobjurgate proceeds from   sales. The elevateder the asset hingebalance connection, the elevateder the aptitude. This betokens that cheerfuls are reasond potently (Fairfield & Yohn, 2001). On the other operative, inferior hingebalance connections betoken that cheerfuls are referserviceable reasond polite-mannered-mannered and there is a elevated chances that the structure is experiencing coercionmation problems. A connection of 1 resources that the congregation begets $1 coercion each dollar that is invested in asset.

        Implication: Denver has a present asset hingebalance connection of 0.45 and this implies that the congregation is making $0.45 coercion whole dollar invested in cheerfuls. However, domiciled on coercionecast, it is expected that the connection earn extension to 0.6 outside cannibalization and to 0.5 with cannibalization. Therefore, the congregation earn be at a cheerful aspect outside cannibalization. Denver needs to assimilate these connection with those of other companies to detail the gentleman prize of the cheerfuls.  

    Gain latitude

        Definition: It is besides unconcealed as the rehinge on sales connection. This connection estimates the gainability of an structure (Min & Wolfinbarger, 2005). It captures that enmesh pay begetd from each individual of sales made. It shows the connection of sales that trash succeeding every expenditures accept been incurred or require accept been hired. Affair reason this connection the aptitude on changeing sales to pay (Fairfield & Yohn, 2001).

        Implication: The gain latitude of present sales coercion Denver is 26.67%. This shows that the structure exhibits cheerful execution gone it is serviceserviceable to change further than 26% of the sales unto pay. In other expression, Denver is making a gain of 26.67% from sales. Though this connection lessens to 21.67% outside cannibalization. With cannibalization latitude is elevateder and is 24%. This shows that it earn be melioobjurgate coercion Denver to bring-in novel effect.

    Rehinge on asset connection

        Description: This is a gainability connection which estimate the enmesh pay which is earned from the aggregate cheerfuls of a fixed. It shows the proceeds manufactured by the aggregate cheerfuls balance a consecrated age though the similitude among the mean aggregate cheerfuls as polite-mannered-mannered as the enmesh pay. A elevateder connection shows that there is potent skillful-treatment of asset so as to effect elevated gains. The connection is advantageous when it comes transformation boarding in cheerfuls to gains. The skillful-treatment, suppliers investors and other allied segregateies can examines how polite-mannered-mannered boardings are changeed into pay( Selling & Stickney, 1989).

        Implication: The present ROA of Denver is 0.12. This shows that the congregation is making 12% pay from a individual of cheerfuls. Denver has the deviate of increasing this connection beside it is quiet performing polite-mannered.  This connection is expected to extension to 13% outside cannibalization and to accrue the similar with cannibalization. This implies that the congregation earn be in a melioobjurgate aspect if it does referserviceable effect a novel effect that earn lessen the body of sales of other cheerfuls.  

    Exception C: Non-interferences that Denver can investigate and the collision on gain latitude, rehinge on cheerfuls and asset hinge balance

        To extension the enmesh pay and the rehinge on cheerfuls. Denver has the non-interference of examining the cheerfuls which do referserviceable add to the aptitude of operations and explain them. This earn lessen the require of coercionmation and at the similar span extension pay and the rehinge on asset connection (Selling & Stickney, 1989). Those cheerfuls which do referserviceable add to operational aptitude can be leased to geneobjurgate further pay. Additionally, the structure has to fix that the massive catalogue does referserviceable expand the aggregate sales.

        Denver can besides investigate graceful the capacity of massive coercionmation though the collision of blue-colored-colored deep strategies. Thus, it can bring-in novel features to extension their prize and shape them appealing to customers rather than unresisting novel cheerfuls. Although this requires gigantic boarding it can boost the flatten of sales to apply that gain latitude and rehinge on asset extensions.

        Another non-interference that Denver can investigate is reviewing the massive pricing policies and enhancing melioobjurgate catalogue skillful-treatment. The congregation can graft other pricing policies such as discriminatory pricing so as to boost the flatten of sales and besides extension asset hinge balance ( Fairfield & Yohn, 2001). Melioobjurgate catalogue skillful-treatment lessens inefficiencies associated with store. Coercion exemplification gate of sound in span system coercion established stores


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