Module 4 – SLP 3-4 pages dble spaced. Please use sources an answer the two questions at the end. Management Integration and Implementation In Module 4 SLP, we return our focus from the specifics of information technologies and the formulation of ideal strategies to the wider world of real corporate behavior. Our emphasis now shifts to the actual implementation of information technologies and the sociotechnical dynamics that implementation not infrequently founders upon. No technical solution—however brilliantly designed or competently backstopped or elegantly integrated with other corporate plans—is any better than its implementation at the lowest levels of the system to which it is addressed. All too frequently, plans and solutions are developed in a vacuum apart from the context within which they are to be deployed and used. It is hard to overestimate the quantity of corporate resources that have been squandered on poor IT implementations over the years—to say that it would exceed the GNP of many third world countries would probably not be an exaggeration. Implementation is by no means an all-or-nothing proposition; even though the full measure of system changes may not be as successful as desired, there can often be positive local results, particularly if the implementation process is oriented toward learning as well as doing, or even more so, doing unto others. The one sure way to implementation failure is to assume that all knowledge resides in IT management—or even in management generally. Success is inevitably based on user involvement in varying degrees, generally more rather than less. All modules in the course draw on everything that you have learned in the program; however, this module most specifically draws on your courses in computer-human interaction, systems development, and project management as well as on your general introductory courses. However, this module most specifically draws on your courses in computer-human interaction and systems development and project management, as well as on your general introductory courses. Implementation is a drawn-out process requiring effective collaboration among many different kinds of specialists and generalists, extended over time and across space, and requiring explicit attention to both the social and technical systems of the organizational units affected. Above all, implementation must be sensitive to feedback, resilient enough to deal with changing circumstances, personnel, and goals, and focused much more on the users than on the technologists. Effective implementation always embraces the fundamental sociotechnical criterion of “incompletion”—that is, the idea that no change process is ever “finished” as such, but that change is an ever-flowing river in which one set of adjustments is merely the prelude to another set. Sociotechnical life in organizations is a soap opera, not a novel. There is never a “happily ever after,” just an ever-evolving and constantly reconfiguring cast of players and problems. Sometimes things get better; sometimes they get worse—but they will always be different. Videos of Interest… Something to Think About… Andrew McAfee discusses an array of revolutionary technologies that are replacing routine jobs with machines that can speak, understand, translate, and hear. McAfee believes that this kind of innovation will lead to creating new jobs that involve more than enhancing creativity. He refers to this cycle of innovation as “The New Machine Age.” Think in terms how technology-driven changes could impact the ERP implementation for Aux Bons Soins’ case study below. TED Ideas Worth Spreading. (2012, September). Andrew McAfee: Are droids taking our jobs? Retrieved from For the last assignment, we will be introducing a new case, the real-world story of an ERP implementation for Aux Bons Soins. This case details the rather frustrating experiences that the company encountered in trying to implement an integrated management system after an acquisition and merger, and the range of circumstances that affected the process. Not every implementation is this sticky, but in varying ways most partake of greater or lesser parts of this experience. Please note that there is nothing particularly pathological about the experience described here, despite the frustrations experienced. There are no great villains, but neither are there any great heroes; implementation seldom turns up either. This may seem a rather inconclusive note on which to conclude both this course and your IT management program, but it is how things are. For better or worse, this is what real IT management is all about—the good, the bad, the ugly, and above all the reasonably acceptable. Over the next decades, the profession is likely to evolve far beyond any ways that can be reasonably forecast today; after all, 20 years ago there was not any such thing as the Internet, and today’s information environment was ranked science fiction. You are entering the profession at a most exciting and dynamic time; always remember how much you do not know, but also remember that you do know how to learn. Please read the following parts of the case: Bernier, C., Roy, V., & Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Background (A). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):March. Bernier, C., Roy, V., & Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Troubles Ahead (C). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):March. Bernier, C., Roy, V., & Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Epilogue (D). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):March. Use information from the course background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list (use APA format) at the end of your paper. Your answer to the following will be assessed: What were the main causes of the difficulties with the project at Aux Bons Soins? What were the key elements that led to the success of the project at Aux Bons Soins?

    Treatment Integration and Applianceation

    ERP Arrangements Treatment Integration and Applianceation


    The global dispensation is causing an manageing vary in employment patterns. Notice technology strategies enjoy fruitfully coordinated the close affect to increased upstart-fashioned employment occasion meeting the required media, capabilities, and strategies of the unshaken that has applianceed their objectives. The Act contrivance guilening is considered as a diplomacy restraint plain vindication to insufficiencys such as facilities, network coordination, geographical and operations composition.


    These ambitions enjoy explicitly been conducted in Aux Bon Soins through its resolution to coincide the Act contrivance guilening and applianceing its driven diplomacy. Having developed from a prosperityion of unceasing inside strategies and prosperityion of wagess and growing customer deep, ABS IT infratexture has developed to a apex that it is fragmented. The wages of Western Unconcealed security and Unconcealed Mariera guard has engenderd weighty difficulties in the integration of IT infrastructures in the ABS. The applianceation of the ERP diplomacy has brought some insights of applianceation prosperity and awkwardness on a further unconcealed guilee.

    The insufficiency restraint vary in the construction was precipitated by incontrovertible constructional contents. The vary get constantly wheel on the IT-based solutions that are contrived restraint preference. Some constructions are considered to enjoy an operational closeity that requires the coordinated interaction of the multiple functions, where the ERP arrangement is further misapply and serve.  This is owing it encompasses a ample be of functions and activities with linkages floating representative treatment, customer dispose treatment, purchasing, guilening and govern activities (Hitt et., al 2002). The applianceation of the diplomacy by the unshaken is fullied to their IT arrangement applianceation and treatment strategies that get smooth integration of operations in contrariant entities. However, in the circumstance of ABS, there are herd contents that led to prosperity or insufficiency of the ERP inoculation in shaping the strategies, objectives, and goals.

    The Main Objects of Difficulties with The Drawing

    It is palpable that the construction was countenanced with brace superior collections. The pristine substance the hurdle that the construction had to aggravatecome the prevalent post to arrive-at the covetd post. The relieve collection was the superintendent.  Their covet to enjoy the integrated arrangement had to be learned along six contrariant atoms, axioms, contact, rational contrivance treatment, financial and accounting manner, marketing and sales treatment manneres. Difficulties in this drawing were chiefly objectd by separate users from the negotiative departments chiefly accounting and finance that were exclusive from the mount.  The drawing superintendent was solely interest with deadlines and exhibition era (Muscatello, et., al 2003). It is so inspired that the superintendent solely focused on ABS technical applianceation. Another object of insufficiency was that there was bankruptcy connection floating the negotiative departments. Some political opposition existed floating the assemblages.

    The IT functions and the user assemblage had separate confrontations that led to conflicts. It is palpable that the drawing director was not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable managing the drawing fruitfully in full the contrariant dimensions. The IT assemblage brought some opposition owing they felt that they had close govern aggravate the IT drawing. Of the divers challenges that the construction get countenance behind consolidating the three IT architectures to individual are respectful exhibition, decentralized IT infrastructures and unified representation of the assembly activities. The bankruptcy of workflow, arrangement integration and intermanner has led to inrespectful Rational contrivance treatment, bankruptcy of integration betwixt sales and marketing and bankruptcy of inspection into the CRM strategies. In attention to the divers difficulties countenanced by the ABS, there are coming challenges that it is mitigated to countenance attributable to bankruptcy of infratexture integration and bankruptcy of congruous treatment guile that hinders vary hereafter close way (Ehie et., al 2005). When there is bankruptcy of fruitful treatment diplomacy restraint vary, the act repeatedly alallay extempore to negativity.

    The Key Atoms That Led to The Prosperity of The Drawing

    The pristine atom to smooth prosperity was the resolution to coincide the contrariant manneres that were substance used. The drawing by the ABS had been be restraint contrariant atoms that can be applied in the drawing towards attaining. The substance of harmonization of the manneres was inaugurated by IMPS drawing that would acceleration the superintendents in marking the marketing and financial way of the ABS (Monk et., al 2012). This arrangement get, accordingly, be dubious in enhancing resolution making. Another dubious content that would be a contributing content to the prosperity of the drawing is the aggravatewhelming livelihood that the treatment committee had pledged to collect and the aggravatefull treatment of the drawing and sponsor the drawing.

    Transformational directorship that brought the consequence of resuscitation of the pristine PM would be another content of prosperity. A transformational director in the drawing would be summed up in creating and subsistenceed the composition of fabric rational compatability through identification, harvest of nucleus values, developing directorship, fabric interconnectedness, generating increased compatability and constructional drawing. It is so bearing restraint the construction to unify its IT infratexture to bestow a individual rendering of the HRM reporting and partition. This get execute the unimpaired act to strategize fruitfully on its objectives sowing a acquitted be of priorities in the deed guilees.

    Fortunate ERP applianceation in an construction requires an construction to attract in a drawing treatment that is praiseworthy. There is a insufficiency restraint a acquitted brains of the strategic goals restraint the construction, axioms correction, an constructional vary treatment, enlightened inoculation and command, focused measures of deed and a head treatment t that is abundantly committed to the drawing. These dubious contents enjoy been able to evidence that prosperityful applianceation of the ERP is not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable solely built on the technical livelihood save so in the vary of treatment. This includes a contrivance guile, acquitted objectives, and considerate drawing way mark. Accordingly, a vary treatment team is manageing restraint an constructional and manner varys. Inoculation is inevitable restraint the vary treatment team to engender a employment circumstance.

    In dispose to appliance the drawing prosperityabundantly in the construction, it is manageing to enjoy a vary treatment guile (Muscatello, et., al 2003). This guile should enjoy ordinary reasons restraint vary such as the insufficiency to amend deed. The guile should be legitimate restraint paradeing the varys that get use attribute in the construction such as constructional texture. The guile is accordingly livelihooded by the vary treatment team that is legitimate restraint communicating the varys and rallying the reasons restraint a vary.


    Strategic applianceation of the arrangement is bearing in ensuring that the vary is polite done to the construction. The applianceation get so determine that the strategies restraint dissuasive are by the vary manner.  The applianceation get fly abutting the negotiative units rallying and solving consequences fullied to the varys. A acquitted brains of objectives and goals restraint construction diplomacy, becoming drawing treatment, and a powerful applianceation team are fruitful restraint a prosperityful applianceation of ERP arrangement into an construction. It is accordingly palpable that the applianceation of notice technology in the workattribute deals with the political, technical infrastructures. Aux Bons soins has been used to parade the act contrivance guilening which has inspired insufficiencys or challenges and the contents that led to the prosperity of the drawing. This has inspired varys in their markets and employment patterns giving mount to capabilities and serveting insufficiencys restraint interdiplomatic commerce that manage to upstart pressures to the employment directors.


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