Module 4 – Case Management Integration and Implementation Case Assignment 3-4 PGES DOUBLE SPACED The case study presented in Case 4 is about the South Australian Water company trying to align information technology in a publically owned organization. This case describes the experience of a CIO and the need to drive a wide range of business applications as well as the IT infrastructure to improve the quality of water as the corporate goal. The main challenge confronting the management team is to add value to the business through IT and outsourcing arrangements. The student will analyze the case in six sections in the order followed. Also, these sections must be used to format level 1 heading titles in the case report. Give the case background and organizational environment. Describe the case situation and structure of the organization. Identify the key problems and issues in the case. Describe how the organization responded to those issues with technology and leadership in terms of successes, failures, or unforeseen results. Provide and assessment and reasons for supporting those solutions. Review the case finding and conclude how the solution could be improved or propose something different. This case was available free to read and download from the Palgrave McMillan Journal of Information Technology site. Cases for free change every week, but the journal offers this disclosure “Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected this set of papers from the archive of the journal to give a representative sample of the best of our content. These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.” The case is included in this page for easy access. Torogoon, A., Jetton, P., Vlasic, A., & Spiller, J. (2004). Raise your glasses – the water’s magic! Strategic IT at SA Water: a case study in alignment, outsourcing and governance. Journal of Information Technology. 19, 130-139.

    Superintendence Integration and Implementation

    Background of the contingency

    The council of Australia gave joined superficials to the South Australian Introduce corporation. This was attributpotent to the mounting concerns from the temper administer agencies of the council environing the temper of introduce. The council asked the corporation to alter temporization and behove aggravate customer-oriented, raise its interchangepotent character and dispose the fabrication of a aggravate ship-produce desirous introduce perseverance where introduce temper is fast through laboratory testing precedently life released to the national. This designated ce a restructuring of the corporation parallel characteral lines. During this space, the employment of instruction benefits was instantly inferiorneathneath the Head O employment; Introduce technology.

    The corporation’s organizational environment was such that it had referpotent attributpotent attributableoriously meagre instruction technology execution and talents (Torogoon et al. 2004). This was obvious in the vulgar ingloriousness ce regularly unsound to perfect jobs. Ce this debate, most of the units at the South Australian Introduce Corporation shied afar from investing in Instruction technology occasion others chose to bypass the Instruction Technology character in its completion. Lack of commitment to the product of an complete Instruction Technology environment meant the slight efforts that had been rooted could referpotent attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent effect as per perseverance standards. A good-natured-natured copy is the impecuniosity of the scheme to stay an email benefit. The Instruction Technology environment was to-boot scant in material instruction infrastructure since the 1980s.

    Contingency Situation

    In the year 1999, David Jonson was remunerated as the upstart CIO. As single of his superintendence strategies, Mr. Johnson introduced the concept of erection an instruction technology environment that was profession oriented and he instantly be in motions measures serveed at elevation the corporation’s Instruction technology feature. In the shatter 2000, his plans accepted a boost as he accepted approbation from the consideration to pass a ample catch of the Corporation’s Instruction Technology infrastructure. The upstart CIO was drudgeryed with aggravateseeing the implementation of a upstart Instruction Technology environment that was desirpotent of staying the fabrication of upstart instruction schemes. The superficial of the plan was the supply of “the fair instruction at the fair space and to the fair destination” (Van Grembergen et al., 2009) no substance the material precipitation of the sender or the entertainr. Johnson’s standard suggests that the corporation has generous administer and conservation of the instruction technology scheme. He contrived his standard in such a style that it would be strategic to the coming of the South Australian Introduce Corporation.

    Issues and Drifts of The Plan

    Attributpotent to the uniqueness of the plan, it practiced distinct challenges including; the GIS embody had been tardy. It was documented and widespread in the minutes of 2002. The retrogression had been caused by manifestations unconnected to the Council Instruction Scheme plan. There was to-boot a drift interfacing the LIMS in February of the year 2002 (Ali et al. 2012). Neither the Laboratories nor the South Australian Introduce corporation inferiorneathstood the significance of structural postulates environing LIMS. It was perplexing to recaggravate introducescape ideal postulatesbase attributpotent to the reprieved temper of postulates. The deep drift here life the demand by the plan planners to realize this manifestation during the judicious strategizing phases. The drift was made aggravate intricate by a plan that had been ling instituted meant to upgrade the LIMS. PDA testing had been experiencing retrogressions. There were complaints from the laboratory staff including Dr. Jeremy Lucas that they could referpotent attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent pass testing using PDA ce span weeks in March 2002. Unavailability of complete profession instrument ceced retrogressions in the approbation order as at April 2002. The corporation had referpotent attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent sourced the benefits of a software constructor who would vet the technology advenient the corporation risked damage in coming by using unwidespread technology.

    The Corporation’s Response to Technology

    To rejoin to the challenges that impracticpotent the plan including present and unforeseen extinguishedcomes, the PRICE 2 methodology was adopted. The PRICE2 methodology was judiciously instituted in the year 1989 ce the council of the United Kingdom. The methodology has gained vulgarity aggravate the years, and it is widely applied by the council of Australia and other United Kingdom interchangepotent organizations. It prepares an interface that enables a profession to administer and instructor a drudgery. The plan governance employment and the plan’s considerations were awarded structural mandates ce PRICE2. Inoculation of twain superficial and interior plan managers was disposed through price2.  

    The inoculation intervening span manners that were disposed at an Adelaide fixed PRICE2 consulting resolute, the span manners life an recent functional manner that would be preceded by an register-plane certification manner. The example saying single of the employees entertain functional certification occasion span others were awarded register plane certification. The consulting corporation was to-boot drudgeryed with guardianship the corporation’s documentation up-to-date to hold in tabs with the ever-evolving profession requirements.  Instruction servicepotent ce the plan was carefully vetted by the plan managers with the succor of the intranet-fixed instruction superintendence scheme, inferiorneathneath the supervision of the plan governance employment.

    Rationale ce the Solutions

    The judicious subsidy is the implementation of a upstart Instruction Technology environment. The serve was to solidity the upstartly created infrastructure with roles and orderes of the profession and dispose alter superintendence best practices that would direct to the consummation of the profession. Ce this debate, these benefits had to be delivered by leveraging the upstart offer. In life, these solutions were in-line with the superficials of the South Australian Introduce Corporation to prepare temper introduce that is unimpeded of soundness risks in a spacely and received scheme (Fjermestad et al.2005). The scheme would be helpful in retrieving instruction from LIMS and life potent to provision it conveniently in PDAs. The collectors would captivate it to the room with them ce room testing exercises.

    Profession Extinguishedcomes

    As at March 2003, the corporation had consummationfully implemented the upstart Instruction Technology scheme, tested it and kind that it was operational. The stakeholders that were interviewed implied that they were kind with the characterality that the scheme delivered. Because it was a National-Private sector joint-interest, sundry mob had behove clever with the plan and showed plenteous view when the plan was finally perfectd consummationfully. The consideration did referpotent attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent insufficiency to be drawn into the perturbation though; they insufficiencyed to halt ce aggravate instruction environing plan offer and characterality and compatibility with organizational orderes and procedures precedently giving it a cleanlyly mandible of soundness.

    Nevertheless, referpotent attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent total participants were equally kind. There were some that were solicitous that the plan had absorb the corporation besides plenteous in-term of coin instrument (Alsudairi et al. 2010). They felt that vast firmness –making was used to obstruct some of the spirited parties extinguished of the order, prolix and space-consuming reporting protocols, the event that the plan’s ruler was referpotent attributpotent attributpotent attributpotent servicepotent ce plenteous of the plan, some of the participants in the plan were technically inpracticed which caused meagre execution and productivity in some areas of the plan. Regardless of the aloft complaints from some of the stakeholders, the South Australian Introduce Corporation plan could be considered a consummation because its fact.


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