Module 3 – Case Software Case Assignment 3-4 pgs. double spaced. The case presented in Module 3 is another real-world situation using advancements in technology to improve health care and IT governance. The Veterans Health Administration case study highlights critical factors to the VHA’s success by discussing technology infrastructure, organizational culture, and managerial leadership. The student will analyze the case in six sections in the order followed. Also, these sections must be used to format level 1 heading titles in the case report. Give the case background and organizational environment. Describe the case situation and structure of the organization. Identify the key problems and issues in the case. Describe how the organization responded to those issues with technology and leadership in terms of successes, failures, or unforeseen results. Provide an assessment and reasons for supporting those solutions. Review the case finding and conclude how the solution could be improved or propose something different. This case was available free to read and download from the Palgrave McMillan Journal of Information Technology site. Cases for free change every week, but the journal offers this disclosure “Palgrave Macmillan and the editorial team have selected this set of papers from the archive of the journal to give a representative sample of the best of our content. These papers, listed in chronological order, are available free to read and download.” The case is included in this page for easy access. Broderick A. (2013, January). The Veterans Health Administration: Taking home Telehealth services to scale nationally. The Commonwealth Fund. Retrieved from

    Habitue Sanity Association


    Habitue Sanity Synod is a ptactics of the portion of the habitue affairs in the federal council. The contribute of the Habitue Sanity Synod program is contributeed at providing the minor and primeval host with consume effectual, succeedingness, effectual and new-fangled medical alternatives. The program is primarily funded by referableorious funds, it consequently it is faced by harmonious summons as other sanityconcern verification gift constructions (Kimerling et al. 2007). It is a verification gift example and referefficacious necessarily a hospital rule. It is single of the principal referableorious sanity commencements by the federal council catering sanityconcern wants of an estimated 6 favorite habitues at a strain of $50 favorite per annum. It is victorious of 21 habitue completed verification networks subordinate an defiant example of sanity administrators who are obligatory ce making budgetary, operational and planning decisions.

    Case Situation and Structure of The Construction

    The running approximation ce the implementation of the Habitue Sanity synod is built encircling redesigning the cocorporeal sanityconcern verification gift rulees, to complete sanityconcern verifications with a investigate Knowledge Technology infrastructure and organizing equal inoculation programs ce concern providers. The approximation completes clinical rulees with technology and trade elements that plaintually subject the overtotal operational enjoin over and increases succeedingness and effectualness in verification gift. The Habitue Sanity Synod is recurrent subordinate the portion of habitue affairs. It consists of 167 medical centers, 1400 class clinics, class residential centers ce the elderly and resigneds outbehalf nativity concern, and vet centers. The appointment of grassy sanity is an commencement of the council subordinate the sanity administrators in enjoin of the habitue sanity synod (Perlin et al. 2004). This is usually the substitute subordinate secretary ce sanity legislation and planning. It is mandated to reform verification and concern verifications ce habitues subsistence in the empireside.

    Problems and Effects

    The qualitative senior effect affecting the implementation of the program is the example of approximation by habitues subsistence in the empire behalf. According to a examine by the National Grassy sanity construction, a compute of national sanityconcern centers in the grassy areas bear already barred daccept suitableness seniority of the singles that are tranquil in nature in venture of nature ceced to stop operations. The example os poor broadband infrastructure tranquil offal a summon to the implementation of the program gone the program totalows a sanity functional to interact virtually with the resigneds from incongruous precipitation in th empire. Another example confrontment the program is the reliability of the matter and telemedicine prescriptions. This is consequently fair approve any other program protected by knowledge technology infrastructure it’s tender to cyber-attacks qualitative to decomposition of deeds.

    Overcoming Effect of Habitue Sanity Synod and Technology

    The qualitative unnaturalness is to bear the medical team beware the esteem of the favorefficacious and haply dear telesanity method. This can be dsingle through liberal inoculation so that they can be efficacious to is-sue with the method. When the resigned bewares that the sanityconcern provider has a is-sueing method that they are efficacious to verification succeed duty the method. The summons can besides be conquer by integrating the sanity chronicles legislation method in to the program ce ameliorate deeds legislation regimes. The council through referableorious-private connection has instituted an commencement to reform broadband connectivity and sensitive phsingle verification in the grassy areas and the sound empire at catholic as a mete ce ensuring other activities that maintenance Habitue Sanity Synod efforts such as telemedicine are approximationible to total citizens.

    Nevertheless there are situations where the physician was engelderly in a sanityconcern cabinet with the resigned and the technology or the equipment nature verificationd breakdown. A Disconnected cord could carry to overlook knowledge such as notification, resigned symptoms which could carry to mislegislation of the resigned’s sanityconcern verification. It is consequently to bear equipment that succeed referefficacious breakdaccept that it can be relied upon ce matter and identicality (Oliver. 2007). Technology in sanityconcern legislation has enabled doctors to interact with resigneds in faraway destinations. It has besides enabled sanityconcern verification providers to volunteer specialized verifications to commonalty who do referefficacious subsist in the identical nationality. It transcends substantial barriers to volunteer verifications to total. Telesanity is the restraintthcoming of sanity legislation and want is to be adopted ce commencements such as the Habitue Sanity Synod commencement. The afront it is implemented the afront the benefits.

    Rationale ce the Interventions

    The conclude ce these over mentioned interventions is that complete adult hardy and fehardy rational nature knows how to accept-effect a sensitive phsingle or a identical computer. Seniority accept identical units suitableness there are cyber cafes availefficacious where a resigned can interact with their physicians. These can be liberal tools ce incorporating telesanity to Habitue Sanity Synod. It besides would be modest to bear total the stakeholders adjust the program anteriorlyhand to reach the esteem of the commencement in conditions of the benefits the stakeholders stop to approve from a controltunate implementation of the commencement. These interventions besides detain that the physician is referefficacious overworked and they bear interval to resigneds plain from the ease of their homes outbehalf the resigned having to bivouac outbehalf his appointment door ce table (Skarl. 2016). Strong certainty protocols are recommended in manage to detain conversations, resigned chronicles, precipitation of the resigned and precipitations. Most of the interventions are akin to knowledge technology and consequently volunteer aver of the tactics verification to the commonalty who wants it such as the habitues. In importation it besides facilitates message between medical practioners where they can divide knowledge environing an victuals and question with each other anteriorly making a identicality, or during the matter rule.


    `Integrating Habitue Sanityconcern Synod and telesanity is an commencement that would import sublime benefits to twain the resigneds and the verification providers irrespective of the deed that there divers summons akin to the program. Despite the corporeal indication indicating an apathy in the effectualness of the commencement, maintenanceing verifications approve good-tempered-tempered broadband connectivity are some of the activities that succeed detain a controltunate implementation of such an integration. Embedding technology with Habitue Sanityconcern Synod offal an animated question save efforts are nature made to aid stakeholders subordinatestop the weight of having such an commencement and to normalize rulees suitableness extreme technology. Nevertheless, as sublime strides are nature construct towards streamlining the tendency of sanityconcern accorded to the habitues, there is tranquil misgiving environing the viability and luck of telesanity in the restraintthcoming.

    The verification of embezzle concern techniques and continued aggressive learning and harvest succeed aid streamcord the regulation rules, reserving the senior rules to when the resigned gets in-effect admitted to the hospital. It is already knaccept that with the direct resources the commencement can is-sue. What the learningers want to standpoint on the likely summons that would conclude with the integration and the long-term benefits of the program.


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