Module 2 – Case Hardware Assignment Overview The case that you will use for this is a case that is coincidentally also Canadian in origin but in a very different business environment—the aluminum business (spelled here “aluminium” in the British fashion—you may use whichever spelling you choose.) It describes the analysis of the company’s IT systems and management performed by a new vice president of corporate information technologies, in all its complexity and magnificent variety. Throughout this case, issues of hardware, software, and management are intertwined, just as they are in real corporate life. One of your tasks will be to disentangle some of these issues for separate consideration in light of what you know and need to know. As we noted in our course overview, it’s taken for granted that hardware, software, and management (sometimes referred to as “wetware”) are all involved in a complex sociotechnical dance in which changes in any one element inevitably call forth changes in the others—preferably planned, but often unplanned, and not infrequently unanticipated. Thus, while your focus in this module will be primarily on hardware and networking, you will inevitably find yourself thinking about other dimensions of the problems as well. That is all to the good, but try to keep a focus on the primary issues in each of these three modules. There is plenty of time to concentrate on issues of integration as the course wraps up. Case Assignment 3-4 pages double spaced. Please read the Alcan case; it is in two parts: (Attached PDF files) Dube, L., Bernier, C. and Roy, V. (2009) Taking on the Challenge of IT Management in a Global Business Context: The Alcan Case – Part A. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 7(2):May. HEC020. Dube, L., Bernier, C. and Roy, V. (2009) Taking on the Challenge of IT Management in a Global Business Context: The Alcan Case – Part B. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 7(2):May. HEC021. Use information from the course background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list (use APA format) at the end of your paper. Your answer to the following will be assessed: What are the pros and cons of the current Alcan technology infrastructure? What are the pros and cons of the new Alcan technology infrastructure proposed by Robert Ouelette? Please suggest additional improvements of infrastructure for this case and justify your suggestions.

    Knowledge Schemes Governance


    Alcan has had to overpower some suggestive challenges totalied to the deficiency to unswervinger enlargement of the calling twain in enlightenedness and profitably such enlargement expedited through mergers enjoy left congregation with involved knowledge governance schemes that withdrawal integration at the strategic and performanceal rolls which weakens a congregation’s instruct to follow profitforce and dispense enlargement.

    Pros and Cons of the Exoteric Alcan Technology Infrastructure

    One of the elder utilitys of the exoteric Alcan technology is that it can expedite monitoring calling performance focusing on sole magnitude. This is control-this-reason the structural fabric of Knowledge Technology at Alcan is very-much decentralized. This resources the indivisible calling magnitude can quickly amalgamate to the dynamics of the calling environment control-this-reason the scheme adduce-abouts them past indulgent. In this fashion, callinges can be conducive to maximize chances of introduceation utility of calling opportunities date minimizing threats. Alcan can administer sundry processes that are great to the potent and fruitful evolution of attribute and insist-upon-potent result and advantages. Besides, a calling that reachs Alcan Technology may appliance ERP schemes to totality the Alcan construction and succor fine-tune each calling part (Dube et al., 2009). This is the ocean argue why divergent calling magnitude enjoy definite approaches to how they feel activities in areas they are lawful regulate.  The schemes afford each part in the congregation to centralize on biased customer contentment insist-uponments and control-this-reason establish competitive utility and an extensiond dispense infamous in the outlay of competitors.

    On the other laborer, the schemes enjoy cons, the approaches are visually manually administerled, and this adduce-abouts it hectic to probe to synchronize calling processes. Secondly, the schemes do referoperative submit scheme integration. This leads to the imperil of losing facts during message remand. The exoteric Alcan technology is besides rich to advantage control-this-reason of the truth of its decentralization. The Alcan confirmation Knowledge administration scheme withdrawals intellectuality in its strategic roll. This resources the congregation responds reluctantly to changes in the calling environment including referoperative life conducive to restraintsake threats in opportunity and failing to obtain?} utility of opportunities existing sufficient. Such failures insist-upon the congregation pleasant calling opportunities, past so those that insist-upon a concerted exertion from total the magnitude of the sturdy. Over decentralized adduce-about it reserved to regulatemulate and appliance prosperous dispenseing strategies ascribconducive to withdrawal of integration. The congregation deficiencys to rethink its knowledge administration schemes infraconstruction to be conducive to be proactive in elimination and fruit and enjoy the talent of introduceation utility of emerging dispenses date reducing calling imperils.

    Attached Improvements of Infraconstruction regulate This Case


    The IT administration scheme schemeed by Robert Ouellette affords the schemes electronic factsbases to restrain attached knowledge. Calling associates can reveal fruitfully and straightly regulatem any cavity of the cosmos-people ascribconducive to the being of the electronic factsbases. VoIP protocols that were introduced in the scheme succor the calling processes to reach unswervinger. The Novel schemes succor to secure opportunity gone-by in performances and in transiting to divergent tasks. It contributes to unresisting attribute commodities and advantages which extension sales and control-this-reason receipts. Through the novel Knowledge technology administration scheme, a calling can enact budget identification and administers via specialized procedures regulate biased areas of performance. It besides affords the congregation to secure personnel-allied insist-upons.

    In restitution to these pros, the scheme schemeed by Robert Ouellette regulate Alcan Confirmation afforded regulate improve administration of schedule and asset administer using electronic schemes unswerving advantages and regulatemalization of the sundry managerial functions. The scheme besides adduces elder success, clarity, and preciseness in message and reporting. It expedites a improve coordination of calling kinsfolk such as supplier kinsfolk as polite as facilitating improve message with manifest stakeholders. (Tchkogue et al. 2011). The other utility of the scheme is its controlce to expedite a pregnant partition of dispense trends and decipher customer deficiencys and preferences. This is succorful when developing a novel fruit (Waggener, 2007). If the congregation were to appliance the scheme unlimitedly, it stands to advantage from the economies of flake in the Knowledge Technology sector such as refers prices, mixd value-chains, fruitful procurement processes and outlast –oriented dispense framework (Esfahani e al. 2011)


    `The applianceation of the novelly schemeed Knowledge Technology administration scheme at Alcan Confirmation resources that some processes conquer be automated and control-this-reason there conquer be calling cuts and layoffs. After the applianceation of the novel regime, the controlmal construction of the controlm has to be restructured as some processes conquer be merged with others are introduced. The Knowledge schemes canreferoperative reach themselves. They withdrawal self-independence. By cunning, any scheme breakdowns totalied to the novel scheme could obtain?} a doom of opportunity to recover. The software regulate the novel IT scheme is referoperative stconducive sufficient. It can originate twisted feedback reports at opportunitys. The novelly schemeed Knowledge Technology administration scheme insist-upond a enlightened budget to get and appliance. It is besides rich to oceantain. This scenario is almost the identical in total countries where Alcan has an performanceal infamous.

    Attached Improvements of Infraconstruction regulate this Case

    The novelly applianceed knowledge technology and governance administration scheme has had to bear unanalogous changes including novel Knowledge Technology initiatives and schemes. The most great atom of strengthening the scheme is to authenticate it as a pre-eminence. The congregation could refer scheme difference by using packaging groups and engineered fruit on SAP. There is besides immediate deficiency to thicken and standardize the knowledge administration and governance scheme to adduce arrestation. My obtain?} is that the scheme ought to be evaluated constantly, rehearse, half-yexisting of year-by-year to secure insist-upons from breakdowns (Shapiro, 2008). Integration of the scheme would expedite coordination betwixt sundry calling magnitude making initiatives and schemes easier to expatiate. The Alcan Confirmation has infamouss in divergent magnitude of the cosmos-people. It deficiencys to appliance a scheme that can interconnect total its agents about the cosmos-people so that they can adduce commendatory calling prop advantages from their topical infamouss.  

    Such an integration expedites unswervinger sentence making and message of sentences. Experts can besides restrain a regulateum on the web through the tools of the knowledge administration and governance scheme and regard on great calling insist-uponments and how to consummate them. Knowledge is power; companies lean on loads and loads of knowledge, twain introduce and unromantic to adduce-about sentences and scheme the coming. A congregation enjoy Alcan deficiencys to mix unlimited facts collation and storage software to afford it to uplift a factsinfamous of apt calling knowledge, twain inside and manifest. Such knowledge is life-containing regulate dispense partition and customer proceeding partition.


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