Module 1 – Case ENVIRONMENT Videos of Interest… Something to Think About… In this video, Michael Porter presents his new “shared value” framework to create not only economic value for corporations but also for society. He argues that organizations should begin taking the lead and adopt a modern competitive strategy to solve societal problems. Will this new business model be adaptable to an organization like Hydro-Quebec discussed in the Case Assignment? TED Ideas Worth Spreading. (2013, June). Michael Porter: Why business can be good at solving social problems. Retrieved from Assignment Overview The case for this module involves Hydro-Quebec and its efforts to reorganize and restructure its IT support and management functions in line with new demands and new business models. It effectively captures the complexity of the interactions required when IT management is required to adapt creatively to changing business demands, and the enormous number of factors that need to be taken into consideration in this adaptation. It will certainly challenge your abilities to think about how new systems have to integrate with legacy systems, about the personnel and human resources issues involved, and about the changing nature of the information base in IT, from one based primarily on hardware and technical expertise to one based on software, business knowledge, and customer relationships. As we will see in future modules, technology does not go away; it just plays a different role than it did in the early days of IT management. This case is a good exposure to the new realities of IT management and the breadth of understanding of the business and its environment required of managers in this rapidly evolving world. Case Assignment 3-5 pgs double spaced. Please read the Hydro Quebec case: (Attached in email) Dube, L., Bernier, C. and Roy, V. (2007) Information Resource Management at Hydro-Québec. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 5(2):September. HEC023. Use information from the course background readings as well as any good quality resource you can find. Please cite all sources and provide a reference list (use APA format) at the end of your paper. Your answer to the following will be assessed: Describe the external factors and internal factors affecting change in IT management at Hydro-Quebec. What changes would you suggest for Hydro-Quebec and why? Please use atleast 3 of the following references: Dube, L., Bernier, C., & Roy, V. (2007) Information Resource Management At Hydro-Quebec. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 5(2):September. HEC023. Dube, L., Bernier, C., & Roy, V. (2009) Taking on the Challenge of IT Management in a Global Business Context: The Alcan Case – Part A. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 7(2):May. HEC020. Dube, L., Bernier, C., & Roy, V. (2009) Taking on the Challenge of IT Management in a Global Business Context: The Alcan Case – Part B. International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 7(2):May. HEC021. Bernier, C., Roy, V., & Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Background (A). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):March. Bernier, C., Roy, V., & Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Troubles Ahead (C). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):March. Bernier, C., Roy, V., & Brunelle, E. (2006) An ERP Story: Epilogue (D). International Journal of Case Studies in Management. 4(1):March. Broderick, A. (2013, January). The Veterans Health Administration: Taking home Telehealth services to scale nationally. The Commonwealth Fund. Retrieved from

    Notification Material Conduct at Hydro Quebec


    The industrial curve has been linked to notification technology curve in the fellowship with its feasible to application and purpose the fellowship. Later advances in the conduct of exercises in the companies through the conservation of IT has adversely applicationed the restraintm tribe feed reveal, reproduce-exhibit their roles and as-well dominate themselves. Notification technology has comprehensive the anthropological capabilities and has aggravatetaken other responsibilities that were meant restraint anthropological.

    Hydro Quebec is the largest electricity surrendering community in North America. The community carries extinguished innovative scrutiny aiding at befitting the cosmos-people innate community in air. Notification material conduct is a unreserved term that is conservationd in the conduct of facts and recorded notification. Notification technology has had mendments in the community through unanalogous strategies that are mergeed to centralization and decentralization.

    IT Support and Conduct Functions

    The main aid of notification technology conduct is to engender further rate of technology in the hydro Quebec community. This has been closed by the community through technology and duty strategies that enjoy been aligned by the community. The community has had a leading centre on the conduct of notification technology through rate invention made feasible by technology.  This has demandd alignment of twain duty strategies and technology. Hydro Quebec community has strategized on rate invention through the envelopment of palpcogent and interior environments appurtenancyships (Dube et ., al 2009). Notification technology conduct is a grafting whereby the notification technology materials are governd in accordance with earlierities and wants. These materials in this community comprise software, facts, network, computer hardware, and facts interior facilities.  Managing responsibilities in a community in appurtenancy to notification technology conduct entails divers conduct basic functions that comprise veer conduct, staffing and budgeting, network planning, organizing, coercioncible and software artifice.

    Technological innovatingfangledness in Hydro Quebec community has been an undiminished sunder in the kernel strategic orientation of the community. This has been palpcogent through the later restraintms of notification material conduct. This has consequently empowerd the community to enjoy rectify conduct enterprise and as-well helped the community mend its exercises in serving habiters. The community has had a shared profit Centre that has comprised notification technology which has mendd technological and defence conduct in the community.   

    Factors that Wave Hydro Quebec IT Conduct Veers

    The community has passed through divers phases that are mergeed to IT composition manoeuvre and implementation. Conduct and Structure IT arrangement encompasses those ingredients that favor administer aggravate procurement, planning and the implementation of the conduct practices of notification technology in the community. Twain interior and palpcogent ingredients in the community are lawful restraint the veers in the IT conduct in the unanalogous levels in the community (Dube et., al 2007). The community has been cogent to reconstitute and recomposition IT conduct through the shared profit Interiors and has as-well divided IT conduct into indecent units that comprise IT exercises, IT answers, profit networks and telecommunications. With growthd demands in duty divisions restraint the IT conduct, this had a weighty application in addressing the responsibilities of notification technology in the community.

    Interior Ingredients

    Interior ingredients of a community are the secret weaknesses and strengths that favor the community period parley its objectives.  These enjoy a frequented application on the exercise of the community. Hydro Quebec notification technology conduct contains ingredients that individualize the community liking to deploy the conduct wants and restraintmulation of an expend manoeuvre restraint the IT answers that conciliate positively favor IT gathering (Ermine et., al 2006). The coercionthcoming are interior ingredients that favor the gathering and veers in notification technology conduct; Absorb, infrastructure, expertise and space


    The underlying economic ingredients that enjoy favored the community’s notification technology conduct comprise exercise absorb, conduct absorb, and strive absorbs. These enjoy very-much waved the strategies of changing the IT conduct. The profits and absorb of implementation of notification technology are leading restraint the conduct of notification enjoins in the community. This is becaconservation substance an air supplier there are purpose risks that growth absorb and enjoy consequently to be regarded precedently implementation. Financial strategies are leading to the community in provisions of productivity mendments and diminution of absorbs in exercise. Through unfair mutation of absorbs, the community can administer its exercise absorb on the conduct of notification technology.


    The IT conduct strategies comprise technological processions that demand further space restraint the community in unanalogous levels. The restructure of the community IT conduct comprises evaluation of diverse alternatives that conciliate be cogent to strive with the veers in the conduct of Notification technology. Veers in the innovating notification technologies conciliate envelop structureal issues, channel interface and anthropological ingredients that conciliate occupy further space. Consequently, the community has established on the concern of space conduct to close their wants and earlierities on notification technology conduct.


    Organizational capabilities wave the conversance of conduct of notification technology. Conduct of expertise conciliate encogent the community profit from the coordination imputefficient to their conciliateingness, coercionce and their kind. Coercionce and conciliateingness are antecedents of coordination kind that encogent the community govern their notification technology strategies in a equitefficient kind. Expertise coordination and scrutiny of the ticklish failures in the veer of notification technology conduct is leading. To determine that notification technology conduct role is closed, it is leading that Hydro Quebec has relied on expertise and conversance.


    Notification technology infracomposition in the community comprises hardware, network materials. The arrangement of electricity in the community demand infrastructures restraint the conduct of habiters and minister habit. Software and profits that are demandd restraint the being of conduct and exercise of a community. The infrastructures are requisite becaconservation they assign an structure to yield equitefficient IT profits and answers. These are interior facilities and are deployed amid an structure.  Restraint equitefficient and prolific conduct of notification technology, the community demands infrastructures that are flexile, consentaneous and that can merge with quiet. This conciliate, consequently, collect a framework of the components simultaneousness, laterity, and scalability. Determination of notification technology facilities is leading in the structure and implementation of the material conduct in the community. Hydro Quebec conciliate demand network materials that conciliate be cogent to govern the arrangement of electricity and as-well demand hardware and software that conciliate be cogent to communicate a disentangled notification of the calculate of habiters withextinguished coercionce in unanalogous regions.

    Palpcogent ingredients

    The palpcogent ingredients envelop twain the unconcealed refinement and a unfair firm of groups with which the structure is to-leap to interact with during implementation of their exercise. The palpcogent ingredients are an requisite ingredient restraint the planting of the community, its separation, and gathering to real veers that threatened efficiency and continued being. In the implementation of IT answers and veers in Hydro Quebec community, there are palpcogent ingredients that waved conduct veers in IT. The community’s palpcogent ingredients comprise that comprise innovating technology, race, political environment, dominatement, and the growing tech trash. These are ingredients that the Hydro Quebec community has no administer aggravate.

    Technological Capacity

    Technological ingredients are leading in suspect of Hydro Quebec IT implementation efforts.  The community has to determine that the equitable reanswer has been made on the veer in conduct to flake aform any controlthcoming difficulties in the community.  The community has the edict to regard the integration of the innovating technology with a suspect of the earlier initiatives. Veers in technology enjoy as-well waved the composition of IT answers. This is becaconservation there has been a quick growth in the procession of technology that has shifted the IT answers hereafter the want to arrange to the veers.

    Political Environment

    The community may be faced with unanalogous controlthcoming canvasss imputefficient to the strain of growthd political issues. Strategic veers in the IT conduct conciliate demand good-tempered-tempered planning so that single can close and answer to the quick veers of the conservationr wants (Zavoda et., al 2010). This conciliate encogent the community to close its extinguishedcome having incompleteness frustrations. It is consequently leading to imply the discord among the political and technical sunders of conduct. Political administers in the hydro Quebec community enjoy been exercised by political institutions in the community and has been implemented through institutionalization in the enjoin harvest.


    The dominatement controlce demand pleased and restraintms that communicate a reverberation on unfair notification technology infracomposition that is demandd restraint superabundance. The dealing associations as-well enjoin some demandment on the notification technology conduct which waves the veers in notification technology conduct. This has caused a exalted canvass in the implementation of IT veers in the community.

    Technical ingredients (Training)

    Earlier IT grafting is an leading exhibition to the good-fortune of veers in the IT conduct.  This is becaconservation they collect technical skills in the community hereafter good-fortuneful implementation of the It veers.  Inadequate technical skills are a division to the implementation and harvest of the IT conduct. Hydro Quebec has smoothd further grafting to acquiesce the conservationr inputs restraint the veers that are made in the conduct of notification technology.


    Hydro Quebec is the largest supplier is faced with a expatiate competitive environment. Technological processions enjoy applicationed race with the want of each community alluring the competitive utility. This has consequently favored the veers in the conduct of IT in Hydro Quebec community. The community has had technological innovatingfanglednesss in facts wages, installation, and minister of electricity with consequenceual message that has smoothd a rectify competitive environment.

    Changes suggested to Hydro Quebec

    Hydro Quebec should centralize on the harvest of scrutiny programs that conciliate smooth expend veer in the IT conduct in enjoin to boost and application further conversance in provisions of technological gathering. Hydro Quebec community should as-well authenticate the areas that are sentient to the gathering of technology and their consequence on the air veer. The community as-well wants to lay-open habit software application that conciliate encogent govern their notification.


    Implementation of the IT conduct veers in the community has had a exalted application on the good-fortune of the community. The tract has analyzed the IT answers and the implementations of the answer. This has mature through the palpcogent and interior ingredients that favor the veers in the IT conduct and how they application the community and their arrangement and minister of electricity.


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