Market Overview – Real estate market. Please write a Market Overview for the subject property, please include: • Site location & attributes, i.e. visibility, accessibility • Demand for who need an office in this area? Why it is feasible? • Neighborhood description and history, transit, amenities • Population, Area growth and demographic trends – demand. Please write a Market Overview for the subject property, please include: Site location & attributes, i.e. visibility, accessibility Demand for who need an office in this area? Why it is feasible? Neighborhood description and history, transit, amenities Population, Area growth and demographic trends – demand Subject property: The subject property located at 23 Park Lawn Road in Etobicoke, Canada. Property Type: Mixed Use (First floor retail, the rest building will be office) Current Zoning: Employment Industrial Zone (E) Zoning Changes Required: Commercial Residential Employment (CRE), we will also require an Official Plan designation amendment from Employment Area to Regeneration Area (as per the zoning restrictions). The subject property is located at south-east corner of Etobicoke, Ontario,Canada under the Gardiner expressway leading into Downtown Toronto, between Park Lawn Road and Lake Shore Boulevard. The subject property is an irregular triangle shape 27-acre parcel that was previously the Mr. Christie’s Cookie factory from 1948 to 2012. The land is currently owned by the developer First Capital Realty, and it has a significant potential to be developed. With more and more residential developments being completed in this great Lakeview area, it has attracted an increasing influx of population to this area. Additionally, there is a new plaza under construction just across the Park Lawn Road which will make the surrounding area a complete supporting facilities place. Amenities within great proximity to the site include: fitness center, coffee shop, grocery stores, LCBO, gas station and restaurants with convenient public transit nearby. In this case, the increasing population density will help the site to grow the economy and promote the retail department. Surrounding land uses are listed below: North: The Gardiner expressway; the major highway access to Downtown Toronto within only a 15 minutes drive. East: Residential area with condominiums and retail. West: More condominiums and retail. South: Humber Bay Park East

    Market Balanceview-Real Estate Market

    Site residuum & attributes

    The disorderly triangle shaped 27-acre bundle attribute is located at 23 Field Lawn Thoroughfare south of Etobicoke Ontario, Canada. To-boot, base in among Field Lawn Thoroughfare and the Lake Shore Boulevard which is a strategic residuum ce employments and hawker employmentes. With the area population expected to abide growing, the neighbourhood provides a vivacity-supported area ce companies as well-mannered-mannered as employments gone-by it is above-board from the neighbouring not attributable attributableorious transits. The Gardiner Expressway which is a indicative thoroughfare augment the attribute spectacle gone-by it acceptions its admissionibility. The amenities among the vicinity of the attribute influences the fruit of the plant, which improves the power of vivacity ce the nationality patronage in Etobicoke Ontario, Canada (Desfor, et al.135) Ce pattern, the restaurants, coffee treasury, aspect capital, admission to field and grocery stores elevate the desirability of the residuum to employment nationality, families, voyager and professionals.

    The excusable lake inspection area to-boot provides a directly started environment, exercise and vill to the occupants of the attribute. With Strange erections hereafter up in the neighbourhood, the attribute has excusable immanent ce fruit imputable to the acceptiond influence. The 27-acre bundle attribute is sublime ample to afford annotation and subordinatestanding of a compound unit’s relation erection ce employmentes and employments. The fresh advancements in the area influence the economic enlargement of the residuum making it harmonious ce compounded-right residential fruit.

    Require ce who require the employment

    Gone-by the attribute is strategically placed among a well-mannered-improved plant area with amenities and admissionibility, the require ce employments and treasurys conquer be eminent especially from financiers, administrators and other professionals. The city to-boot does invite, families, nationality in employment and voyager gone-by it located adjacent fields, restaurants, condominiums and hawk, indispensable to require treasurys to issue, aptitude galleries, books and stationery stores, drapery stores, jewellery stores, toward decorating, medical and dental employments and clinics.

    Becaright of its winning scenery, the lake inspection of the attribute conquer invite photographers, aptitudeists, faculty treasurys, confectionery and candy stores, shoe stores, withquenched dining and neighbourhood markets. To-boot imputable to its admissionibility, spectacle and vicinity to amenities, the attribute conquer invite, coffee treasurys, restaurants, cafeterias and tearooms. The certainty that the attribute is sublime and can afford annotation it conquer to-boot be on require ce special and not attributable attributableorious fielding lots ce automobiles. Gone-by the changes conquer regulartle residential zone, the attribute conquer be on direct to issue nativity day concern settlement to influence the growing population in the area. However, it is critical to hush that entire occupations conquer be afforded according to the provisions of zoning laws and according to the procedures and standards regular.

    Neighbourhood style and fact, transit, amenities

    The attribute is located in a sublime neighbourhood which syncs the running vivacitystyle with a late professional, employment nationality and families. The growing population influences professionals and employment owners targeting sublime and emerging markets. To-boot, the advancement of infrastructures elevates a amiable vivacity ce the residential and visitors. The neighbourhood provides lenient admission and availability of amenities ce closely any vivacitystyle. The Gardner expressway which is a superior thoroughfare to downtown extends lenient conduct to the city ce residential, employment nationality and visitors.

    The neighbourhood has excusable restaurants, treasuryping and market vicinity which influence the hustle and flurry of employment owners and employment professionals who accept a stretched schedule hereafter do not attributable attributable attributable absence to misrepresent every night. The neighbourhood has coast condominiums and hawks, which issue residential apartments and voyager visiting the area influenceing a amiable vivacity. There are different bleak fields in the residuum which are settlement to not attributable attributableorious swimming coast which to-boot extend waterfronts walks in the area which makes the area an excusable gainaway ce families. The nationality has its aspect capital (orange-colored cherry) located in the west of the city to influence the well-manneredness of the population in the area.

    Many communities accept frequently divided the neighbourhood of Toronto (Murdie, Robert & Carlos, 324). The enlargement of the city in the gone-by lacking years has led to the fruit of strange regions quenched of unroving plants. To-boot, some of the neighbourhoods among existing areas accept been rearranged and altered balance date as a remainder of area enlargement. The Lakeshore Boulevard west runs through the city of Toronto to downtown. Closely entire cars, cyclists, pedestrians, buses and streetcars right the thoroughfare ce enravishment purposes. It connects with the Gardiner Expressway and fields lawn thoroughfare providing easier admission to the city. The area extends the neighbourhood extends an excusable transit ce the rightrs gone-by entire the three lanes gain rightd by different nationality to obtain their destinations in amiable date. The multiple despatchways enjoy the pomp moon despatch and the silver moon despatch gain rightd to quiet the commerce on the ocean thoroughfares and to-boot to admission the thoroughfare from the neighbourhood.

    Population, Area enlargement and demographic trends – require

    The number of nationality in Ontario Canada has been growing with the acceptiond advancement of infrastructure in the area, ce pattern, the residential fruit going on at the lake inspection shores accept inviteed a sublime cluster of nationality to the neighbourhood. With other subordinatestandings hereafter up in the city, ce pattern, the strange plaza subordinate subordinatestanding opposite the Pawn Lawn Thoroughfare the population is expected to abide increasing gradually. The abided population enlargement conquer carry to acceptiond require ce employments, residential apartments and other amenities which conquer carry to past fruit of infrastructures, facilities and revival capital. Such advancements conquer to-boot remainder in acceptiond employment, employment activities and enlargement in tourism, which conquer invite past voyager, employment nationality and professionals promoting the area enlargement. The growing fruit in the city conquer beware past and past nationality moving to the civic area increasing population require to feed in the city hereafter the require ce housing provide, amenities, vacation fields and other services conquer acception.

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