Making Community Change. Final Research Project: Making Community Change “Be the change you want to see in the world” Overview: One requirement of this class is a research paper. Instead of this paper simply being an intellectual exercise, I want your research to actually elicit some kind of change in this world. So for this final project, I want you to choose a community that you connect with and an focus on making a change in the that community. In the end, you will present research on the community, the problem/issue/conflict you want to change, the larger solution that, and the action that you actually do to help realize that solution. Assignment: This final has three basic parts: An action (Part I), a research paper which is essentially an argument essay based on a problem/solution structure (Part II), and a visual presentation of all of this (community, action, research) presented online to the class (Part III). The idea is that instead of just sitting around writing about doing things, you actually physically go out and “do” something. You might want to think of this like a research paper that includes an activity or an activity that includes a research paper. Either way, the point is that you actually have to do something in addition to the research paper (and then finally present what you did online on our discussion forum). 1) Action: First, you need to think of a community that you connect to and a need/issue that exists in that community. You then need to think of a solution to that issue. Finally, think of something you can literally do to enable that solution (you do not have to do the entire solution, but you need to at least do an action that works towards the solution). In the end, you will present this community, need/issue, solution and your action online on our discussion forum for the class to see, and then turn in a documented research paper (your final essay) that presents the issue, the solutions and your actions. 2) Essay: Your physical research paper will be a “problem-solution” essay, in which you explore the problem you are addressing, the solution you are proposing and then the work you actually did (your physical “action”) to help bring about that solution. So, after you have your community, your proposed solution and what you will actually do to bring about that solution, then you need to do the research. You will research: (1) the community, (2) the problem and (3) possible solutions and (4) how to get involved (your action). 3) Presentation: In the end, you will present this community, need/issue, solution and your action online for the class to see, and then turn in a documented research paper to me (your final essay) that presents the issue, the solutions and your actions. Your class presentation should be a VISUAL presentation that tells the class about the community you chose, the problem that exists and what you did to address the problem and help bring about the solution. Understand that this presentation should present the problem/issue and the solution, but essentially it should be a visual documentation of your action, not just a presentation of your information. The presentation is SHOWING us what you did (and presenting the problem and solution for context). Let’s say you hold a food drive for a homeless shelter. Instead of simply making a PowerPoint that gives info about the homeless situation (boring), you should present pictures or a video or something of the actual food drive or of you dropping the food or the shelter or a videoed interview at the shelter or something. This is visual documentation of your action, not just a PowerPoint presentation of the same info that you put in your essay. This part is really less about the research and more about “seeing” you in action. Please note: Many of you are already doing amazing things in your respective communities. That is great, but for the sake of this project I need you to either to take that work further or choose something else. For instance, I drive a Prius. If I did my research project on Global Warming, my action can’t be to drive a Prius. One reason is because it is what I already do. But another reason is because I want it the action to be greater than just something I do on the regular. So one idea might be to help other people create realistic “reduce/reuse/recycle action plans” that work with their lives, budget and schedules AND help them get started on those action plans. Example: Part I: Community and Action NOTE – Make it Personal: I will be using racism in America as my topic for this example because that is of interest to me. HOWEVER racism is a heavy subject and I’m not saying you should do it on racism or sexism or homophobia or any other “ism” (of course you can, but you don’t have to). Maybe you’re a skater and you feel your city or county needs more/better skate parks. Or maybe you’re on, or interested in, the DASB, and you feel the DASB needs to have more of a visible presence on campus and its actions should be more transparent. Maybe you are a parent and you feel that access to social services should be easier or early childhood education resources should be more easily available. These are great topics. The more connected your topic is to you and your life, the more significant and interesting the project will be. You should do this project on something that you connect with rather than the easiest option or the most basic option. Push yourself to do more! OK, so say the community I want to focus on is American Society and the issue is racism (I could also be more specific and focus on issues of racism in the black community, or Latino Community, or Asian community, etc.). I do a lot of research on the topic of “racism in America” and get some great information. In the end, I choose to argue (the research paper is an argument essay based on a problem/solution structure) that “one of the largest factors of racism is ignorance of other cultures and engrained stereotypes.” Based on this idea, I can devise possible solutions, and I chose to do an action that attempts to change our ignorance of other cultures and our engrained stereotypes by challenging the common stereotypes of people of different races. There are a million different things that I could do to challenge the common stereotypes of people of different races, but I choose to write and illustrate a short children’s story that educates and challenges the common stereotypes by presenting positive images, ideas and stories of children and families from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Creating this book is a nice idea, but if nobody reads it, then it has no impact on society. So my “action” would not only be creating the book, but also effectively getting the book out to the public. I could make the book and then read it at my child’s school or my little sister’s school, or with family, friends, at a local library or community house, etc., and have a discussion about the issues. AND, since I will have to present my action, I would take a video of me reading it and discussing it with children. Part II: Problem/Solution Research Essay Now, my research paper is essentially a long argument essay based on a problem/solution model. Therefore, it will either argue the existence of, or the reason for the problem, and then present a solution (the focus here is on the “problem”). Or it would simply present the problem and make a detailed and researched argument for the best/most effective solution (the focus here is on the “solution”). Regardless of how I want to organize it, after I present the problem and solution, I would present the “action” that I did to support and affect the solution (there will be more info on how to structure and organize this type of essay later in the class). Part III: Presentation Getting back to my action, now I need to present a VISUAL presentation that tells the class about the community I chose, the problem that exists and presents some kind of visual documentation of my action, not just a presentation of my information. This visual presentation will be placed on (or accessed through) our Canvas discussion forum. So, if I made a physical, book by hand, I might scan each page, save it all as a PDF and post it online. Also, since I’ve been preparing for this presentation, I took a video of me reading the book and discussing it with children. Now I can post the PDF (or link) and link to my video to discussion. Or I could make my own webpage and simply explain my project and put a link to the webpage on our discussion forum. The reality is that I can do whatever I think will be an interesting, creative and effective way of presenting my work. Regardless of what I choose to do for the visual presentation, I will also present a general overview of my argument, action and experience. This should simply be an “overview” to create context to my visuals; it should NOT be my actual essay.  This research paper should be approximately 6-8 pages  This research paper must contain a minimum of 5 sources (a mix of primary and secondary sources). Assignments: 1. Research Topic (Community and Issue) – 7/11 2. Proposed argument, solutions and action – 7/18 3. Thesis, Action update, Visual Presentation, Research Sources – 8/1 4. Outline for essay –8/8 5. Final presentation (20pts) AND Final Essay (100pts) – 8/11 Final Research Project Assignments: 1. Topic (5pts): Write a paragraph telling me your Research Project topic. You don’t need to have your specific thesis yet, but I do want you to give me an overview of the community and the issue(s) you want to address. And yes, I am looking for a short paragraph, not just a sentence or two. This should be typed and double-spaced. 2. Argument, Solution and Action (5pts): Remember that the basic idea of this final project is to present and address a need or issue that you see in your community. You should have already decided on a community and a need/issue that exists in that community. So for this assignment I want you to present a paragraph on your ideas of a solution and your action – something you can do to enable that solution (you do not have to do the entire solution, but you should do an action that works towards the solution). And yes, I am looking for a paragraph, not just a sentence or two. It is OK if you have changed your idea/community since you originally posted it. Just let me know that in this response and tell me what you are now hoping to focus on. This should be typed and double-spaced. 3. Research Paper Update, Presentation and Sources (10pts) Part 1– First I want you to give me a quick update on your Final Research Project. In this update, I want you to tell me how your “action” is going. I also want you to tell me how the research is going, if you’ve narrowed down or even changed your topic, if you’ve chosen a thesis, if you are having difficulty finding sources and information, etc. This is also the time to ask for help from me if you need it. Part 2 – You are expected to a class presentation of your project (see “Visual Presentation” below). Please give a few sentences describing what you will be doing for your class presentation how you plan to present your project to the class Part 3 – As stated in the assignment, your final essay needs to cite from a minimum of five sources. These five sources should be a combination of primary and secondary sources (any combination, but you must have at least 1 of each). For this third part, I’d like you to do the following: a) The De Anza Library has several online databases that are great for researching your final essay topic. Read through the “Finding Information at De Anza College Library” found under Resource for this week. Then go to the De Anza Library OR the De Anza Library website ( from any computer. On the left side navigation bar of the website, you will see “Articles & Database.” Spend some time exploring the databases and do some searches for your topic in a few of the databases. o Although you can access the website from anywhere, I HIGHLY recommend going into the library and talking with a reference librarian (they are experts at these databases). If you can’t go in, you might try calling the reference desk (408.864.8761). o Realize that unlike with a Google search, you often need to use very precise language and type in EXACTLY what you are looking for in order for the database to match it. In addition, some of them use specific “topics” or “keywords” that are used possibly instead of the word you may be using. So if you are not finding information based on your entry, you might try to experiment with different words. Often the databases give you a list of suggested keywords or many of them have a link to their list of keywords. b) Tell me a little bit about your experience researching with the databases – Which ones did you use? Where you able to find info? How could this help your research in this class and in other classes? ETC. (these are only suggestions)? c) Choose one article found in the databases and write out a Works Cited entry for the article. d) Give me an overview of the sources that you have. I don’t want you to simply list titles and links. Instead, I want you to give me a quick overview of each source, including whether it is a primary or secondary source. 4. Outline for Research Project (10pts) See Outline Assignment attached. 5. Final Presentation (20 pts) See Presentation Information attached. 6. Final Research Project (100pts) This is worth 100pts ______________________________________________________________________________ Research Paper Expectations and Outline Although this essay is much longer than the essays we’ve been writing in class, it is fundamentally the same – you are still presenting a claim and developing an argument and then using support (from multiple sources) to develop your argument and prove your claim. So, even though it is a “research paper.” I am still expecting you to make a point or support a claim or argument in this essay. Because this is a long argument essay supported by research, you may be approaching the essay differently than other essays. I am asking you for a “detailed” outline, and I’d like you to use the following format. This may be a bit more than you are used to when you think of an outline, but it is all important. Understand that instead of just a thesis, I am asking for a full intro so that I can see how you present your thesis (often, a thesis on its own is not enough for me to fully assess). I am also asking for topic sentences for each body paragraph and then a simple note about the quotes/examples you will use to support and develop the topic sentence (you can present full quotes if you’d like, but you do not have to). Finally, I want you to write out a full conclusion. Outside of the addition of a full intro and conclusion (which can be rough and not finished products), I think this is really what any good outline should have. The goal of this assignment is to help you get your ideas and research focused and organized before you begin writing the actual essay. Also, giving a detailed outline will allow me to better understand your structure and your thought process so that I can give any helpful suggestions. Please understand, however, that I really just want this detailed outline; because I will have to grade these quickly, I WILL NOT actually be able to read through people’s rough drafts at this time. Here is my expectation for the outline: Snappy Title 1. INTRO: a. A full intro including your complete thesis (yes, write it all out). Since this is a longer essay, you have more leeway with your intro. I would present a slightly longer intro that focuses on developing and setting up the issue(s) that you will be addressing in the full essay. Then, towards the end of the intro, remember to make a strong, arguable claim in your thesis. Also, even though it may be tempting, avoid ―telling‖ the reader what you will be doing in the essay (i.e. ―”In the essay, I will present…”—This is a no no). 2. BODY: Each body paragraph should make a point or a claim in the topic sentence, and then support that point or claim in the body. In this type of essay, you will most likely need to present a good amount of background in order to fully set up the issue(s) and to fully look at all sides of the issue(s). Each paragraph should be developing/supporting a claim or idea that connects to your thesis. In this section of your outline, you will need: a. A topic sentence for each body paragraph. Your topic sentence is a guide to your paragraph just like your thesis is a guide to your essay. Your topic sentence should be a claim and should present your main point for the paragraph (remember that you should only have one main idea per paragraph). This should let the reader understand what your paragraph will be about as well as let the reader understand how your paragraph relates to/supports your thesis. b. Examples/Support– You have to have support for your points and claims. Although it is often very helpful to literally write down important quotes that you will want to use in the paragraph, you do NOT need to. You can simply refer to the example or source that you will use. c. Do the above for EACH body paragraph 3. CONCLUSION: A full conclusion (again, write it all out) Visual Presentation: In a nutshell, the Presentation is simply a “show and tell.” To review, the Final Project assignment tells you to first think of a community that you connect with and then think of an issue/problem in that community that you would like to address. That becomes the “problem.” So then you need to think of a realistic solution to that problem. OK, so now that you’ve thought of a problem in your community and a “realistic” solution to that problem, now you need to actually do something to help with the solution—“Be the change you want to see in the world” (Gandhi). That is your “action.” I want you to do something to be an active part of the solution. I actually want you to do something to “help” fix the problem. Make sense? Ok, so now pretend, for a moment, that we are in a “regular” class. In a “regular” class, I would assign the same research paper, which would still require you to do an action. And since I am actually interested in your community problem, solution and action, I would ask each student to make a visual presentation to the class of their entire project, which would include the community problem and argued solution, but would most likely focus on the action. So, that is all that I am asking you to do. I’d like this to actually be an interesting visual presentation. My suggestion is to have visuals and create a video or PowerPoint/Slideshow of pictures and/or video of you actually doing your action. That, to me, would be the most interesting thing. In the past, students have made PowerPoint/Slideshows of them volunteering, passing out flyers at rallies, collecting food/clothing from a drive that they organized, presenting images from events that they organized for the project, etc. The Final Project Presentation will be graded based on: 1. The strength, depth and impact of your action 2. The depth and completeness of the information presented (problem, solution, action) 3. The strength and creativity of the presentation itself (how you choose to present the info and how well you present the info ) This Presentation is worth 20pts.

    Fraternity and Influenceion


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    Complete Recitement

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    Synthesizing the Referableorious

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    Proposed Solutions

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    Again, ascribable to the deed that transacting such transactiones is unfair, single develops a dread element in that single is never pleasant among fellow-creatures. Such elements obtain obliterate the gregarious pith in an peculiar and single obtain handle unwanted by the severicipation. I, following on, beseeched of how it handles to abandon a inexplicable-earned ace to a burglary there was a agreement defense BAD (Chibaya et al. 266). I went on and beseeched how it handles to abandon a cared-coercion single instances of a extemporeense having in desire they were sinless, the team said it was fearful. I was now pulling the consideration of the complete compute. I told the gigantic population that there are avenues restraint acquiring cheerfuls ethically. Single could admit a smfull transaction and tranquil be in a collocation to conclude a milestsingle when he or she is rooted. smfull transactiones could extend with season and to the idiosyncrasy of the proprietor bribe close cheerfuls which in repay could induce restraintth restrainttunes (Chibaya et al. 267). It intermittently came to the consideration of the topics that it was a habit and referable a built-in program in them and thus leaving the habit could solely conclude from the close stubborn.

    As previously referableiceed, culpables and smugglers recognize each other and as the dictum goes equitable a delinquent to grasp a delinquent typically indicated that I was to equitable the alspeedy recognizen culpables to plug or else retrench extemporeense in the severicipation. I demand to commence a political labor with the parentage that I admit alspeedy imagined of culpables speedy to metamorphose. We additionally fruit with jurisprudence authorization organizations to fix systems on the best controlm to improve experiences and techniques and proceeding an inside humanization in volatile of aptitude and reputation. We obtain probably acceleration improve your organization’s dissuasive and its familiarity with the networks you obey.

    Using the laborable resources can be an asrooted towards erasing extemporeense. Some of the culpables are efficient and admit a luxuriance readiness restraint silence would perceive them metamorphose into singers. Courses rock encircling a inequitable genre. Restraint illustration, in a silence impressivity, there are photography courses, genesis courses, resembleing instruments and what admit you. such courses would perceive the obtaining to reconstitute culpables luck into a stubborn-sustainable spirit withextinguished brushing shoulders with the authorities and the fellow-creatures encircling them.


    Thus, occasion desire facilities may referable be doing sufficient to adapt the incarcerated tail to the severicipation, the prophylactic of the referableorious has been complicated by a broad referablewithstanding ominous sum of violators. Therefore, I conduct the turn to conduct the leadership as my admit and amend rationality in the severicipation. some fellow-creatures do referable acquire obsolete ascribable to sciolism referablewithstanding they do so becaequitable they noncommunication a guideline or else direction towards the amendment of their peculiaral lives (Jacobs n.p.). It is intermittently my sympathy having in desire that A fruiting culpable equity framefruit tally restraint securing fellow-creatures, in public, has an compulsory sever to resemble in detaining up calm in America notwithstanding at the give season, our equity framefruit basically doesn’t fruit the controlm it should. It sells extinguished our qualities, it deceives our commonwealthal demands, and our inability to subbehalf it double-crosses the pledge we swore as congresspersons to steadfastly quit the obligations of the fruitplace we remain. Therefore, upequitable as daring moments cfull restraint daring measures believe, I admit resolute to influence and chase what I handle is equitable and of benetally to the complete severicipation at liberal. It could be a inexplicable fruit referablewithstanding with a rooted desire and obtain I recognize achievement obtain persuade.

    Works Cited

    Bandy, Joe. “What is labor literature or fraternity involvement.” Center restraint Teaching, Vanderbilt University. https://cft. vanderbilt. edu/guides-subpages/teaching-through-community-pledge (2016).

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