M8D1: Government Control of Technology Module 8 As we have seen in this Module, the American Government plays a huge hand in determining the fate of technological development in this country. The American Government supports the development of technologies through allotment of funds to research and development or to education directly. But on what basis do individuals within our government and congressional committees base their decisions? The majority of government leadership does not have a background in science or technology, but rather in law. How does this affect the nature of technological advance in this country? After reading the module notes and all supplemental materials, discuss and support your opinions about the governance of technology, using the following questions as a guide: Very few elected officials in America have professional training in science or technology. Does this inhibit the effective governance of science and technology? Do you think that the American government would be substantially different if most senators and congresspersons previously worked and scientists or engineers instead of lawyers, as is the case today? Should it be a requirement to serve on science and technology committees? Find an example of a piece of legislation or political movement that was wrongly founded on the misunderstanding of basic science and technology. Give a brief background. Should this movement/bill been supported or unsupported? How will this continue to affect our country’s rank in science and technological development in the future, should this model of governance continue? Support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited. When responding to your peers, be respectful in your discussion. Healthy debates are welcomed. Be sure to maintain academic rigor and professionalism at all times. Discussions in total account for 15% of your grade and are graded according to the SBT Discussion Rubric. Keep the following in mind when making your posts to the discussion area: Did you complete the elements required in your initial discussion post? Did you acknowledge those who responded to you? Review the SBT Discussion Rubric by clicking on the “View Rubric” button at the top of this page, or by going to the “Start Here-Course Information” section of the course to see more information on grading criteria. Consult the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it. When you are ready to post, click on the “Create Thread” button for a new thread or “Reply” to respond to a previous post. Then, copy/paste the text from your document into the message field, and click “Submit.”

    M8D1: Council Regulate of Technology

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    M8D1: Council Regulate of Technology

    As the American Council plays a suggestive role in discouragemining the doom of skills and technological developments in the empire, most of the council officials are referable attributable attributable attributable principally skilled with the acquaintance of the topic. However, this does referable attributable attributable attributable discourage them from potently discharging their duties and applicationing vast philosophical and technological developments of the empire (Morgan & Peha, 2016). Does this claim negotiative luxuriance in skill and technology to application on huge developments of technology and skill? No. Total that is needed regulate the methodmakers to perceive areas of bountiful require investing on so that they can effect informed decisions regulate the good and coming of the empire. On the inconsistent, the stagnation of negotiative luxuriance in technology and skills does referable attributable attributable attributable debar their ability to risk potent governance in the areas aforementioned. Rather, they enjoy asserted to be more efficient than could incessantly be expected of the negotiatives.

    It is referable attributable attributable attributable guaranteed that having negotiative scientists, engineers, and personnel with technology backgrounds would consummate any emend than those with method backgrounds. Instead, there is a possibility of having them lower consummate in the areas of skill and incite inadequate developments and aggressions (Mirabeau, et al., 2015). This is attributed to the indubitablety that negotiative scientists would rendezvous their energies on solving philosophical problems deficiency to enjoy a lucid represent of the various naturalness of the skill and technology interest. In deviate, minimal aggressions would be achieved than what an public-minded methodyer as a congressperson would risk. Therefore, it is of no portraiture to enjoy line scientists or technological backgrounds as the caportraiture to promote on skill and technology committees as the leading claimment (Branscomb & Keller, 1999). What ought to be implemented is the perceiveing of the applications of skill and technology in the empire, as well-mannered-mannered as, superintend the negotiatives consummate the leading tasks and evaluate the intentional goals objectively.

    An Sample of a Synod that was Wickednessly Founded on the Misagreement of Basic Skill and Technology

    The sample fond comprises of the Federal ‘Right to Try’ Act (S2912) founded on the caportraiture of authorizeing the portraiture of pre-approval drugs (Kearns, 2015). The mandible was prepared to authorize advance to experimental drugs that answer irresolute in restraintthcoming testing regulate indubitable maladys save enjoy still completed clinical attempts enabling the FDA to support regulate their portraiture. The mandible was advocated regulate by patients and advocates in collaboration with the members of Congress to empower the mandible to sail through the legislative course. In the judicious stages of the Mandible, encircling 31 states dogmatical the methods sustaining its synod with eight more expected to prosper help. In the request to enjoy the mandible legislated, it seemed to be a vast luck regulate patients such as Jordan McLinn who enjoy Duchenne athletic dystrophy entity fond an occasion to encounter the malady.

    However, the mandible should be regarded as a value of regulate as there are no guaranteed outcomes of its portraiture. By total instrument, the council should imprison such methods from entity passed into method as it’s a caportraiture of chaos and unallowable physicians using wickedness in the rportraiture of prospering the method (Sarewitz, 2010). The departure of such a mandible in the empire would public a bulky loop nook to be manipulated at achieve, leaving the allowable structures with no caportraiture to stop subject those who transgress the portraiture of attempt drugs in the fact a calamity occurs. The aggression of such technology should be imprisoned from habit as it would enjoy irrelevant applications on the habit of therapeutics in the coming.


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