M7D2: Bullying at Work Module 7 Bullying isn’t just for schoolyards anymore. Workplace bullying is definitely on the rise. According to the Workplace Bullying Institute, bullying is escalating in corporations, and most organizations aren’t doing enough to prevent it or address it when it does occur. To help us understand workplace bullying, listen to the following podcast by one of the top researchers on the subject, Pamela Lutgen-Sandvck. As a way to apply what you learned from the podcast, participate in a class discussion by posting answers to the following questions: What bullying behaviors did the bully in this video engage in? If you were the bully’s supervisor, how would you handle her bullying behavior? According to Dr. Lutgen-Sandvik, what steps should this organization take to curb this bully’s behavior? Reply to two of your peers, discussing whether you agree or disagree with their posted viewpoints. Explain and justify your responses by referring to the concepts and vocabulary you’ve learned from reading the text and watching the lectures. Evaluation Criteria Your initial post should be at least 250 words and must substantively integrate the assigned readings from the module with proper APA style formatting. For assistance with APA style formatting, visit the Library or the Excelsior OWL. Your initial post is due by Thursday at 11:59 PM EST. Your responses are due by Sunday at 11:59 PM EST. After you have posted, read through the postings of your peers. Choose (at least) two of your peers’ posts to respond to. The posts you choose to respond to do not necessarily have to be classmates’ initial posts. Each response to a peer should be (at least) approximately 100 words in length and should contribute to the discussion in progress. All responses to classmates should be substantive. That is, they should go beyond simple agreement or disagreement with classmates’ posts. Also, be sure that your responses are respectful, substantive, and consistent with the expectations for discussion, as stated by the prompt. Be sure to monitor and respond to feedback to your major thread post throughout the module. Be sure also to reply to your classmates’ postings and that your responses are within the designated due dates for this discussion activity. Please direct any questions you may have to your instructor. See the Course Calendar for due dates for posts and responses. Consult the Discussion Posting Guidefor information about writing your discussion posts. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it. When you are ready to post, click on the “Create Thread” button for a new thread or “Reply” to respond to a previous post. Then, copy/paste the text from your document into the message field, and click “Submit”. Discussions are worth 25% of your final grade and are assessed using the SLA Discussion Rubric. Review the rubric carefully so you understand how you will be graded. Rubrics can be found within the Start Here – Course Information area.

    M7D2: Braggadocioing at Operation

    The braggadocio in the video was expressing irrelative kinds of force. Whereby the braggadocio portrayed sideways braggadocioing that is between co-workers and too downward braggadocioing that is between the superintendent and a operationer. The braggadocio was too harsh whereby she wanted mans to be manufactured promptly externally because what the other individual was doing. She was too talking rudely to her coworkers externally life inclined and acknowledging their nearness (Patterson, 2016). The braggadocio did referefficacious deference the operation ethics by talking encircling her sonorously that was a inattention to other operationers who were too doing their operation by receiving calls from clients.

    By life the braggadocio’s director, I would bear ensured eximpress measures is life rolled quenched. The braggadocio would bear to countenance the disciplinary committee where she would be given the latest premonition encircling her force or else she would bear to be fired. As a director, the braggadocio would bear to betray her elevation and go beneath her co-workers so that she can collect encircling deferenceing other commonalty’s operation and reach humility in the regularity. Another man would be to adjust a control and counseling synod for the braggadocioing so that she can be efficacious to gain liberate of her force spiritual so that there can be calmness at the operation establish. In appoint to check braggadocioing force, operationers are encouraged to narration to a conspicuous instance so that force can be fascinated abutting the commonalty causing annoyance at operation establish (Einarsen, et al., 2017). Such an impress should never endure and the treatment should be efficacious to catch solemn force abutting bullies at operation establish so that other employees can bear a subsidiary operationing environment.


    Einarsen, K., Mykletun, R. J., Einarsen, S. V., Skogstad, A., & Salin, D. (2017). Ethical Infrastructure and Successful Handling of Operationestablish Braggadocioing. Nordic Journal of Operationing Life Studies, 7(1), 37.

    Patterson, B. J. (2016). Anonymous Abuse: Describing Student Encounters With Operationestablish Braggadocio Types.