M7A2: Short Paper – Entrepreneurs Organizations, in spite of their size and bureaucracies, contribute to the development and use of technology. Organizations coordinate individual efforts and skills so that these tasks can be accomplished. Coordination is usually accomplished through the application of the following: bureaucratic principles, specialization, formalization (the use of rules, regulations and SOPs), and hierarchical authority. Bureaucracies rely on rules, regulations, and formal methods of management to get their employees to do what needs to be done. But inventors need freedom, which puts them at odds with bureaucratic procedures. After reading the module notes and all supplemental materials, discuss and support your opinions about entrepreneurs and technology today, using the following questions as a guide: Who comes to mind when you think of present-day entrepreneurs? Does today’s economic and political environment promote or retard entrepreneurial efforts? What challenges are entrepreneurs faced with today regarding technological advancement and society? Support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited. Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length (not including title and reference pages). It must be formatted according to APA standards [PDF, File Size 131 KB], 6th edition, including title and reference pages. Writing Help Want some help with your writing? Smarthinking is a free service for Excelsior students. Smarthinking’s Online Writing Lab paper review service will provide you with a detailed, personalized critique of any written assignment. Smarthinking even has a technical writing specialty! If you are going to use this excellent resource, keep in mind that this service is asynchronous and requires some turn-around time to provide feedback on your paper. The earlier you submit your paper, the better! You will be required to use your Blackboard log-in information to access Smarthinking. Short papers in total account for 20% of your grade. Review the SBT Research Paper Rubric by clicking on the “View Rubric” button at the top of this page, or by going to the “Start Here-Course Information” section of the course to see more information on grading criteria. Compose your work using a word processor (or other software as appropriate) and save it frequently to your computer. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you upload it. When you are ready to submit your work, click “Browse My Computer” and find your file. Once you have located your file, click “Open” and, if successful, the file name will appear under the Attached files heading. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Submit.”

    M7A2: Incomprehensive Paper – Entrepreneurs

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    M7A2: Incomprehensive Paper – Entrepreneurs

    The Present-Day Entrepreneurs

    The individualalities that succeed to intellect upon thinking of the present-da entrepreneurs comprises of the puerile start-ups struggling to kick-off upstart concernes, creativity, and innovative approaches. The start-ups may halt of an fancy that can be implemented to usher-in upstart services or technology that can be interpretationd to rearrange transmitted functioning with the interpretation of technology. Control copy, a present-day entrepreneur may involve a individual who seeks to incorporate fickle phones as a banking gadget easing access to financial services in separate areas (Henrekson & Stenkula, 2010; Sachs & NcArthur, 2002). Such a speculation revolves environing the bud of an app to despatch and entertain coin, reckless bills, savings, and credits extraneously necessarily visiting financial institutions. The present-day entrepreneurs usually conduct risks in the bud and utilization of technology as the platform of the concern operations.

    Impacts of Today’s Economic and Collective Environment on Entrepreneurial Efforts

    There is a vivid contact of the synchronous economic and collective environments to aid or impede entrepreneurial efforts (KritiKoS, 2014). In a well-behaved-behaved developing economic environment, there exists an convenience to obtain principal and other stocks to buttress entrepreneurial efforts in puerile start-ups.  The economic bud presents an environment that aids entrepreneurial ardors to stick with the trust of raise beseeming their achievements (Naudé, 2013). On the adverse, a depreciating economic office stands to impede entrepreneurial efforts with the withdrawal of finances to stock any weighty leadership. Also, promises no reappear in the auspicious implementation of an entrepreneurial leadership.

    Similarly, the synchronous collective environment has a vivid contact on promoting the entrepreneurial efforts. Globally, most governments labor to compel their persomal markets more partial control advancing stocking and sponsorships to puerile entrepreneurs. Thus, most governments expend strong amounts of instrument on marketing their destinations as promotive summits control the entrepreneurial ardor to conduct-off. Control such reasons, the collective bias, stabilization, and bud bear coercionmal such nations as the Asians and Africa on the method to alluring monstrous controleign straightforward sieges to stock entrepreneurial efforts (Erkal & Kali, 2011). Therefore, it incontrovertible that the collective environment buttressing coercionthcoming buds is a important aider to promoting entrepreneurship ardors in multiform accommodation of the globe.

    Challenges Facing Entrepreneurs Today Viewing Technological Progressions in the Intercourse

    The convenient defy that entrepreneurs visage today in ensuring auspicious start-ups in view to technological progressions in the intercourse involves the coercionce to maintain up with the noveltys. Technological progressions noveltys bechance in the connive of an glance making it perfectly opposed control entrepreneurs to maintain up with swift bud stride (Szirmai, et al., 2011). At single summit, the technology adopted by entrepreneurs may be efficient and up to epoch in abstracted with the concern pattern. After a incomprehensive occasion, the technology is rendered superfluous and old-fashioned making the defence exact impracticable. Thus, technology progressions exact satisfactory stocks to maintain up with the stride which is bold to entrepreneurs with scant instrument. Also, the technological progressions exact comprehensive expertise that is insatisfactory and exacting control entrepreneurs to maintain the enlargement method.


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