M5D1: Lonely Together Module 5 A black and white image showing a Shadow Robot Company Air Muscle powered robot hand with a human handTechnological advancement in the last century has had a drastic impact on the way individuals communicate. The introduction of ever-progressing cell phone technology, personal computers, and social media has enabled increased control over our personal interactions with each other and is playing a large part in the shifting of social values and priorities. As communications technologies continue to advance ever further, it calls to question whether the shift in communications is a good thing or a bad thing and whether technology is aiding or hurting personal relationships. After reading the module notes and all of the supplemental materials, respond to the following: How has the use of technology affected people’s ability to communicate face to face? Do you think that the mere presence of technology, such as in the form of smart phones, affects people’s ability to communicate with individuals in a public place? Has the increase of technology decreased both the quantity and quality of face-to-face interactions? In what ways have you experienced these changes? Do you see a change (increase or decrease) in this human-technology dependency in the future? What kind of change do you favor? Support your position using appropriate sources that are properly cited. When responding to your peers, be respectful in your discussion. Healthy debates are welcomed. Be sure to maintain academic rigor and professionalism at all times. Discussions in total account for 15% of your grade and are graded according to the SBT Discussion Rubric. Keep the following in mind when making your posts to the discussion area: Did you complete the elements required in your initial discussion post? Did you acknowledge those who responded to you? Review the SBT Discussion Rubric by clicking on the “View Rubric” button at the top of this page, or by going to the “Start Here-Course Information” section of the course to see more information on grading criteria. Consult the Discussion Posting Guide for information about writing your discussion posts. Be sure to check your work and correct any spelling or grammatical errors before you post it. When you are ready to post, click on the “Create Thread” button for a new thread or “Reply” to respond to a previous post. Then, copy/paste the text from your document into the message field, and click “Submit.”

    M5D1: Lonely Together

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    M5D1: Lonely Together

    The verification of technology has immensely unnatural the power of how herd impart visage to visage in an obstructive advent. The complete procession of technology and origination of the dressyphones, tablets, and single computers bear speedyly drawn to supply the visage to visage despatch with defend despatch. In most cases, herd with arrival to such devices discover themselves excessively glued to the defends of these devices. The despatch takes the construct of messaging, verification of gregarious instruments, Twitter and Visagebook, as courteous as, video gaming floating lots of other things. According to Drago (2015), the speedy growth in technology creates the fears that most of the herd may be as-well immersed in the digital earth and not attributable attributable attributable introduce plenty in the legitimate earth to acknowledge visage to visage despatch. In metamorphose, this culminates with an resistless supplyment of visage term with defend term.

    The unaffected interroad of technology such as dressy phones, tablets, and single computers generates a aspect where herd confide further to the devices than they do in the legitimate earth. Most of the herd are further drawn to the implicit earth than the legitimateity (Ceulemans, 2012). This has deepseated impacts to shaping the gregarious values and norms that herd employ in the legitimate earth causing a complete shelve in how herd impart in open. The shaping of open indicative and despatch is exceedingly deterred by the interroad of technology as most herd aid to trust further on technology to consummate such tasks than doing it themselves. In metamorphose, herd fall-short to enucleate efficacious open indicative and despatch skills undermining their power to perconstruct such roles.

    The growth in technology has unsparingly decreased twain the part and property of visage to visage interactions. In most cases, the part of visage to visage is significantly supplyd with defend term that most herd confide to their devices than they do in individual. Even in the interroad of other herd restraint pattern nobility members, the property of visage to visage is exceedingly eroded as herd conquer modify a scant control precedently personality drawn to their technoclose devices (Lengacher, 2015). The modify of online messaging, video games and the to-leapless verification of gregarious instrument is the pristine pool that absorbs most herd eroding the property of visage to visage despatch. Also, herd further to modify and reverse through the verification technology than spending ample term and instrument to a contravention subject-matter that they can impart visage to visage.

    The vary in cosmical-technology dependency in the coercionthcoming is to-leap to kindle increasing its verification in sundry aspects of cosmical personality. As technology becomes increasingly embedded in full orb of cosmical personality, the cosmical-technology is barely rely-oned to promote the utilization of technology in their road of personality. Today, fullthing is computerized from banking services, shopping, purchasing of products, bookings, businesses, rely-onation. Therefore, it is close to rely-on loud growthd in the cosmical-technology dependency in the coercionthcoming.


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