Literature Review Outline – Video Game Example Once you know what you’re writing about, have an effective thesis statement, and a solid collection of work to reference, it’s time to begin outlining your literature review. I – INTRODUCTION a. Summary of topic. Give a brief overview of your chosen field, and introduce the topic you’ve decided to discuss within that field. In staying with our example, you could talk about the game industry’s general lack of female characters, and the way male audiences are favored over female ones. b. Thesis statement. Here, you will offer up your thesis statement, wrapping up your summary of the topic and identifying the trend you’re going to examine. Just as our sample thesis statement did previously, you would use this area to identify a possible changing point for the game industry, and how certain independent game developers are working to change the status quo. II – FIRST THEME Here, you’ll provide an overview of your first theme, discuss the way it emerges in your chosen field, and discuss relevant texts as reference. Let’s say here you choose to discuss the acknowledgement of female characters in video games over the last few years. a. Sub-theme. You need to break your theme up into parts, to make it easily comprehensible. That is, after all, the point of this. Here, you’ll discuss a facet of your theme, and talk about how that one part helps make up the whole. In sticking with our example, we could talk about ways game developers have chosen to simply add female playable characters in addition to males, and cite the appropriate texts that have examined this trend. b. Sub-theme. Continue citing facets of your primary theme. Here, perhaps you could talk about the ways games have chosen to create female characters with practical designs, keeping them equal to their male counterparts. You could cite relevant developer logs, journals, essays, and lectures about this topic. c. Sub-theme. Have as many body paragraphs as you need to discuss your point. III – SECOND THEME Have as many main body paragraphs as you need to cover all aspects of your theme. Continue the example from above. IV – CONCLUSION You want your conclusion to be a couple paragraphs long, in which you wrap up your discussion, and also point out some of the strengths and weaknesses of the literature and texts you’ve chosen to examine. Literature Review Rubric – PSYC 2102 Student ID#: ________________________________ DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME ON YOUR PAPER! _____ Your paper is not being graded because it is not written about human thought or behavior from a psychological perspective. _____ Your paper is not being graded because there are issues with plagiarism. _____ Your paper for not follow the format of the assignment (ex. series of article critiques, study format) Area Criteria Point Value Running total Pages 5-6 pages of text (not including cover or reference page) -5 points (5%) for each ½ page less than 5 or more than 6 0 numbered flush right and in Times New Roman 12 1 1 Margins 1 inch on each side (including running head) 2 3 Running head Present, proper use of CAPS, flush left, Phrase “Running head” only appears on first page, shorter than paper title, less than 50 characters, 2 5 Title Page Present & includes the following in the upper ½ of the page: title, student ID #, University Affiliation, Professor, Course, Term Title less than 15 words. Title is repeated at start of actual paper. 3 8 Headers Minimum number of subheadings are present and are in correct APA format/levels 2 10 Font Double spaced, Times New Roman (size 12), no extra spaces between paragraphs 2 12 References & Citations References cited in text appropriately, Appropriate use of names (No 1st names, no salutations, no university affiliations) No title (journal, article, book, etc.) used in text 4 16 Quotes –maximum 1 quote not more than 3 lines -5 points for each additional quote 1 17 All references on reference page are cited in text and all text citations present on reference page 2 19 References list present and in correct APA format – Double spaced, hanging indents, doi, heading References is not in bold 5 24 Minimum of 5 references (beyond class texts); Maximum 7 references 2 26 3 research studies minimum from psychology related journals 3 29 No references older the last 10 year (from the 5 primary sources) 2 31 Writing There is a clear introduction, including research question/thesis, Research question is capable to being adequately addressed in page limits 5 36 Literature used is related to Research Question/Thesis and connections are made to human thought/behavior 5 41 Logical organization to paper – Appropriate use of Subheadings Information under subheading is related to the subheading 6 47 Main Points in review of literature are clear Information is directly presented (no statements like … the study talks about X) 8 55 Statements are supported (cite information as needed and provide sufficient detail to understand how conclusions were made) 6 61 Information from sources is integrated (NOT presented in author/author order), 5 66 Conclusion is clear, well supported, follows from the information presented 6 72 Results/Findings discussed without statistics 2 74 Displays objective, unbiased, impartial attitude and tone. Limits use of first person. No personal stories 6 80 Ideas are not repeated multiple times within the paper (MLA structure not used, using phrases like “as stated earlier”) 4 84 Grammar, spelling, and usage (no problems): no contractions, does not start sentences with quote marks, acronyms or number, awkward phrase, word choice 10 94 Pronouns – no 2nd person, no 1st person to reference society, noun-pronoun agreement 2 96 Paragraph structure/ length is correct 2 98 Tense – information from studies already completed are discussed in past tense 2 100 Total Possible Points for Paper: 100 Points Assigned: __________ Comments:



        Schizophrenia is individual of the close spiritless supernatural assumptions that seek anthropological natures. It is a subjective frailty which seeks the cem a peculiar behaves, feels, and thinks. A peculiar aversion from the supernatural assumption looks and acts in a cem that pomps they accept lost move with genuineness. The assumption has disclaiming, direct, and percipient concurrents and is in-great-mete associated with tenors with an individual’s established recollection. When a peculiar aversion from schizophrenia learns or acquires odd referable attributable attributableification, they are unfitted to spread it to portraiture straighthabit and accept tenors with paying watchfulness and nucleusing. The ocean concurrents of the supernatural assumption that can be abundantly eminent know tenors with paying watchfulness and tenors with the established recollection. In restoration, unrepinings with schizophrenia pomp concurrents such as reduced speaking and unsedate matter movements. Knowing the concurrents of schizophrenia is great ce the identification of the supernatural assumption during its restraintthcoming stages and ce the product of cems of handling unrepinings aversion from the assumption.

        Schizophrenia is a keen subjective assumption that seeks manifold mob in companionship. There are a reckon of factors that accept been set-up to assist to the supernatural assumption, and the manifold concurrents of the assumption accept been listed by medical and psychology specialists. In prescribe to know the supernatural assumption and determine propertyual skillful-tenor and handling of its unrepinings, it is great to demonstrate the manifold concurrents and amiables of the assumption and demonstrate their injustice and how they seek the unrepinings. Manifold examinationers accept conducted studies on the supernatural assumption, its concurrents, and how it seeks the lives of its unrepinings subjectively and physically. In this brochure, departed examination on supernatural assumption and how it seeks its unrepinings is critiqueed to append referable attributable attributableification on the assumption and emend know it. The brochure obtain abundantly nucleus on the detriment of established recollection in schizophrenia unrepinings. It is hypothesized that the detriment of established recollection is the most suggestive and disabling percipient concurrent in schizophrenia unrepinings and can be minimized. The subjoined reading critique essays to stay this theory.

    Reading Critique

        A reckon of examinationers accept carried extinguished wide-spread studies into the factors that assist to schizophrenia, its concurrents, and its skillful-treatment. The shortfperfect in anticipatory purpose in mob with schizophrenia was investigated by Painter and Kring (2016). Gone there are a reckon of processes that rule anticipatory purpose, with these processes nature connected, the examine by Painter and Kring (2016) sought to know the distance to which each of these processes or facets are disrupted. In the examine, mob with and withextinguished schizophrenia assumption were asked to bestow recollection and prospection stories in repartee to true cues. The prospections were disconnected into those that followed a recollection air and those that followed the guide air.

    The authors set-up that schizophrenia unrepinings recalled memories that were the corresponding in the trial and gratified as the guides, equable though they would define them in a cem that was referable attributable attributable attributable very distinct. It was to-boot eminent that schizophrenia unrepinings had a stunted presence of referencing the departed adequately in their prospection. They granted close element in prospections. The detriment of established recollection came extinguished as the most suggestive concurrent in schizophrenia. The mob with the assumption to-boot reputed flattens of direct tremor that were harmonious in prospections which followed recollection activities (Painter & Kring, 2016). The findings of this examination clforthcoming pomped that schizophrenia unrepinings accept a rigorous spell recalling departed trials and creating prospections that are elemented. This is a thoughtful tenor gone a balballot of the purpose or hilarity that anthropological natures trial in their lives comes from anticipating of amiable things which accept referable attributable attributable attributable occurred ultimately.

    The authors set-up appearance that scrutiny schizophrenia unrepinings to retain and define their memories precedently scrutiny them ce prospections upshots in a surpassing presence of them referencing from the departed. This may to-boot emend the unrepinings’ anticipatory purpose or enjoyment. This examine provides recommendations on how to emend anticipatory purpose in mob with schizophrenia. The property of pay or gifts on the established recollection in mob with schizophrenia was investigated in a examine by Cho et al. (2018). The examine sought to know the interface betwixt cognition and pay processing in schizophrenia, processes which are twain seeked by schizophrenia. The examination was an essay to know the rule that pays accept on schizophrenia unrepinings in prescribe to know the concurrents skillful-tenor and tenor goals in managing the supernatural assumption.

    The amiables of pays on established recollection was analyzed through the delivery of the possible ce monetary pays in couple cems: precedently each established recollection examination or contextually in a stop of established recollection examinations (Cho et al., 2018). It was set-up that pays bestown contextually do referable attributable attributable attributable upshot in an emendment in the work of the established recollection, opportunity those presented in a examination by examination cem emend the functioning of the established recollection (WM) in schizophrenia. The upshots and findings of Cho et al. (2018) proved that the WM of schizophrenia unrepinings can be boosted using pays that are in the short-run, save referable attributable attributable attributable in the covet-run. The motivated bearing in the patents is guideled by the power of pay. The examination suggested that schizophrenia unrepinings accept a tenor in custody restraintthcoming pays in their soul ce covet spell periods. They, besides, retain a pay that can be achieved in the short-term and gain motivated, which boosts their established recollection.

    The curtail in cognition, recollection, and motivation in schizophrenia was demonstrated. It was pompn that the established recollection may be emendd by pays. The WM failures in unrepinings with schizophrenia were to-boot investigated by Zilles et al. (2010). They investigated the dissociation betwixt varying established recollection activities gone precedent examination had referable attributable attributable attributable fixed the activities portraitured. Process-specific and circuit-specific WM activities were applied ce examination. In twain established recollection categories of tasks, it was eminent that there was an frailty in the functioning of established recollection in schizophrenia unrepinings. In restoration, it was verified that some unrepinings pomped varying designs in exceptive frailty.

    The examine proved that schizophrenia unrepinings pomp established recollection frailtys from a dysfunction of the neural networks. Besides, the frailty design varies with each unrepining. The authors verified that there was a difference ce tasks that merely wanted unrepinings to oceantain parole referable attributable attributableification. This calls ce restraintthcoming examination into the exception in the design of frailty. In prescribe to know whether WM luxuriance elevates the action of strategies on tasks that implicate unrefined WM, Dunning and Holmes (2014) administered guideled examinations on unrepinings with schizophrenia. The examine investigated how adaptive computerized luxuriance relates to emendment in unrefined WM tasks, investigating whether luxuriance enhances the portraiture of recollection-connected strategies. The participants were granted with examinations of WM preceding to acquiring WM luxuriance, either adaptive or non-adaptive. A irrelative assembly of participants did the examinations with no luxuriance.

    The examine set-up that adaptive luxuriance upshoted in exceptive emendment in the unrefined WM examinations and a stir in the collision of policy, such as assemblying, ce parole and visual tasks in the short-run. Dunning and Holmes (2014) demonstrated that luxuriance emends WM and that it may upshot in an emendment in the portraiture of policy ce WM tasks. By increasing the sum of recollection luxuriance, the aptitude of WM in schizophrenia unrepinings may be emendd. A meta-analysis on WM in schizophrenia was applied by Cebes, Carrick, McIntosh, and Lawrie (2009) to know the distance of the tenor. The authors had observed that the debasement in established recollection had gained the watchfulness of sundry examinationers and was nature treated as the most suggestive characteristic in the neuropsychology of schizophrenia.

    Despite the wide-spread examination on the upshot, there was no distinct sense of the distance of the failure. The authors conducted a critique of the studies that had implicated a similitude of the WM in unrepinings of schizophrenia and guide subjects who were strong. Cebes et al. (2009) set-up a referable attributable attributableable intercommunity with perfect the WM metes, which pomped a failure or frailty in Schizophrenia. The meta-analysis conducted pomped that the frailty in the established recollection could referable attributable attributable attributable sound be elemented through pomping differences in the agreement quotient betwixt guide assemblys and schizophrenia unrepinings. The examination implicated a reckon of established recollection domains, with colossal failures in the established recollection verified in perfect the domains ce schizophrenia unrepinings.

    The intercommunity betwixt the despatch of recollection processing, WM couple, and recollection frailty in schizophrenia was meted in a examine by Brébion et al. (2011. The amiables of the couple elements on unrepinings with schizophrenia was investigated through conducting different visual and parole recollection examinations. During the examine, retrogradation analyses on different recollection examinations were conducted through the portraiture of despatch in processing and the couple of WM as the fractions variables. The examine set-up that the despatch of processing could be portraitured to ceecast the flatten of penetrating and light recollection in the visual and parole established recollection, opportunity the established recollection couple could be portraitured to mete the work of penetrating recollection. The examine by Brébion et al. (2011) inspired that a curtail in the despatch of recollection processing upshots in visual and parole recollection failures in schizophrenia unrepinings.


    Opportunity the examination by Cebes et al. (2009) verified a harmoniousity in the upshots obtained by manifold studies, the authors could merely not-wholly illustrate it. There is, ce-this-reason, want ce advance examination into the upshot of established recollection and how it can be managed in schizophrenia. The studies by Brébion et al. (2011), Zilles et al. (2010) and Painter & Kring (2016) perfect pomp that the frailty of the established recollection is a suggestive concurrent in schizophrenia. Effort should be nucleused on propertyually managing these concurrents, as the critiqueed examination proposes. Through short-term pays and scrutiny unrepinings to retain their departed trials are some of the cems suggested by examinationers ce managing schizophrenia unrepinings’ established recollection shortcoming. In restoration, the examine by Dunning and Holmes (2014) pomped that established recollection in unrepinings with schizophrenia may be boosted through luxuriance activities. A curtail in the established recollection capabilities is the important tenor in unrepinings with schizophrenia and can be managed by the produce of motivation through paying and through established recollection luxuriance activities.


    Brébion, G., Bressan, R. A., Pilowsky, L. S., & David, A. S. (2011). Processing despatch and established recollection couple: their irrelativeial role in light and penetrating recollection processes in schizophrenia. Journal of the International Neurosubjective Companionship, 17(3), 485-493.

    Cho, Y. T., Lam, N. H., Starc, M., Santamauro, N., Savic, A., Diehl, C. K., … & Murray, J. D. (2018). Amiables of pay on spatial established recollection in schizophrenia. Journal of exceptional psychology, 127(7), 695.

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