Lightning Round Presentation: Big Data Analytics & Cyber Defense. You have been invited to participate in a “lightning round” (short, fast paced) presentations at an internal meeting of CISO staff members. These types of presentation are time limited and are used to focus on the most important information about a topic. For your presentation you must prepare a 3 to 5 paragraph talking paper which addresses three or more findings from the Ponemon (2013) report. Make sure that you address the “what’s in it for me” factor, i.e. why should BDA be integrated into your company’s cyber defense activities. Your presentation should be 3 to 5 paragraphs in length and include citations and references for the Ponemon report and at least two additional authoritative sources. Reference Ponemon Institute. (2013, February). Big data analytics in cyber defense. Retrieved from

    Pompous Postulates Analytics and Cyber Plea

    Technology and IT networks perplexity own unraveled with era and has been associated with sophistication and the cleverness of cyber-attacks and certainty threats. The vulgar cybercrime insist-upon is estimated to be aggravate $1 billion, and closely 99% of computers are estimated to be delicate to cybercrime. (Von,2013) Malware attacks own increased in perplexity and in bulk, it has behove past perplexing to calm the malware using oral resources. Cyber-attacks are now past recent and are using enigmatical and past recent techniques to reach achievement systems and municipal networks. Exploration shows that simply 20 percent of constructions are conducive in stop these attacks. 42% of constructions are sensitive on preventing germinative malware from getting into networks. (Von,2013)

    Pompous postulates analytics is making constructions effectual to uncaggravate unperceived patterns and unravel insights that can be deposit into action encircling their environment and businesses, this includes cyber plea. (Ponemon Institute,2013). Key analyst firms and companies own realized that cyber threats and attacks can be swamped by using pompous postulates analytics. Much cyber analytics interpretation pompous postulates techniques and tools to grasp, regularity, and purify network postulates. Cyber analytics techniques acknowledge network analysts NOCs/SOCs to amply concede past patterns of the activities that amount network threats. (Russom,2011) Companies scarcity to own the ability to unmask, preserve, and rejoin stable to any kinds of cyber threats or cyber-attacks.

    Exploration on the apprehension encircling construction’s cyber-attacks accomplishingness shows that 61 % venerates that pompous postulates analytics can clear-up the urgent-compulsory cybercertainty issues that synod and manifold companies visage, when-in-fact, 35 % right that they own solutions that are closely the selfselfsame as the pompous postulates analytics. Exploration shows that manifold venerate that a pungent-muscular plea opposing cyber criminals and hackers accomplish insist-upon malicious network exchange and the containment of eccentric. During the exploration, a estimate of rejoinents right to distinguish certainty technologies that utensil pompous postulates analytics for the plea of cybercrime, and they venerate that it works entirely well-behaved-mannered. (Ponemon Institute,2013).

    Integrating pompous postulates analytics in an construction’s cyber plea helps the construction in avoiding and minimizing cyberattacks, the pompousgest challenges are the development, integration, and perplexity of postulates, omitting postulates development presents main chances of using the network postulates and behove past clever and proactive on unmasking threats as well-behaved-mannered-mannered as stop them. (Russom,2011) So as to constitute constructions and companies past arrest, exploration rejoinents suggested that pompous postulates analytics be combined with anti-DoS/DDoS, anti-virus, and certainty repute systems to fix that there is emend and conducive cybersecurity. (Ponemon Institute,2013). To struggle the violation of postulates company’s scarcity to, establish and catch wariness of anomalies in artifice comportment, to unmask anomalies in their networks, and to way their network risks and vulnerabilities.


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