Last time you did not write assignment related to DBA course, please do so in this one. Use the pdf we send days ago to answer assignment two Week 4 Assignment 1 literature review course (2 pages) Please respond to the following prompts: a. APA citation of your article b. Theoretical Framework: What theory are the authors drawing from to frame their study? (Is it easily identifiable? Does it have a name?) What field does this theory hail from (is it an economic theory? does it draw from the social sciences)? Does the field of the theory match the field of the current study? Assignment 2 DBA Project 1 course (8 pages) Complete Planning for Data Collection, p. 80. Complete Practical Application Checklists, pp. 109-111. Complete the schedule, p. 118. Complete Project Prospectus. PROPOSED TITLE by Student Name (Note: If two or three lines are not required for the title, add additional spacing above the title to ensure the following text is properly located) A Project Prospectus Presented in Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Business Administration International American University July 2017 Faculty Mentor: Committee Member: Committee Member: Table of Contents SECTION 1: Presentation of the Problem X Introduction to the Problem X Background of the Study X Statement of the Problem X Purpose of the Study X Rationale X Research Questions X SECTION 2: Model/Conceptual Framework/Theoretical Question Z Phenomenon to be Explored Z Relevance of the Study Z Key Terms Z SECTION 3: Review of Literature Z Initial Review/Investigation of Relevant Literature Z SECTION 4: Methodology/Procedures Z Research Problem Z Related Model Z Proposed Unit of Analysis/Observation Z Proposed Data Collection Instrument/Data Source Z Sampling Strategy (if appropriate) Z Proposed Analytical Techniques (if appropriate) Z Z SECTION 5: References Y SECTION 6: Timetable Y SECTION 1: Presentation of the Problem You must offer a clear statement of the research problem. This is one of the most difficult aspects of research because it must be something that is of interest to you personally, acceptable to your Mentor, important to the discipline of business, and “doable” given your material and intellectual resources. This section must begin with a one sentence statement of the problem. If it takes more than one sentence, you are probably unclear about the nature of the problem. It is important to note that some problems will be highly descriptive in nature (e.g., comparison of different methods of contracting for services). Other approaches might focus on a problem that is more instrumental in nature (e.g., how can contracting out for services be increased?). Yet others might require hypothesis testing (e.g., there is no relationship between level of professionalization and contracting out). The importance of the research problem to business as a discipline must be made clear. This involves citation of relevant literature from the discipline. You should show that your proposed research addresses a significant problem. SECTION 2: Model/Conceptual Framework/Theoretical Question Model, conceptual framework, and theoretical orientation are terms that have been variously defined in the methodology literature without a great deal of precision. They all, however, suggest the great importance of developing or adopting a set of logically related abstract ideas that are central to your research problem. The principal issue here is the phenomena you propose to analyze and the justification for studying them. The presentation of the model must include a definition of key terms and relationships. SECTION 3: Review of Literature You should not have a separate single review of the literature. Rather, when you are presenting the research problem, related model and procedures, you must review literature that is related. In effect, then, there must be a review of the literatures relevant to the particular area of the prospectus. Full review not required. SECTION 4: Methodology/Procedures A distinguishing feature of academic research, compared to research by journalists and writers, is the care given to the research design and process of data collection. The appropriateness of the research materials depends directly on the conceptual framework and related research question. The first part of the analysis methods section of the prospectus must very briefly summarize the research problem and related model. The data collection and analysis should be explicitly linked to the research problem and related model. The research design section must also include: a. the unit of analysis/observation b. the data collection instruments and/or data sources c. sampling strategy, if appropriate d. the analytical techniques including statistical techniques if appropriate SECTION 5: References The references should not be excessively long. The purpose is to identify those works that are central for your problem. At this stage of your research, you may list reference items that are not included as citations in the text of your paper. The final dissertation, however, must include only reference items that are actually cited in the body of the work. SECTION 6: Timetable Prepare a table that specifies each stage of your work and the expected completion date. Obviously this can only be a “best guess”.



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    A  Contrivance Prospectus Presented in Disuniteial Fulfillment

    Of the Demandments control the Degree

    Doctor of Business Administration

    Intercollective American University

    July 2017

    Faculty Mentor:

    Committee Component:

    Committee Component:

    DBA Contrivance Course

    Planning control Basis Sumion P. 80

    Basis Deficiencyed

    In regulate to dictate the whole of anticipation of unreserved soundness caution labors, there has to be basis self-possessed intending to succor in the decisive decision-making by the medical practitioners. Both unadorned and general basis is mandatory control the con-over so that single can perceive the bear of the hospital’s memorials and its exploit. In this scenario, the empire and other medical stakeholders keep to detect the rebuke at which patients mark hospitals thus perceiveing the daily logistics confused in the action of its bidding.

    Interviews can too be conducted where the patients and the doctors are demandd to bestow their opinions on unreserved medical labors where they are singles purely fictitious. Doctors deficiency to be compensated and thus making the medical labors to be unreserved earn mingle the empire increasing the medical disbursement so that it can furnish control the bills and expenses explanationd to agree medical labors. Observations such as benchmarking can too be dsingle in countries that keep succeeded in providing unreserved medical labors that earn succor in knowledge the logistics confused. The extraordinaryity of the basis is that it should be agreeing and amply unexpressed where it does refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent effect in any circumlocution.

    Where are the basis located?

    The basis on soundnesscaution rules are base in the empire websites in the cabinet of soundness that has stored entire its elapsed basis abquenched medical labors. This is the coercionemost apex of locating basis which is a inferior beginning of instruction that earn succor in determining the size of solving the whole. The basis is too located in incongruous hospitals in the country where the main referral hospitals keep the bald basis of the enumerate of marks made by patients and the avenuees it has explanationd in labor gift. The basis to be explanationd is too located on the internet where there are symbolical studies that keep healed the implications of providing unreserved medical facilities to the commonity.

    How earn the basis be obtained?

    Gsingular the basis self-possessed is very secret and intimate, the eliminationer earn deficiency to earn a encourage from the cabinet of soundness to keep the defenseless active that earn bestow him or her the advent to entire instruction that is demandd. The bestow succored in ensuring the commonity on confidence to the bald basis are authorized to discuss that skin of instruction so that they do refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent shake the full in any fashion. This succors in determination of depredation and basis mishandling.

    There is too perceiveking commendation from the appliccogent authorities that earn co-operate-with in revealing the details in entire instruction agreed and providing direction on how to irritate the instruction. Having a refercogent attributcogent attributablee from the bigot earn too succor in refercogent attributcogent attributableifying the legitimacy of the eliminationer so that they can be bestown the appliccogent instruction they demand respecting the con-over. This substance the most easily-unsupposcogent disunite of the elimination earn mingle having the appropriate documents that earn succor in earnting through the hurdles of obtaining basis.

    How earn the basis be interpreted?

    This is the censorious disunite of the elimination contrivance where the basis self-possessed has to frame reason and succor in solving the whole. To roexplanation with, the basis has to be presented in a chronological sort that earn co-operate-with in its dissection. Ce-this-reason, during sense, some perspectives keep to be dispose in fix. Whereby the basis irritated should be unreserved from biases. This earn succor frustrate friendly on single verge of the basis leaving the other object in the sombre. Ce-this-reason, the specimen basis should refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent be peculiar.

    The basis earn too be interpreted through the integration of the incongruous instruction that has been self-possessed so that there can be there can be appropriate sense and principles in giving the decisive answer. Perception substance the most utensil to be explanationd in sense, there earn be a deficiency control the eliminationer to be fanciful sufficient so that they can agree the best psychical dissection of the basis self-possessed.

    Practical Application Checklists, Pp. 109-111

    Qn. 1 Natural surrenders or hazards to disuniteicipant

    Gsingular the con-over is unquiet with soundness caution rules, there are divers surrenders that the disuniteicipants are slight to be defenseless to during the elimination contrivance. The components are slight to abbreviate complaint ascribcogent to their interactions with the patients that sperformance keep infections diseases. Abbreviateing diseases is the biggest menace that the disuniteicipants visage occasion doing their investigations. Another surrender that the disuniteicipants are slight to visage is substance locked up ascribcogent to adventing of secret instruction extraneously earnting evacuation. This can effect in natural affront gsingular they sperformance be branded as thieves.

    Qn. 2 controlms of metaphysical wound to be incurred

    The disuniteicipants are slight to visage some metaphysical mischief when carrying quenched the con-over in-particular those in the hospitals. This is owing they earn earn to perceive the cruel bodies substance brought in control advance checkup. They earn too perceive patients that are malnutrition ascribcogent to closing of appropriate whole nutrients. Patients that are in a censorious divorceicularize earn too preaim the psychology of the disuniteicipants gsingular they earn shape to be aimer.

    Qn. 3 symbolical financial claims

    The components are slight to visage huge economic claims in-particular when they are aimer from single hospital to another to sum basis. However, these claims sperformance be minimized by adventing the hospital’s websites which earn succor in reducing the movements. The mailing expenses can be reprieved through sending of emails which is abundantly cheaper and quicker fashion of sending instruction.

    Qn. 4 profits of the con-over

    1. Participants

    The components earn grasp utility of the elimination by culture on the logistics confused in soundness caution rules. They too earn to learn abquenched the incongruous levels of operations that are confused in soundness caution rule.

    1. To the instruction

    The esthetic earn profit by acknowledging the incongruous principles and theories that keep been explanationd in the con-over. The con-over earn be a heed apex control advenient studies to be conducted.

    1. Community at large

    The con-over earn succor the commonity to estimate the commitment substance dispose by the soundness sector to secure they earn power labors. The con-over earn too conduce to solving the whole that the community is chiefly fictitious by the claim of earnting the soundness labors.

    Qn. 5 perceiveking assured agree from disuniteicipants

    The eliminationer deficiencys to earn the agree from the disuniteicipants so that they can betle their attendance. It is refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent regularly a pledge that the components earn employment themselves in conducting the con-over. Ce-this-reason, appropriate despatch has to be dsingle to secure the disuniteicipants keep earningly present to be disunite of the scrutinize.  

    Qn.6 deciphering designs of the con-over to implicit disuniteicipants

    This is a con-over that is demandd to evident-up the whole of having unreserved medical labors to entireone. In this heed, your co-operate-withance earn be deficiencyed so that we cogent to sum the demandd instruction that earn succor in determining whether it is likely to consensus unreserved medical labors to entireone. The design of the con-over is conclude up with the expedient basis that earn co-operate-with the medical stakeholders to identify the possibilities of aid unreserved soundness caution labors.

    Qn. 7 steps to secure disuniteicipants privacy

    The secret lives of entire component are very censorious, and ce-this-reason the expedient measures to be graspn earn co-operate-with in ensuring there is no composition of their basis and that they canrefercogent attributcogent in any fashion be indicted control any mistakes performed. Their extraordinary instruction earn refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent be distributed on any gregarious platforms. The basis they self-possessed in dissertation controlm earn be transferred electronically to secure their extraordinaryity is surreptitious. They earn refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent in any fashion explanation their extraordinary instruction earn suming basis except that of the eliminationer.

    Qn. 8 instruction to be intervening in debriefing  

    The controlmat of post-participation debriefing earn induce entire disuniteicipants hereafter concurrently to distribute the incongruous experiences they had occasion suming basis. This earn succor in decorous some areas that the components visaged difficulties so that It does refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent reoccur in advenient studies. Thanking of the disuniteicipants earn be a guidance and be acknowledging their commitment to succoring throughquenched the con-over. Too estimated that the scrutinize would refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent be lucky extraneously their closeness.


    Qn. 1 areas the whole earn negotiate with.

    The whole is negotiateing with commonity who are the singles advocating control unreserved medical labors to be offered to them. The medical practitioners are too advocating that the labors canrefercogent attributcogent be truly unreserved ascribcogent to scant logistics confused in the operations. The whole too negotiates with memorials where it is demandd control appropriate documentation to be dsingle so that there can be a soundnessy rule that earn secure the agency of medical labors to entireone.

    Qn. 2 kindred of basis to the categories checked

    Yes, the basis straightly relates to the types that keep been tested.

    Qn. 3 first academic instruction unquiet

    The academic instruction animated in this con-over is finance.

    Qn. 4 other academic instruction unquiet

    The other academic instruction that is connected to the whole is cure and economics.

    Qn. 5 singular qualifications as a eliminationer

    As a eliminationer, I keep interests in the whole gsingular it has graspn ages in hereafter with a desircogent separation that earn profit entire stakeholders.


    Qn. 6 employmentability of basis

    The basis are preparedly employmentcogent to me

    Qn. 7 contiguity with beginning of basis

    I touch with the beginning of basis once entire week to be updated with any changes that sperformance prepare.

    Qn. 8 basis arising straightly quenched of the whole

    The basis earn refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent show straightly quenched of the whole. Ce-this-reason, the basis earn be obtained from first and inferior beginnings of instruction.

    Qn.9 Subjoining of basis

    The eliminationer intends to subjoin basis through the habit of the subjoined methods; explanation of the scrutinynaire, photocopying of memorials, colloquy and audio recording and computer technology.

    Qn. 10 Extraordinary Edibless

    Extraordinary edibless are refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent expedient control subjoining and processing of instruction.

    Qn. 11 advent and expertness of extraordinaryized equipment

    In the occurrence I earn demand the habit of extraordinary equipment, I am capcogent of obtaining the esthetic and too enjoy the appliccogent expertnesss of using them.

    Schedule p. 115

    TASKSEXPECTED COMPLETION DATEMeeting with disuniteicipants2/7/2017Reviewing of roles2/7/2017Meeting with wait of soundness4/7/2017Meeting with the doctors5/7/2017Conducting colloquys7/7/2017Meeting with commonity and community at large8/7/2017Basis sumion10/7/2017Basis presentation12/7/2017Basis dissection13/7/2017Basis sense14/7/2017Decisive con-over effects 15/7/2017Post-participation debriefing16/7/2017

    Literature Reopinion Course

    Title: Should First Soundness Caution Be Unreserved to Entireone?

    Hypothetical Framework

    Soundness is an superfluous ware that should refercogent attributcogent attributcogent attributcogent be obsolete. First soundness deficiencys to be consensused to entiresingle that demands the labor extraneously issuing edibless. However, the economics in scrutiny is that should it be truly unreserved? This has control a hanker period be a esthetic of discussion owing of the complaints and grievances that keep been lofty by entire stakeholders confused in the soundness rule (Landrum, et al, 2015). Commonity are demanding to be receiving unreserved medical labors, except the practitioners are on the opposite opinion that it should be truly unreserved ascribcogent to the divers logistics that are confused in the anticipation of soundness labors.

    The contextual issues pretending the soundness caution rule include; designs and values where the soundnesscaution organizations keep the be objectives that they craving to acquire and underlying values that urge them controlward. Planning and product are another things that are in the soundness sector which succors in the action of its operations by in-effect aid power labors. The centre parts of the soundness caution rule are the labors that are demandd to encounter the demands of the commonity. The avenue of providing soundness labors is too kept into compensation where the methods of labor anticipation are censoriously looked upon and implemented (Bowling, 2014). The quenchedcomes of the soundness caution operations which are teachableness, claim, and soundness foottarry are some of the issues to be checked.

    The levels of operations in a soundness caution rule is very tangled from the policymaker, to the labor agreer to the consumers. The collective empire is unquiet with how its commonity are going to admit the soundness caution labors, occasion the divorceicularize empire is unquiet with the logistics confused in making the hospitals operations. The medical practitioners are commonity confused in making permanent they agree labors to the commonity. The consumers who are the patients are the commonity to admit the medical labors and the profits that conclude concurrently. Control soundness caution labors to be operational, entire these stakeholders earn keep to be confused so that strategic measures can be graspn that earn fetch abquenched teachableness and agency in the gift of labor.

    Arena of the doctrine

    The discussion is drawn from gregarious experiences where it aims to decipher the kindredhips that exist betwixt soundnesscaution anticipation and the community confused. There is an interdependence kindredhip that exists betwixt the couple where single canrefercogent attributcogent part polite extraneously the dependence on the other. Soundness caution is a gregarious factor where commonity canrefercogent attributcogent do extraneously it. It is regularly heeded that where there is amend soundness rule, commonity tobject to be fruitful ascribcogent to the anticipations made by the soundness caution rule (Brownson, et al, 2017). The practitioners substance singular are commonity that are adapted and polite skilled where they can agree labors in consensusance with their performance.

    The arena of the doctrine is very common to the general con-over control it can agree evident pilotlines of what is expected in the gregarious circles. Eliminationers explanation this instruction to earn confidence of instruction through incongruous methodologies in the con-over (Seidman, 2013). Gregarious experience as a instruction has succored in the con-over of soundness caution rule ascribcogent to its dynamic avenue to activities where there is the disjunction of incongruous strategies and the habit of philosophical methods to acquire the demandd instruction control the con-over.


    Bowling, A. (2014). Elimination methods in soundness: investigating soundness and soundness labors. McGraw-Hill Direction (UK).

    Brownson, R. C., Baker, E. A., Deshpande, A. D., & Gillespie, K. N. (2017). Evidence-based generally-known soundness. Oxford University Lean.

    Landrum, A. R., Eaves, B. S., & Shafto, P. (2015). Culture to confidence and confidenceing to learn: A hypothetical framework. Bears in Cognitive Experiences, 19(3), 109-111.

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