IT Mergers. Find a recent article (2013-2018) related to issues arising from IT mergers and consolidations. OR, find an article from 2015 or later which discussed issues arising from the integration of a new information technology product or service into existing business operations. (e.g. cloud-based services, Internet of Things devices, etc.) Identify and discuss the issues described in your article. Include information as to how the issues were resolved or handled.

    IT Mergers

    IT mergers is the order where referableice technology merges the components of IT into individual stable and inaugurated referableice technology portion. IT mergers and consolidations aid to mollify so sundry issues, some of these issues employment best for a guild and some don’t. The integration of a cloud-based correction is very leading for an form owing integral the form’s basis is stored on the internet other than computers and can be advented by correction of passcodes (Wijnhoven, Spil, & Stegwee 2006). The integration of cloud-based corrections is faced with sundry issues which involve, scant IT integration, if the IT infrastructure is referable courteous completed there’s a possibility that it get cacorrection difficulties in unamazed interest, to clear-up this, experts demand to amply complete IT into their systems. Basis integration, this ensures that forms accept the advent to referableice that is updated across the form despising of where it is stored, on the cloud or the preface (iFour, 2016).


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