Interest Group Consultant Simulation In this activity you will be pretending to be a consultant for an interest group. You will be charged with helping that interest group better achieve its goals. Have fun and be creative in this activity! Your paper should be at least 500 words long. First, select an interest group from the following list that you will be consulting for (*you may only complete this assignment on one the listed interest groups): Service Employees International Union National Association of Realtors US Chamber of Commerce National Rifle Association National Education Association American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees AARP National Association of Broadcasters In the first sentence of your paper please state very clearly what interest group you have selected. Next, describe in your own words, what your selected interest group mission is. Do not copy and paste or quote the organization’s mission in your paper. Use your own words. Next, take that mission statement and rewrite it in a new short one sentence “elevator pitch” that you think would be more effective. Feel free to get creative. Look up your selected interest groups website. What is the web address? What do you like about their website? What do you think could be improved about their website? Look up your selected interest group on social media. What is good about their social media presence? What could be improved about their social media presence? Look up your selected interest group on OpenSecrets or the Federal Elections Commission website and discuss your findings. How much money does your interest group have? What is that money being spent on? In your opinion, are they using their money effectively? How could they spend their money to better accomplish their goals? Come up with at least one completely original idea that could be use to improve your selected interest groups efforts. Describe this idea in detail. What specific goal would this idea seek to accomplish? What types of resources would this idea need. How would this idea improve the organization’s efforts to achieve its mission. Finally, be sure to provide a reference list. Please note: APA formatting and citations rules apply to this and all essays in this course. As with all weekly written assignments, submit your work as an attached file. Double-space your paper and use 12 point Times New Roman as your font.

    Exoteric Direction Company

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    Exoteric direction company is considered to be the largest administrative concern collocation in the United States and that which illustrate not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious initiate tutors and other subsistence employees, staffers, desert educators and nursery tyros preparing to furrow to entity tutors. Besides, the company comprises of cork to 3 favorite members with its headquarters in Washington DC (Bradshaw et al. 2013). The exoteric direction company sidearm states, “to repair direction administratives and to carry coincidently the organization’s members and the integral community to meaning the assurance of not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableorious direction with the cunning of preparing integral tyro to ensue a divergent and defiant earth.” Even though, the sidearm could stagnant be shortened to “repair the description direction that benefits the integral fellowship.”

    According to Exoteric Direction Company (2011), their webfooting is where complete the not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributableification environing the company is located implied of throng centers, affiliates, parents and how to combine the exoteric direction company control those who are concerned. On the similar voicelessness, single of the advantages of the webfooting is that it can easily be accessed future does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable keep complications associated with logging into the footing. So-far, the footing should be defended with passwords which should be simply unconcealed to the tyros and inevitable personnel; consequently, this should be dsingle control bond purposes and to nullify hackings from choleric nation. Furthermore, the company too has its bestow in gregarious media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter, google+ and Pinterest. These platforms are an not attributable attributablee of how the company is growing and letting the fellowship comprehend over environing its activities. So-far, there should be some amelioratements made to the gregarious media nearness, control illustration, there should be other platforms such as WhatsApp where complete the collocation members can too interact freely.

    However, when it comes to Open Secretes, the company is considered to be the oldest and largest tutors confederacy where it lobbies elected and government officials on integralthing from the States funding to initiate security to tutor unyielding. The company has a whole of $26,969,197; so-far, $2,734,000 of the capital was used in lobbying in the year 2016 and $2,492,515 used in the year 2015. Too, cork to $5,678,112 was used in the beyond squandering which is a meditation of an prolific squandering (Burden, 2015). So-far, control the exoteric direction company to amend complete its goals and objectives, there should be a befitting documentation touching the beyond squandering with suggestive basic needs entity prioritized. Besides, efforts made by this company to furnish amend direction can be ameliorated through hereafter up with upstart policies such as contraction of fee prices and balancing the relevancy of a tutor to that of tyros. The plan on initiate toll sunder is suggestive in achieving the acme of tyro’s who receives a description direction in tuition institutions. So-far, the implementation of this plan requires befitting utilization of beneficial funds so as to determine that the company does not attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable attributable squander over media than their come-back. The plan get ameliorate the organization’s sidearm gone frequent tyros would be choice of receiving description direction at a cheaper fee.


    Bradshaw, C. P., Waasdorp, T. E., O’Brennan, L. M., & Gulemetova, M. (2013). Tutors’ and direction subsistence administratives’ perspectives on hectoring and nullifyion: Findings from a exoteric direction company con-over. Initiate psychology review, 42(3), 280.

    Burden, P. R., & Byrd, D. M. (2015). Methods control efficacious teaching: Meeting the needs of complete tyros. Pearson.

    Exoteric Direction Company. (2011). Direction Plan and Practice Department. An NEA Plan Brief: Blended Tuition. Direction Writers Company.