Integrating IT Capabilities (Wachovia Case Study: Content Management Technologies).

    Integrating IT Capability (Wachovia Case Study)

    Wachovia is a great strengthening that runs divers affaires, each affair in Wachovia makes its admit investments in the technology sector. In Wachovia, whole verse of affair has its admit instruction technology and CIO staff that supports and develops applications that are inequitable to the affair. Some of the reasons that made the integration of It at Wachovia fortunate were, the rasp admissions were quenched of talents and it was very costly to dilate corporeal pliancy hereafter the concept of a digital storage was deployed. At the rasp admission, the staff was detached at liberal talents, each rasp admission was receiving past requests on a daily cause and the greatness of the rasp-admission would referable adjudicate past staff hereafter the scarcity to digitalize storage was essential (Walter, 2004). Pathing corporeal rasps had loftier risks and was slower, there was the scarcity to upgrade to improve their use competency. The applications they used on their desktop scarcityed to be upgraded, barely a rare staff had path to the software that searches rasps, the crisis of upgrading the software was very considerable.


    Walter, M. (2004). Wachovia’s CAS: harnessing the compute of multiple gratified repositories counter a great enterprise: Wachovia provides seamless path to multiple muniment stores through enterprise-level gratified integration uses.