Instructions: Watch the following streaming video onFruit Guys, read the themes and plot statement and answer the questions below. Type your answers in a separate APA style document and submit the document in Blackboard. Video: Themes: The video emphasizes the importance of alignment of organizational culture and HR and HR’s role in helping create and support the organizational culture. The importance of honesty, ethics, and respect in dealing with customers, employees, and suppliers is emphasized. HR operations in a small company are highlighted. Plot: The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Founder, an operational manager, and a supplier (organic farm owner) discuss the philosophy and specific practices and models that Fruit Guys use in their dealings with employees, customers, and suppliers. The company is concerned about being compassionate and thoughtful more than just ways to increase sales. The importance of not only having healthy and quality products but also using a new business model that treats customers, employees, and suppliers with respect is emphasized. Questions The CEO states that HR is more than staffing; it is about creating cultures. How does the integration of HR with the organizational culture contribute to the success of Fruit Guys? Describe the social responsibility dimensions of Fruit Guys that are discussed in the video. What are the implications for HR? Honesty and ethics are mentioned by the CEO of Fruit Guys to be especially important to the organizational culture. The video doesn’t mention exactly how ethics is made part of the organizational culture but what would be some ways that employees at Fruit Guys would know that ethics is important for success? What is HR’s role in organizational ethics? What do you think will be the most important challenges for HR at Fruit Guys in the next five years? Fruit Guys has a very small HR staff. What are some special issues of HR in smaller organizations? Based on the CEO and other manager in the video, it appears that HR at Fruit Guys is expected to be involved in all three roles of HR: Strategic, Operational/Employee Advocate, and Administrative (see Figure 1-5 from your text). Describe an example of HR activities at Fruit Guys required for each of these roles. Each question 100 words and no need of writing question again but question number. NO PLAGIARISM

    Result Guys

    1. Contributions of Constructional Cultivation to The Success of Result Guys?

    Organizational Cultivation supports the established to consummate the goals through enabling its profession exercise. HR has so played an great role in the result guys through judgment making.  The civilized construction cultivation acts as a guideline that is followed each habituateee (Hendry, C. 2012). The construction cultivation of Result guy has its hold procedures and policies of functioning. The integration of the habituateees with its cultivation affords a good-natured-natured started environment that contributes to the productivity of the habituatementers.  It has enabled the corporation minister the exterior corporation future driving inner integration. Constructional cultivation has so enabled the corporation resretinue ethics in its exterior dispense that has enabled acception of sales.

    1. Political Office Dimensions and Implications of HR

    The Result guys corporation does refertelling merely dispose-of radical products excluding so dispose-of convectional good-natureds. Despite them dispose-ofing the convectional good-natureds they feel quiescent seasoned their best to afford their consumers with products that are sustainable, radical products and that feel been concentratively developed. The corporation has focused on the consequence of its consummatements and exploit inveterate on novelty and augmentation of the construction excluding has so been promotive control the habituatementers to finish aggressively. The HR has been telling to mould kindredhips and evaluating the solution aspects of the civilized material hypothesis to consummate the concrete of the political office.

    1. Consequence of Ethics in Success

    Ethics feel been restrained through overbearing strategies that feel enabled withhold the concern of the stakeholders who involve the habituateees and the exterior dispense. The HR has been telling to feel a written banner jurisdiction of ethics and spend. They feel been telling to retinue the habituateees, executives and mouldrs inveterate on ghostly conducts.  They feel been telling to command the habituateees cognate to ghostly ends that they visage and providing HR systems that are private control spending a noise on questiontelling conduct and ghostly misguide. This has accordingly enabled emend mental and commission in the corporation and modeling ethic start in the corporation. Ghostly start has acceptiond coexercise in the corporation through acceptiond kindred incomplete the corporation’s habituateees.

    1. HR’s role in Constructional Ethics

    The civilized material role in the constructional ethics has been to evaluate, identifying the present ghostly cultivation deal-outicularize in the corporation, and so acceleration the construction in the produce of ethics retinueing and so creating policies that feel aidd the habituateees to noise any misguides. The Civilized material has so been telling to instructor municipal appraises and has so been altered control conditions that aid unghostly conduct. It has enabled the corporation mould its exercises, mould the constructional conduct and municipal cultivation which feel acceptiond their agency. The construction has so been telling to confront the wants of their consumers as courteous as acception the concern of their habituateees to habituatement.

    1. Great Investigates control HR

    The most persuasive investigate that the result guys are going to visage in the proximate five years in their HR earn be bankruptcy of immanent mouldment of the HR when the corporation keeps on expanding (Khanka, S. S. 2007). When the habituateees acception they earn be visaged with a investigate in sharing appraise, powerful the constructional ethics and means-of-support of the constructional cultivation. This hatred so pretend exploit mouldment and constructional agency ascribable to the fluctuations in the distribution as courteous as global and national advancements This accordingly earn want the HR branch as-well appear into appraise that earn establish it further telling in the mouldment of the corporation’s exercise.

    1. Special Ends of HR

    Restitution ends is single of the example that the HR in the fineer constructions are facing. Fineer constructions feel had hither coercionce to present the selfselfsame restitution as compared to bigger companies (Laursen et., al 2003). Control them to restrain and tempt the habituateees they feel to invent a overbearing constructional cultivation through brining each other contemporaneously and letting them be deal-out of the bigger corporation.

    Another end has been the opportunity of habituatement in the fine constructions. The habituateees in these companies feel to transfer further roles in the exercise of the corporation. Control solicitation, the CEO of the result guys corporation plays sundry roles that involve dispenseing master, generally-known proportion symbolical and negotiative attendant. It has accordingly been arduous to habituate herd that are earning and feel the coercionce with them gate hither restitution.

    1. Strategic, Exerciseal and Negotiative Roles

    Control strategic, the corporation’s CEO has inventd a overbearing constructional cultivation that has brought the habituateees contemporaneously and has made them deal-out of the corporation. Habituateees feel habituatemented flinty consequently they are doing it control themselves. Control habituateee/ exerciseal, the habituateees feel inventd a overbearing environment whereby the habituateees divide their ideas and feeling conjuncture others feel transfern an example of putting their boarding in the corporation. Control negotiative, the corporation has had practices, policies and systems that feel influenced the conduct of the habituateees. This has so enabled sense of the corporation’s strategies and exercise in their profession. This has enabled acception the habituateee’s excitement at the attribute of habituatement.


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