Instructions: Use the grading rubric for Assignment 2a to complete written narratives for your Team and individual discipline, describing results from developing a solution, to the fullest extent possible, for the case-based scenario assigned to your Solution Team. (The Intervention Memo, sent to your team in Week 3, described expectations of your team during the Solution Phase.) Your audience is the original Problem Phase team for this case-based scenario. Include as headings in your narrative the wording from the first column of each row of the grading rubric, and fully elaborate on the content under the headings as described in the High column for each row. Both the Team and individual narratives are due Saturday of Week 8. Solution Phase Narrative Rubric (Team) % Low Pt. Medium Pt. High Pt. Problem 20 Problem is not clearly stated or well defined. 0-5 Though the problem is clearly stated, it lacks depth of definition and detail. 6-18 The problem is clearly stated and well defined. The depth of detail lays a solid foundation for the solution. 19-20 Objectives 20 Objectives for the study and description of methodology are not addressed. 0-5 Objectives for the study and description of methodology are identified but could use more definition. 6-18 Objectives for the study and description of methodology used are clearly identified and described. 19-20 Results 20 Explanations of data gathered and results are not inclusive enough or relevant. No charts/figures or examples used. 0-5 Data gathered are not explained, or explanations of results are missing. Charts/figures or examples used sparingly, causing explanations to be less effective. 6-18 Data gathered are fully explained, including explanations of results. Charts/figures & examples used to enhance and clarify explanations of results. 19-20 Conclusions 20 The summary and the underlying logic are not clear and easy to follow. Recommendations, limitations, and future work to perform not addressed. 0-5 The summary, or the underlying logic, is not clear and easy to follow. Recommendations not presented, or limitations addressed, or future work to perform not suggested. 6-18 The summary is well organized, and the underlying logic is clearly articulated and easy to follow. Recommendations presented, any limitations addressed, and future work to perform suggested. 19-20 Coherence of Writing 10 The narrative does not conform to APA guidelines, has many errors and is not concise and clear. 0-3 The narrative displays some errors or lack of conformation to APA guidelines. 4-9 The narrative conforms to APA guidelines and is error free. 10 Audience Analysis 10 Team did not appropriately write for the intended audience. 0-3 Narrative, at times, includes too much detail to retain intended audience’s attention. 4-9 Information clearly communicated and appropriately written for the intended audience. 10 Total Points Possible 100

    Implementation Contrivance

    The securityraintthcoming criterion contrivance is aimed to contribute a elaborate patronymic of the criterioning adit and the balancefinished criteria that obtain be to influence the criterioning appoint of the guileed SAP disentanglement securityraint the securityraintm. The criterion muniment contours:

    • Testing Diplomacy – These embrace the rules and regulations upon which the criterioning obtain be anchored. Criterion diplomacy to-boot embraces other givens securityraint the scheme including leading continuances and events such as be-on-foot continuance, object continuance, impudences of the scheme and scheme objectives. The contemplation of the criterion diplomacy is meant to be up a premise securityraint the invention of criterion subjects, the not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributablee and departure criteria, and favoring operations to be enacted, registers and groundation assemblage and not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributablee.
    • Deterrent diplomacy: This contributes a patronymic of the deportment in which the criterion obtain be enacted and the criteria securityraint substantiateing and noiseing omissions as courteous as measures and instrumentation acts securityraint settleing such omissions.
    • Criterion Expertnessful-treatment: The expertnessful-treatment appoint obtain treat finished bureaucratic and scheme logistics securityraint the criterion appoint. It is chargetalented on securityraint substantiateing and scheduling events during the instrumentation appoint. Other duties embrace facilitating communications and leading announcements, operation identification and evanescence, escalation acts and making-easy of the team roster.

    Scheme Balanceview

    The guileed SAP disentanglement utensil securityraint the securityraintm is a potent utensil that obtain contribute the employees with the ability to direct apt recognizeledge such as updating identical details from an internet enabled contrivance extraneously going through the Human supplies verse. The professionality of this example obtain secure the integral scheme providing recognizeledge aptly anywhere at any date. However, finished recognizeledge is matter to the institution’s retreat guile. Therefore, recognizeledge obtain be advantageous on a scarcity to recognize premise.  Employees obtain solely be signed to vision recognizeledge that is apt to them. Therefore, contrariant reasonrs can solely edit contrariant fields. This is meant to preserve retreat/ confidentiality and carelessness of employee or client recognizeledge.


    The conference securityraint this criterion contrivance embraces:

    • The scheme team – operationed with enacting limited operations as per this muniment opportunity providing groundationive functions such as finance and applaudations securityraint the scheme.
    • The scheme directr – operationed with submissive a contrivance of criterion scheme activities including the balancefinished register to the integral scheme. He to-boot resurveys finished scheme muniments antecedently signing them unstudied to the apt authorities, tracks scheme deterrent, and authorizes results antecedently moving to the contiguous rate.
    • Other stakeholder representatives – Company may elect to reason them in the Reasonr Acceptance criterion rate to criterion the viability of the strange Recognizeledge Technology disentanglement.
    • The technical team – operationed with ensuring that finished the apt suppliess and participants are advantageous securityraint the prosperity of the scheme deliverables. They are to-boot operationed with ensuring that the instrumentation appoint is enacted according to the scheme contemplation and securityraintthcoming gauge acts as per the vendor’s module.
    • Occupation analysts – they obtain savor the appoint and contribute their instinct on the guileed changes.

    Criterion Objectives

    • To criterion and substantiate the professionality of the guileed software program and ensuring that it achievements according to occupation favoringations.
    • To substantiate criterion scripts, substantiate and recriterion the cruelty of restraintegoing omissions and settle them.

    Criterion Impudences

    Primary Impudences

    • That the required effect groundation is made advantageous in the scheme antecedently professionality criterioning inaugurates
    • That in each criterion rate, cycle 3 obtain be interpretationful if the guilee of omissions attested in cycle 2 is elevated.

    General Impudence

    • Deterrent criterioning obtain not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented indication in this exercise
    • Exploration criterioning would inaugurate superveneing the institute has been alert and easy to be criterioned
    • Finished omissions obtain show in a jpeg File Securityraintmat.
    • VPN connectivity would be reasond to contribute the criterion team with internet and interior netachievement connectivity.
    • The criterion team obtain achievement on the impudence that the bud and occupation redisruption team obtain contribute the certain suppliess and inputs required as per the criterion contemplation.
    • That the criterion subject acts obtain be discussed in a QA appoint securityraintum
    • The bud team acquires total occupation of the criterion environment, making-easy activities and lasting acts up to the object of the criterion appoint. The bud team shfinished contribute software developers with omission noises and evanescence contrivances during revision meetings to be held at the object of each criterion rate. Alike recognizeledge shfinished to-boot be advantageous to the security of the criterion team.
    • The scheme directr shfinished contribute the scheme team members with copies of the criterion contrivance and criterion register as courteous as the contrivance securityraint deterrent groundation.
    • The scheme directr obtain achievement air-tight with the occupation redisruption team in an attempt to preserve bar coordination betwixt the assiduous parties.
    • The scheme team has the prerequibirth recognizeledge and expertness certain to instrument a lucky scheme
    • Scheme participants extraneously certain recognizeledge and expertness obtain be interpretationful in eager on the objectives of the scheme and their roles.
    • The scheme shfinished not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented proof downdate episodes due to the date is smitten to settle omissions
    • The scheme criterion appoint shfinished achievement inferior the impudence that if the installation recognizeledge and other groundation shows indiscriminately online, then the scheme groundationdisingenuous is reckoned to be achievementing redressly
    • Elevated guilee of omissions ground in cycle 2 shfinished propel the inaugurate of cycle 3

    Professional Criterioning

    • The professional criterioning immateriality shfinished economize the aleasy preloaded groundation in the scheme at the date of instrumenting the criterioning acts.
    • The criterion team shfinished enact finished professional criterioning activities

    User Acceptance Criterioning (UAT)

    The object reasonrs shfinished be reasond to share in the Reasonr Acceptance criterioning appoint.

    Criterion Principles

    • There shfinished be a beggarly and consonant adjudication of direct dictating acts
    • Testing obtain be enacted according to the securityraintm’s occupation requirements, property gauge requirement and consume power.
    • Testing acts obtain be evident, uncompounded, ductile still courteous defined with the ability to be updated where certain.
    • Testing acts obtain inaugurate superveneing total of restraintegoing rate acts to abandon duplication of acts and redundancies.
    • There obtain be an not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributablee and departure criteria securityraint the scheme.

    Foundation Adit

    The criterioning appoint shfinished economize pre-loaded criterion groundation in the scheme.

    Scheme Milestones

    MilestoneObjectiveConcept ApprovalBasic scheme concepts and the feasibility con-balance noise has been general by per the expertnessful-treatment. The scheme is signed to income as the scheme register.Requirements resurveyScheme requirements are as per the favoringations, nature redress, finished and securityraintmally general as becoming securityraint the scheme.Preliminary contemplation resurveyThe architectural contemplation has been ground to fulfil finished occupation and effect requirements. It has been general as a origin of input securityraint a elaborate scheme contemplation appointPrecarious Contemplation resurveyThe published contemplations amply consent to the guileed scheme edifice.Criterion contrivance resurveyCriterion contrivances are adapted to criterion finished the indications of the schemeReadiness resurveyThe criterion team and criterion suppliess accept been passed s becoming securityraint the criterioning appointOperational resurveyThe software effect targeted securityraint criterioning is in reason in the targeted operational environment

    Testing Contrivance


    The criterion is aimed at validating the occupation logic I the scheme. It finishedows the object reasonrs to confirm the professionality and viability of the scheme in verse with daily occupation activities.\


    The Reasonr Acceptance Criterion shfinished be enacted by object reasonrs, in-particular employees.


    Assuming that the object reasonrs are the undivideds to be adversely monstrous by the software program, it is leading that they to-boot do a manage validation that is not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented contained in the criterion appoint. The criterion team shfinished ad the object-user criterion kits grounded on the instincts of object reasonrs and occupation resolution. The UAT shfinished be contemplationed to substantiate that the IT disentanglement meets the requirements and expectations of the reasonrs Ulf, (Ericksson n.p)


    The effect shfinished be released securityraint continued occupation reason solely superveneing the criterion appoint has been finishedd and it has been general as becoming twain on the technical face and the occupation face.

    Criterion deliverables

    Serial NumberDelivertalented detailsReviewerAuthor
    UAT criterion KitsOccupation analyst Sign – unstudiedCriterion Team

    Diplomacy securityraint deterrent

    Note and Departure Criteria

    The not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributablee criteria associate to the judicious occupation requirements, suppliess and expedient modes to be-on-foot instrumenting the criterioning appoint. The departure criteria, on the other agency, associate to the desired mode that finishedow a lucky bar and agencybalance of the scheme. There is a indispenstalented concept of the scheme expertnessful-treatment appoint. Where they cannot attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented be distantly inhalation inferior natural mood, the criterion team shfinished be expected upon the directr securityraint a “go – no – go” conclusion. The not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributablee criteria shfinished resist be-on-foot the criterion appoint. Finished the requirements securityraint the propel of the program must accept been 100% inhalation. There shfinished to-boot be sub – criteria securityraint the not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributablee and departure securityraint complete sight of the scheme.

    Criterion Cycles

    The professional criterioning immateriality shfinished supervene span cycles. Twain cycles shfinished enact finished the scheme scripts. The exaltedest cycle shfinished be aimed at substantiateing risks, uncertain blocking, low-plane omissions and precarious omissions. The assist cycle, on the other agency, is aimed at substantiateing and mitigating balance and elevated omissions that may accept been omitted in the exaltedest cycle. They to-boot migrate achievement from the exaltedest cycle that may accept been infectious to the assist cycle by strike.

    Software Validation and Omission Expertnessful-treatment

    It is expected that the participating criterioners obtain adaptedly enact the criterion cycles as picturesque in the sections balance. However, the criterioners obtain be urged to enact appended criterions were certain in appoint to substantiate feasible vulnerabilities that may be bygundivided by the usual criterioning acts. This act is in-particular apt in the assist cycle of criterioning as it pre-dominantly involves directing a assist swipe securityraint cherishing omissions. Since the Recognizeledge Technology unstudiedicers of the securityraintm and the vendor are courteous recognizeledgeable, then gaps attested can be bungleed.

    Criterion Expertnessful-treatment Appoint

    The criterion team has elected to reason the “HP contact lifecycle expertnessful-treatment utensil” to facilitate criterion expertnessful-treatment. Finished scheme activities such as criterion results, criterion subjects, and other criterion muniments shfinished be updated in the HP contact lifecycle directr.  The utensil shfinished to-boot be reasond to

    Invent a favoring folder securityraint the edifice and frameachievement influencelines securityraint the scheme. Finishedocation of read/write alikeity to finishedow restoration and qualification of criterion subjects. Facilitation of the contemplation sight where finished criterion subject contemplations shfinished be written instantly into the criterioning groundationbase. Any changes and qualifications to the criterion subjects shfinished to-boot be enacted instantly in the HP contact lifecycle expertnessful-treatment utensil. Each criterioner obtain be finishedocated a reasonr representation through the HP contact directr where they obtain be talented to vision and enact their criterion subjects opportunity to-boot updating the foothold of the criterion appointes aleasy enactd. The HP contact shfinished to-boot be a conduit securityraint communicating omissions to the settleing team. The criterioners shfinished substantiate attested omissions and upcontinuance details of the omission on the contact. The IT experts shfinished the drift such groundation from the scheme, unfold it and select the certain road of exercise. The IT unstudiedicers obtain then reassign the settleed criterion subjects tail to the criterioner to substantiate whether the omission has been settleed. Various noises providing the foothold of the criterioning appoint can be begetd from the contact securityraint argument and coming associateence.

    Criterion Contemplation Appoint

    The criterioner obtain be contributed with the details of the intentional criterions and the target areas.  They obtain reason this recognizeledge to ad a pattern criterion subject to fix they secure the bountiful intention of the criterion appoint. Each criterion subject shfinished be analyzed by the occupation analyst antecedently nature general securityraint criterioning. The criterioners obtain reason prototypes during the preparing appoint.  A clarification tracker sheet obtain be preserveed securityraint each criterioner detailing findings and results throughout the criterion appoint. Signunstudied securityraint the criterion shfinished be epidemic via email. Any succeeding changes shfinished be epidemic through the HP contact directr.

    Criterion Environment

    The Company’s servers shfinished assemblage the programs reasond in the criterioning appoint. There obtain be span servers where undivided obtain assemblage the explicit webbirth opportunity the other obtain assemblage the groundationdisingenuous domains.


    The Names and Titles of finished individuals who must authorize this contrivance.

    1. Name:………………………………………………………………………




    1. Name:……………………………………………………………………………




    Software Criterioning Instrumentation contrivance


    This criterioning instrumentation contrivance outverse that activities that obtain be reasond securityraint criterioning the SAP disentanglement scheme.  It supervenes the securityraintthcoming objectives

    • To substantiate the corporeal groundation on the professionality of the corporeal program that is targeted securityraint criterioning
    • To roll elevated guilee criterion requirements
    • To delineate and recommobject criterioning diplomacy
    • To substantiate the prerequibirth suppliess
    • To roll deliverables securityraint the criterion immateriality


    The criterion instrumentation contrivance secures finished integrated scheme criterions that obtain be enacted on the scheme. The resolve of this immateriality is to criterion the deterrent and the feasibility of the SAP disentanglement scheme. Professionality criterioning obtain to-boot be enacted on finished integrated scheme contained in the institute of the software. The instrumentation contrivance supervenes criterioning of interfaces betwixt the securityraintthcoming subsystems:

    • Tracking participants/ fairs balance
    • Scheme expertnessful-treatment
    • Foundation as unique origin of truth
    • Scheme usability
    • Partnership

    Other contents to be criterioned embrace visible interfaces such as

    • Distant Pcs
    • National PCs

    Precarious deterrent inhalationrics to criterion embrace

    • Tally date to the tracking scheme
    • Tally date and power in appointing groundation
    • Tally date to alikeity the catalog subsystem
    • Scheme press when past than 200 fellow-creatures are logged in
    • Tally date when there is conordinary alikeity to the catalog subsystems by balance 100 reasonrs.

    Requirements criterion

    • Foundation and groundationdisingenuous integrity
    • Substantiate conordinary alikeity by multiple reasonrs
    • Substantiate client catalog groundationbase
    • Substantiate redress not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributablee, upcontinuance and replacement of client groundation

    Professional criterioning

    The scheme shfinished interface with the preloaded client catalog scheme groundationing the groundation securityraintmat. The scheme should to-boot interface with the corporeal participant tracking scheme as groundationed by the ordinary groundation securityraintmat. The server content shfinished be mapped to produce-an-effect on the main client server exoteric a UNIX easy scheme. The client content should course on any PC at any achievementstation

    User Interface criterioning

    • Investigate tranquility of navigation
    • Investigate consentity with occupation requirements of the client such as tracking sales.
    • Investigate tranquility of reason by the targeted conference, including employees and customers.

    Deterrent criterioning

    • Investigates date of tally to alikeitying the visible catalog subsystem
    • Investigate date of tally when logging in sparingly or distantly
    • Investigate tally date securityraint reasonrs submitting registers distantly
    • Investigate the perfection of the scheme to providing alikeity to the “legacy client catalog groundationbase”.

    Load Criterioning

    • Substantiate date of tally when past than 200 reasonrs are logged on.
    • Substantiate date of tally when past than 100 reasonrs alikeity a alike birth in the program, rehearse, and noise epoch interface.
    • Similarity manage and Carelessness criterioning
    • Investigate tranquility of alikeity from a national PC
    • Investigate tranquility of alikeity from a distant PC
    • Substantiate reason of passwords and reasonrname protocols to apt alikeity securityraint each reasonr.


    Huma supplies

    Criterion Directr- Shfinished contribute expertnessful-treatment balancesight and manage, technical bearing and expertnessful-treatment contrivancening

    Criterion Contemplationer – Shfinished substantiate priorities, fix instrumentation of criterion subjects, and beget the criterion contrivance and direct and evaluation of the criterion immateriality.

    Scheme criterioner – Shfinished enact criterions, beget log results, fix resuscitation and bungle up of omissions and beget noises on omissions

    Foundation disingenuous directr –shfinished fix invention of an distant criterion environment and availability of suppliess

    Implementer – Shfinished fix the reimplementation of ace criterions and invent criterion packages to be instrumented in the criterion cortege.

    Criterion Suppliess

    • Main securityraintm server
    • Client catalog groundationbase
    • Client criterion PCs – 4 distant PCs and 6 national PCs
    • Span laptop computers
    • LAN and WAN netachievement connectivity
    • Criterion repository
    • 8 criterion bud PCs

    Testing milestones

    TaskEffortStartEndCriterion Contrivance1December 5December 8Criterion contemplation2December 9December 12Criterion bud2December 13December 16Criterion Deterrent3December 17December 20Criterion Evaluation1December 21December 21

    Works Cited

    Eriksson, Ulf. “The Ultimate Influence to Reasonr Acceptance Criterioning Template Contemplation”. Reqtest, 2018, Alikeityed 7 Dec 2018.