Instructions Paper C2 (Individual) – Individual research paper on existing or emerging technology and its related ethical issues. This is the second part of a three-part assignment, an individual assignment to research an existing or emerging technology and its ethical impact using the Web for the topic and questions that you selected for Paper C1. Please ensure that your research for this assignment addresses the ethical issues of an existing or emerging technology! Prepare a minimum 3- 5 page, double-spaced paper and submit it to the Assignments Module as an attached Microsoft Word file. Indicate appropriate APA compliant reference citations for all sources you use. In addition to critical thinking and analysis skills, your paper should reflect appropriate grammar and spelling, good organization, and proper business-writing style. Preparation for Paper C3 (see Table below): The instructor has assigned Study Groups for the third part or Paper C3. To assist in collaboration for Paper C3, please prepare and post an approximate one page synopsis (i.e., a brief summary) of Paper C1 concerning your topic selection to your assigned Group topic under the Group Collaboration on Paper C3 forum in the LEO Discussions section. This will permit further interaction of the group in preparation for the group presentation of Paper C3. The synopsis should state why you feel this topic is important and describe any supporting resources you found supporting your choice. To assist in the further collaboration for Paper C3 please post your research paper (i.e., Paper C2), when it is completed in the assigned Group topic under the Group Collaboration on Paper C3 forum in the LEO Discussions section. This will enable others in your Group to read additional details on the topic that you wrote about. In order to clarify a potentially confusing situation for the C series of papers, due to overlapping dates, the following table has been constructed: In order to clarify a potentially confusing situation for the C series of papers, due to overlapping dates, the following table has been constructed: In order to clarify a potentially confusing situation for the C series of papers, due to overlapping dates, the following table has been constructed: Item x/xx – x/xx x/xx – x/xx x/xx – x/xx x/xx – x/xx Paper C1 Start paper Complete and Post to Assignments Paper C1 – Synopsis Prepare and Post to assigned Group topic under the Group Collaboration on Paper C3 forum in the Discussions section, when completed Paper C2 Start paper Complete and Post to Assignments Paper C2 Post to assigned Group topic under the Group Collaboration on Paper C3 forum in the Discussions section, when completed Paper C3 Groups review the Paper C1 synopsis and Paper C2 when they are posted and start to build consensus for the group topic to be featured in Paper C3 Designate Group Leader and start paper by completing consensus building on the topic and commence group preparation of presentation. The designated Group Leader must identify him or herself to the Instructor Group completes presentation and only Group Leaders post to Assignments and to the respective DT-8 Group topic.

    Emerging Technologies and Ethics


    Businesses and men-folks homogeneous lean heavily on technology motivated in their daily impressivities. Technology is verificationd by an coercionm to optimize its modees. Technology is revolutionary, and it has had a extensive collision on how matteres capacity and how a unmarried matter existence adapts to the dynamics of the assiduity it operates in. Technology has as-polite has been a enormous boost in the bud and enlargement of numerous economies in the earth by raiseing shapeless others, the computing environments and cyberspace. When a matter can sufficiently conjoin the verification of Technological consultancy services, hardware, and software, it can detain administer of its going sorrow rudiments as polite as raise the uncertain matter units in the coercionm (Moor, 2005). The most significant exposure of a matter to be talented to grasp habit of technological advancements largely is to possess a polite-trained employee disingenuous. Technology collisions complete matteres twain wide and smcomplete and if utensiled polite it can fetch the union large consummation.

    Emerging Technologies and Ethics

    It is obligatory that a matter existence is cognizant of the technological alternatives that are at its disposal that could acceleration it reform its operations. Technology affords a union the government to adit costly referableification and be talented to mode it and unite it to the appliceffectual departments efficiently (Budinger et al. 2006). It is significant to continue wakeful coercion technological changes gsingle there is triton novel life introduced to the matter environment, usually reform and wideger than the exoteric technology.

    Coercion persuasion, in the year 2017 remaining, the earth has practiced at ultimate seven technological advancements and innovations that stipulate novel trends that could be verificationful to uncertain matter. Using these technologies, an entrepreneur can initiate a novel matter or chose to raise the modees of an true single. The seven include; internet of things, raiseed and implicit verity, physical-digital integration, humanized wide postulates, document culture, and automation. Coercion this time, I achieve examine the apparition of the Internet of Things and the underlying incorporeal issues.

    Internet of Things and Ethics

    The characteristic `Internet of Things’ incorrectly resources interconnectivity of an single’s environment through the exertion so that they can be talented to interimpress with such an internet coercioneignly or from a mediate colonization. The investigation is how single can be talented to mould their netexertion and netexertion devices suitableness enriching particular hues and life incorporeal? The Internet of Things has large possible to raise the conditions of influence of single individuals at settlement, exertion or in the communion through the impression of piercing devices and software impressions. Networked environments can acceleration us gain our environments securer through techniques such as real-time surveillance, or they can quiet betray us and establish us in jeopardy where hackers grasp aggravate administer of the regularity and afford it evil-doing nod.

    Ethics and incorporeal impression of the Internet of Things offers an justifiable rudiments coercion realizing the liberal possible of a networked environment. Standards recommend that coercioneign surveillance regularitys, coercioneign administer regularitys or appliances such as doors must be operated responsibly as polite as incorporating bland guard protocols and protective firewalls coercion guard purposes (Lin. 2010). It is unincorporeal to utensil an Internet of Things regularity that is referable uprightly unendangered. This establishs your nativity in jeopardy of an aggression. Unincorporeal trespass such as Overlookial-of-service aggressions can pretend the coercionm parents detain surveillance of their kids suitableness they are sleeping or uncounted. These regularitys can as-polite be graspn aggravate and verificationd coercion eavesdropping and spying impressivities.

    Currently, there failure government sponsored guidelines that stipulate coercion an blandly unendangered networked interspace. I would be evil-doing coercion single to wear that the exoteric hues and protections adduce to the impression of the Internet of Things. There is deficiency to educe and specific guidelines that stipulate coercion the incorporeal verification of internet of things connectivity (Stahl et al. 2010). There possess been challenges in troublesome to conjoin ethics and its principles to technology aggravate the ultimate townsman of years. Lawyers and system gainrs possess endow it up-hill to reach copyright and message laws to digital pleased stipulaters such as YouTube externally plenteous consummation. This significantly pretends the impression of ethics to emerging technologies such as the IoT.

    Ethics mainly depends on the environment as unanalogous settings stipulate unanalogous incorporeal scenarios. These scenarios frequently daze challenges that possess referable been dressed by the social rules and determination, accordingly the deficiency to excite policies on incorporeal in the utensilation of networked environments to aid commission and accountability in the Internet of Things networks. Novel definitions of hues and protections achieve possess to be purposed coercion development where archives achieve be required coercion advenient allusion and installation of bland guard mechanisms to guard the environment secure.


    An Internet of Things jaw of hues would be an significant incorporeal entrance, to initiate with. This would trace to rale the Applicability of the Internet of Things environment as polite as protection other significant material akin to ethics such as version, purpose, and enforcement. Technical utensilers, such as engineers, software developers, and installers as-polite deficiency to impress incorporeally and referable bond devices referable asked coercion by the client and stipulate teaching on how best to seculean optimize benefit from the network.


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