Innovative Elevator Speech Due Jul 17, 11:59 PM Not Submitted POINTS 10 Paper no new messages Objectives: 1.1 1.3 1.4 Instructions Assignment Files Grading Write a 2- to 3-minute elevator speech in which you describe how you see yourself as creatively intelligent, innovative, and/or entrepreneurial. Describe at least one example of how you promoted innovation in your personal or professional life. Present your elevator speech to two different people. One can be a personal acquaintance, the other must be a professional connection. Write and Submit a 525- to 700-word reflection and answer the following questions: Did you feel empowered to be more creative and innovative as a result of describing your skills out loud? Did your audience ask any questions or share any insight about creativity and innovation? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. Not necessary to submit speech but feel free to include. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. Materials Innovative Elevator Speech Grading Guide Copyright ©2017 by University of Phoenix. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of their respective owners. See the list of trademarks used in this course. Resources: Center for Writing Excellence Reference and Citation Generator Grammar and Writing Guides Learning Team Toolkit Discussion on this Assignment no new messages New Message Day 1 The thread has no unread message. Thread collapsed. created by Kirk A. Chambers (you) Last updated, Jul 11, 2017, 3:30 AM no new messages

    Speech 1

    Hello, Mr. Investor. My spectry is Kirk Chambers, and I accept been desire to converge you. Am a spiritual innovator in the verse of calling technology? I accept been piercing to count you encircling the marvelous technology and calling I accept maked. I reflect this reversal is polite-mannered-mannered aligned with what your boarding funds obtain standpoint. You are polite-mannered-mannered sensible that our patented nanotechnology has subsided by seventy-five percent balance the last t decade of years. The addressable dispense is encircling twenty favorite dollars, and I accept been at the ceefront of numerous advances in this dispense. I accept acquired the irrelative adjudge in the adjudge engaging entrepreneur campaigns. I vision to converge you instant week ce over details encircling my reversals.

    Professional elevator speech

    I am a auspicious author in sharp and dispenseing very coercioncible devices. You are undiminished sensible of solar-powered spotlights on the Holland. I intentional them, dispenseed them and contemplateed ce an investor. Kirk Chambers is my spectry. My fabrication is now familiar and descryn in the undiminished Holland city. I accept so maked the Lenovo laptop matter and texture. I was so unordered the Harvard university order that intentional Automated Counter Machines. I dispense these consequences and contemplate ce investors who are assiduous in the consequence. I accept so maked ice pith cones concurrently with a chum of mine. They are digestible, eatable and colorful. We accept so intentional irrelative colors ce the ice cones, and we are safe that progeny obtain be attracted to them. I accept a order of reversals, and if I descry you instant space, I can attain a illustration ce each qualify and how to correction it. Undiminished the investors accept performanceed with accept never been disappointed.

    Once I delineation a consequence, I dispense it, furnish an investor, and I live doing investigation encircling the selfsame. I discover books and investigation onverse encircling the consequence so as to attain undiminished the indispensable notice encircling the consequence. I then do dispenseing investigation and other harmonious consequences and descry their delineation and prices. Once I congregate undiminished the required notice, I redelineation the consequence to amend its contemplate to help the present dispense. We undiminished apprehend that our calling dispense keeps changing and obtain live changing with space. Therefore, I constantly accept that in soul, and my delineations are constantly elastic. I go on prefer with my investigation and petition clients ce their views and comments encircling my consequence delineations. From the customer’s feedback, I attain ideas on how to amend the consequence so as to help customer needs.

    I performance index in index with irrelative investors in their irrelative companies, whose consequences I accept intentional. I afford unhindered mend and means-of-support ce the consequences. I so brainstorm encircling the irrelative consequence brands delineation. Recently, I accept intentional the Holster assemblage logo and its consequences logo. I am spiritual, busy and innovative. I accept printed urbane branded materials love tissuesites, brochures, and calling stationery. I grant impeccable innovative delineation solutions that best answer your calling needs. I accept an interpolitical client low that presents ascititious advertisements ce twain companies and consequences. I afford affordable prices at irrelative rates. I so grant description services and ideas. You can make some space to go through my blog footing, portfolio, and Facebook page and descry over of my performance.

    I accept intentional and open irrelative tissue applications using irrelative languages. I make calling footings, variable applications, and point footings. I constantly dialogue to my cents encircling the point delineation they are contemplateing ce and present the best solutions ce them. I correction irrelative languages love Java, PHP, JavaScript, bootstrap, and C# to unravel irrelative footings. Am learned with undiminished the remotest versions and programming studios. Once I delineation a footing, I present means-of-support ce unhindered, and I edit the backed regulation according to correctionrs’ needs or technology. I so accept a hosting assemblage determined Tissue hosts Assemblage. I grant my clients a one-year unhindered hosting age. I undiminishedow the client to stable an affordable annual fee ce the hosting. My calling is sure and affords bountiful customers safety hues. I believe a pubescent entrepreneur and author who is suitable of innovating so numerous ideas in calling. I appetition to converge you instant week ce over details encircling my reversals. Thank you!


    1.    I felt empowered to be over spiritual and innovative. I arrive-at I accept the germinative to do over and innovate over

    2.    My reception petitioned me to end with illustrations of my intentional consequences in the instant convergeing. They were blithesome ce my lustrous reversals.