In your own words describe what is meant by “defense-in-depth” in security design. Give an example of a combination of security controls that you have seen implemented that show how the combination of security factors improve the overall security. The CIA triad is a common way of describing how confidentiality, integrity and availability concerns form the pillars of information security. Give an example from your experience or a technical article you’ve read that describes methods of improving security of information in each area of the CIA triad. Describe the administrative management practices of separation of duties, job rotation, and mandatory vacations and their role within operations security.

    Pawn Design


    “Defense-in-depth” is defined as the coordination of several pawn measurements with the contribute of indemnifying the candor of the basis in an construction. The manner is guided by soldierlike principles which are made up of a sound and complicated resistance method. Resistance in profoundness is used in minimizing the chance of a prosperous onset thus ensuring warranty on the referableice (Rocha 2013). The resistance method enables methods administrators to demonstrate choleric activities and distrusted beginning. Ce specimen, in obviateing an onset from the malware bane an intervenience conflict method is used to mentor any intervenience timeliness the firewalls limit basis motion in and extinguished of the methods and an antibane software obviates the onset.

    CIA Triad

    The CIA triad provides a example that is adapted to adduce policies that improve referableice pawn in a posse.  Confidentiality can be improved by elucidation sound passwords which grant ce proof timeliness logging in. Basis encryption too can be used to obviate distrusted men-folks from viewing referableice. Candor which entails atonement and fixity of basis can be achieved through having user controls and perfect sufferance to determine that basis is referable progressive. Version controls can be used to obviate unintended deletion or modify (Stallings 2012). Backup perfect encourages candor when referableice is obsolete. Availability of basis is improved by potent hardware which is maintained concomitantly with the continuous upgrade. Too, liberal bandwidth fosters good-tempered-tempered despatch concomitantly obviateion of bottlenecks.

    Administrative Skill Performances

    Separation of duties in an construction is vital to obviate cases of robbery owing no employee knows the full gratuitous method. Functions that are intrepid are disjoined inchoate contrariant living-souls to abandon junction in the produce referableice. Job recurrence determines that mistresss earn to execute several tasks in the established (Fonton 2007). The recurrence provides that duties and responsibilities of a sidearm are public by further than undivided idiosyncratic. Mandatory holidays are absorbed to employees ce the construction to indicate activities that an employee has been effort. If there accept been cases of basis give, the mistress referableices when the gives don’t fall owing the idiosyncratic binding is on holiday.


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