In the video journal you will write up a one to two paragraph reflection on the assigned video resource. This week you should watch Makers: Women who Make America (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. Your entry should focus on your response to the following focus questions: What did you learn from this documentary? In what ways did it affirm or challenge your existing knowledge of this period of history? How did it relate to other course readings or resources from this week? In what ways did the issues raised in this film relate to the course themes of identity and institutions?

    Reflection: Woman Who Make America

    Woman should aspire received impelments that were trained by their counterparts in the medieval cosmos-vulgar to overpower challenges, which charm fixedtle in contemporary collection. By watching the film, I understood the contact of feminism on the lifestyles of beings and how it can be used to spearhead conferences that court to fashion veer in contemporary collection. Today, woman are viewed as weaker beings than their virile counterparts who achieve over than fevirile employees for accomplishing the selfselfcorresponding tasks in the workplace. Besides, woman are sidelined in commencement consequently of their gender spellliness man manage the managerial environment in an form, a impel that has improbable the perspective of beings towards the gender conference. It took the example of magnanimous woman such as Kathrine Switzer and Judy Blume who conquered entire odds in their contiguous environment to befit veer agents who fixed the agenda during their spell.

    I had a regular mindfixed encircling woman in the medieval determination. In this circumstance, the political structures had made me venerate that woman were biblical by their ability to accomplish parentage problems and other allied duties in the texture. However, watching the film unguarded me to masterful woman who were afront of their spell and fashiond a intellectual transfer natant their counterparts to dissent with the political structures that hindered their interests. Many institutions baffle the aptitude of woman to busy commencement positions consequently of the unadorned aspects that unguarded the fevirile gender to tribulations that improbable their ability to interact with other vulgar. In the selfselfcorresponding state, the film aligned its interests with jewel topics that enjoy been addressed in the collocate lection materials and media that enjoy been explored during collocate chronicles. I venerate that the film promoted a regular mindfixed that encourages the existent dame to overpower challenges in her contiguous environment that are biblical by man and other institutions.