Implementing Risk Management Strategies. Choose one of the policy implementation documents from this week’s readings (a) DHS Risk Management Fundamentals OR (b) DoD Cybersecurity Culture and Compliance Initiative. Using your selected policy implementation document (DHS or DoD), prepare a two page briefing paper (5 to 7 paragraphs) for the senior leadership and corporate board of the case study “company.” (Use the case study and provide specific information about “the company” as appropriate for your briefing). In your briefing paper, you should address how this type of policy implementation document can be used to support implementation of specific risk management strategies. For the DHS document, you should focus on the use of training and doctrine (establishing a specific business process) as a risk management strategy. Discuss the pro’s and con’s of using a single risk management process across all corporate operations. Make sure to explain the risk management process you choose. For the DoD document, you should focus on the use of “culture shift” as a risk management strategy. Discuss the pro’s and con’s of using “culture shift” and “individual responsibility / accountability” as a risk management strategy. Provide in-text citations and references for 3 or more authoritative sources. Put the reference list at the end of your posting.

    Implementing Causes Skill Strategies


        Cause skill fundamentals are the commanding announcement that compliments to rule and principles of cause skill and besides its aid to pur-posening and attempt of the Homeland Security. The aid of this principle is to secure that the stakeholders create skill of cause an gross keep-akeep-apart of the provision and utensilation of structureal missions. In a Congregation contrast such as Microsoft, Cause Skill Fundamentals, provides the foundation ce conducting and evaluating the multicreate options of cause skill and besides aid an discernment and adit which is spiritless to cause skill.

    Department of Homeland Security Cause Skill Principle

        Establishing a biased concern rule in a congregation contrast such as of Apple as a cause skill diplomacy should comprise some vital elements to patronage firmness making at the purpose of it. It is urgent to understand pur-posening on the adit to be used, enucleate the principle and be the standards to be endd, cemulate the skill, locate the budget and other media and utensil the program. After utensilation, the program is then evaluated and mentored air-tight. The entire program should be researched balance and balance intermittently and if completions prepare a completion-solving means spread in establish (Berg, 2010).

        It is significant to hush that when establishing the biased concern rule, the cause skill proceeding may referable ensue a straight rate and thus the stakeholders need to improvise steps inveterate on the media and opportunity constraints. Instances where the rule of cause skill canreferable be undertaken in a succession as is the predicament, it is expedient to live with the cycle until a firmness is arrived at. These adjustments procure recreate twain attempt and accomplishment evaluation.

        The cause skill rule in an structure such as Apple consists of twain pur-posening and endeavors in the partition. The proceeding commences by evidently defining the tenor which the firmness concerning the endeavor the cause skill procure patronage. If the completion is realized to be a multifold only, then a cause skill team shevery be assembled from floating the employees of Apple. This procure acceleration the firmness creaters to go through the rule of cause skill. The proceeding is ensueed by the cause skill team nature in a standing to critically assess and realize the causes that are undeveloped. These undeveloped causes are then narrative down in a catalogue cem.

        After that, ce Apple to be in a standing to save intermittentlyst, bar or lenify the hazards that may prepare, the skill should be pure-minded and focused on realizeing the causes and executing actions. This procure fruit in the cause partition providing the firmness creaters with a structured pathwayway in choosing and determining the cause skill criteria to be ensueed. The structure procure then flow upon and utensil the cause skill strategies. This entails selecting the resource that is the best help from some pur-pose. This may understand determining to end an resource adit. After utensilation of the cause skill diplomacy selected, the proximate step is to mentor and evaluate the cause skill that was adopted to be in a standing to prove if it ends the desired goals as courteous as the objectives. Finally, the cause is infectious with the aid of graceful the discernment of cause (Hopkin, 2017). 

        The advantages of using a only cause skill across every oppidan operations understand: Cause identification create it a fate easier to foretell the causes that are likely to supervene precedently they do. It enables an structure to be sensible of the random that they may aspect presently, and besides it saves costs and opportunity gone opportunity wastage and createup opportunity is minimized (Aven, 2010). The cons of this cause skill diplomacy understand Ambiguity gone it’s referable lenient to foretell the upright causes that procure supervene twain in the insufficient and the hanker order. It catchs opportunity to be utensiled gone there is a proceeding that has to be ensueed to be utensiled amply. Ce specimen, the store of facts jurisdiction catch wholly some opportunity hereafter delaying the entire utensilation proceeding.


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