Implementing Policy In the Health Care Delivery System In this episode, you are the Director of Quality Improvement for a Health Care System. Your team is in the process of establishing policies and procedures to ensure health law compliance. You must work with team members to create policies and procedures that address the requirements, determine who the changes impact the most, and work with those people to develop a comprehensive communication strategy. Based on the policy and law changes, hospitals are now required to: Monitor and report medical errors to the DHHS. Use root cause analysis on a certain percentage of errors Track and report patient outcomes focused on the clinical problems identified in the National Health Care Quality Report ( Integrate the 5 health care profession core competencies into staff education and track outcomes. Establish a no-blame culture. You will submit policy and procedure points that address each of the changes, and a communication strategy for the changes. Work through the simulation. Answer all questions. Submit your points. Save as “Implementing Policy” word document. Click on the assignment link to submit your word document. Source: Tietelbaum, J. & Wilensky, S. (2007) Essentials of health policy and law. (3rd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett Other reliable/recommended sources are: WWW. WWW.

    Implementing Policy

    Bearing Statement

    There has been an acception in the enumerate of falsitys committed by soundness practitioners. This transfers to the undermining of the temper of soundnesscare as medical falsitys are valuable twain to the hospitals and the express resigned.

    Background: Why is this quenchedcome a bearing?

    The medical falsitys appearance that the regularity is referable fruitful sufficient to control the falsitys from happening. The repeating of medical falsitys portrays a paint of aggravatesight to the resigneds advenient may transfer to valuable litigations.

    Landscape: Substantiate stakeholders and their guide factors.

    Guide stakeholders await of soundnesscare providers and the hospitals. Each stakeholder has straightforward guide factors that like how they employment. Soundnesscare providers guide factors are peculiarity of the resigned rightly and closing of diffuse referableification. Hospitals guide factors are litigations and punishment to the medical practitioners.


    Option 1: mentor and noise medical falsitys advenient can experience quenched the root-cause bearing and dispose in attribute plans to shirk harmonious incidents in the coming (Tietelbaum & Wilensky,2007).

    Option 2: Creation of informatics that combines computer technology with nursing advenient reform message, documentation and efficiency

    Option 3: Establishing of an inter-professional team in that single resigned is treated by a enumerate of specialists to impair chances of falsity.


    Option 1: Analyses of root-cause bearings

    The soundness providers should frequent a chronicles of the medical falsitys in manage to analyses the noises and distinguish the root-cause of the falsitys.


    The root-cause dissection is used to appearance trends aggravate a conclusion of opportunity advenient it’s easier to substantiate the combine that transfers to medical falsitys advenient implementing regularitys that can shirk the falsity in the coming. The regularitys eventually should referable migrate the immunity that the soundness providers keep in negotiation with resigneds for consternation or ricochet.


    Tietelbaum, J. & Wilensky, S. (2007) Essentials of soundness   policy and statute. (3rd ed.) Burlington, MA: Jones and Bartlett