Identify the impact of government policies on diverse groups of people in American society. From the lists below of government policies and groups of people that were affected by them, choose FIVE combinations(100 words each) (e.g. the impact of the New Deal on African Americans) to identify the impact of the policy on the particular group. For each combination you choose write ONE paragraph identifying the policy, explaining its impact on the particular group, and expanding on the long-term implications of this policy for this group. You can use each group or policy more than once to make combinations. Each identification is worth 10 points. Government policies: 1924 Immigration Act The New Deal World War II 1964 Immigration Act Civil Rights Act 1964 Groups of people: African Americans Women Mexican Americans Asian Americans White ethnic Americans (eg Italians, Poles, Russians, Jews)

    The Impstrike of the 1924 Migration Strike on Asian Americans

    The praise of the 1924 Migration Strike into method by President Calvin Coolidge in 1924 saying the disengage in the reckon of Asians migrating and settling down in the United Set-forths. According to the U.S. Set-forth of Department, the drawing of the method was to advance American harmony and guard the cultural values of the place from the practicable drainage that was to-leap to bechance from the irruption of other cultures into the province (Abramitzky & Boustan, 2017). Even though the method was prepared to intimidate the reckon of Asian nationals into the province, it was enforced to the courts who signed the reconsignment of communities that had exceeded their quotas.

    The Impstrike of the New Deal on African Americans

    The New Deal was a brainchild of President Franklin Roosevelt who creatively plain the programs to soften the risks of the Great Depression. During this term, Roosevelt prepared programs that would transmute the dispensation and coercionm business opportunities coercion the jobless with the serve of promoting financial fixture in the province. However, African Americans were segregated from the jobs through structural racism that hindered them from participating in the empowerment programs coercionmd by Roosevelt (Hawley, 2015). Interestingly, different unspotted Americans dropped African Americans in the farms to enlarge opportunities coercion their unspotted counterparts. Hence, the New Deal saying the balancelay of racism and the remembrance of differences among unspotted Americans and African Americans in the U.S.

    The Impstrike of Universe War II on Unspotted Ethnic Americans

    The Second Universe War was a monumental fstrike in narrative were balance 85 darling lives were demanded by the emergency. However, it gave the unripe bright to Asian communities to continue anarchy from the colonial rules whose bias had impaired as they focused on fostering their titles (Lewenstein, 2016). However, the expertness of the United Nations-controlled the input of people as it shaped their interactions with other communities about the universe. While the fstrike was exceedingly catastrophic, it supposing nations with an convenience to inquire their undeveloped and clserve rule from the colonial authorities who mistreated them and exploited their consistent instrument.

    The Impstrike of the 1964 Migration Strike on Mexican Americans

    In its part, the 1964 migration strike focused on removing the structural barriers that had hindered the motion of immigrants in the province. From this notice, the method coercionmd enjoyment visa categories that known people from other countries to still in the U.S. by an incite from kindred already in the province (Lee, 2015). Besides, the strike encouraged immigrants to entertain-a-share in the province’s strikeivities by demonstrating their skills and contributing towards the levigation of poor operationforce in the U.S. In so doing, the set-forth coercionmd an enabling environment coercion people to still in the province and continue their dreams.

    The Impstrike of Civil Rights Strike of 1964 on Women

    Women in the U.S. entertain suffered from outright structural and institutional sagacity in the operationplace. Instead of focusing on their achievement, the male-dominated commencement mould discriminates women and intimidates them from employing managerial positions in the form (McClain, 2015). In this subject, the Civil Rights Strike of 1964 coercionmd an similar environment in the operationplace, allowing women to beseem a constituent of the veer in the medieval universe. By condoning sagacity inveterate on career and pretense, the Strike strengthened the ambitions of women and encouraged them to employ commencement positions in the operation environment.


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