I.S.S.A Case study. Client Profile: Selina Kyle Age: 31 Gender:Female Resting Heart Rate:70 bpm Height:5’7” Weight:159 Body Fat 33% Selina just had her first baby a couple months ago and is determined to shed excess pregnancy pounds before summer. Selina has very limited exercise experience. She did not play high school or college sports. Prior to having her first child, she did like to hike, go out dancing, and take the occasional yoga class. She is eager to start a program to lose the baby weight. She can dedicate 3 or 4 days per week to exercise and is willing to sign on for 12 weeks to start. Assignment: Design a 12-week periodized training program for the client described in the Client Profile. Be very specific as you design the training programs as this is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your full comprehension of the information and concepts discussed throughout the course. List the types of exercise, duration, sets, reps, rest intervals, and so on. Include: A description of your professional responsibilities as discussed in the stages of the drawing-in process. (Unit 12) 1: ESTABLISHING YOURSELF AS A PROFESSIONAL Perhaps the most sensitive moment in your relationship with new clients occurs when they initially call or visit inquire about your services. Often trainers are at a loss as to what to say. The best approach is to ask a series of detailed questions. Find out who they are and what they’re about. Are they single or married? What are their family responsibilities? What are their occupations? What hours do they work? How physically active or sedentary are their lifestyles? By gaining a better understanding of your clients, you will be able to later construct fitness programs that are compatible with their needs, responsibilities, and preferences—ones that they are able to stick with. To help establish yourself as a professional, use the following guidelines for successfully developing positive, productive relationships with your clients. DRAWING-IN PHASE: SHOWING ENTHUSIASM Enthusiasm in all aspects of your life is your passport to success. Enthusiasm is the by-product of expertise and sincerity, as well as your genuine excitement about the results you know you can obtain for your clients. Since you have experienced these results yourself, and since you can provide many “shortcuts” for your clients due to your expertise and experience, you will naturally project enthusiasm for your work. Generously share success stories of your own or of your clients, observing that, “If I [or they] could do it, so can you!” WORKING WITH SOUND ETHICS Personal trainers are not licensed and the industry is not yet regulated. However, in the event of legal problems, a judge will expect you to behave at a level consistent with other professionals. Be a professional and do not get involved with your clients. Even a false accusation can ruin your life and end your personal training career. You must protect yourself. While the benefit of the doubt will go to you, being unjustly accused of impropriety is little better than actually doing something wrong. Psychologists describe the phenomenon of transference between trainers and clients, teachers and students, and coaches and clients as physical attraction developed by working closely with each other. You can minimize problems by always maintaining a professional demeanor—not becoming overly friendly with clients, particularly of the opposite sex, and documenting training sessions, evaluations, and training programs. This point cannot be overemphasized: Be a professional; do not get intimately involved with your clients. DATA COLLECTION Data collection is an ongoing obligation starting from Day One. You will need to collect accurate, up-to-date information regarding your clients’ health status, training progress, and so forth. This course contains access to examples of relevant forms you can use with your clients. In addition, if you are working out of a club, it will have liability and physician consent forms, which your clients must fill out as well 3: GUIDED DISCOVERY Now it is time to orient your clients through a “guided tour” of the fitness facility you work out of. This aspect of the drawing-in phase can last 2 to 3 weeks, or as little as a few workouts, and is designed to a) reverse the effects of disuse, b) get the clients oriented to all available technologies, c) allow the clients to learn what their options are and which exercises they likes best (Never cram your own likes and dislikes down your clients’ throat!), d) learn more about your clients, and e) to allow your clients to gradually develop the discipline to maintain a more fitness-oriented lifestyle. The idea is not to force people into immediate and massive change, but to gently guide them into gradual, long-lasting changes. FEELING THE WATER BEFORE JUMPING IN The principal reason to try a fitness program is to check for client compliance, ability, and discipline to continue with the program. Choose from the myriad of training protocols, one that you and your clients feel will provide the easiest route toward living a fitness (disciplined and fun-filled) lifestyle. This protocol will always incorporate the exercises, training schedule, foods, and other factors that you have jointly “discovered” during the guided discovery process. Never assume that your favorite training protocol, your favorite nutritional supplements, or your personal fitness diet schedule is best for your clients; all too often they will not be. Once your clients have tested the waters of discipline, you can make fine adjustments to maximize compliance. : ESTABLISHING AN INTEGRATED FITNESS LIFESTYLE Stage 5 is the time for the client to identify the answer to these questions: What are my goals? What do I want to accomplish? What are my options? Before this time, neither you nor your client had the foggiest idea as to what your client’s options were. Once you establish a relationship, collect data, complete a guided discovery, and assess your client’s compliance, you can use information to establish a basic fitness program for an integrated fitness lifestyle. Discussion of any fitness tests, methods of evaluation, and data collection used to assess and evaluate the client’s needs. Calculation of the client’s target heart rate using the Karvonen formula. Specific conditions that you have identified in the client profile. A detailed 12-week comprehensive and periodized training program including specific exercises, sets, repetitions, suggested rest times, etc. Use an integrated approach in your program recommendations. Use charts to illustrate the training program. Specific and detailed nutritional strategies and an explanation as to how the strategies will assist the client in meeting energy needs. Explanation for your chosen assessment, programming, and nutritional recommendations. (Be sure to reference course concepts when discussing rationale for your recommendations.) Keep in mind that a client should be able to take your program and put it into practice without having to contact you to clarify what you intended by your recommendations or to explain parts of your program. Don’t forget your explanation for WHY you listed and recommended what you did. Reference the concepts and theories covered in the course. Be sure to address why the program and exercises recommended are appropriate for the specific client given the client’s history, current abilities, and intended goal(s). For example: if you are developing a program for a beginner client without any resistance training experience, explain how your program addresses the lack of experience, initial need for foundational development, process by which you would safely progress the client, etc. Tying your program to course concepts is a critical component of your case study.

    Selena Trailing Program

    The monograph provides a 12-week trailing program coercion Selena, a strove client who intends to destroy some baby consequence. To amply amplify a large program that subserves the client’s needs, functional interaction, pure sympathy, and gigantic message skills are indispensefficacious to state that entire aspects of the program are concluded. Excite, it’s sharp to compel bountiful attainments about her spent sanity truth and her kinsman equalize to succor state which employments are best coercion her outverge compromising her sanity. According to Kolt and Snyder-Mackler, as a trainer, the disposition concrete is to succor a client to successamply conclude the sole goals, twain insufficient promise and covet promise that leads to a sanityy and correspond lifestyle (125).

    To conclude this, I earn inaugureprove an conference to secure an insightful of Selina’s kinsman lifestyle as we entire secure familiarized with each other. Selina earn so secure the convenience to discover the Informed Consent Coercionm and symbol it. Adjoinedly, we earn revisal her present sanity using the sanity screening questionnaire. During this conference, I earn so secure the convenience to convoke qualitative grounds such as her organization luxuriant percentage, hanging disposition reprove, consequence, and summit. The conference convocation so serves as an convenience to conceive her sustenance and to effect mismisappropriate changes where indispensable.

    From the conference, it was plain that Selina was up-hill to emit extempore her consequence a lacking months following giving lineage. Adjoinedly, she implied that she had no coercionegoing habit in sports or employments beverge had been unconditional in yoga, hiking, and dancing coercionegoing to her pregnancy. From the details granted, her BMI is typical beverge on the conspicuous purpose.

    BMI=Weight(Summit x Summit) x 703 = 159(67 x 67) x 703 = 24. 9  

    To experience Selina’s tarsecure disposition reprove (THR), I inferd the Karvonen Coercionmula to experience her low-purpose THR and high-purpose THR as shown in Tefficacious 1 subordinate.

    Karvonen Coercionmula (Low-Purpose THR Rove)Karvonen Coercionmula (Upper-Purpose THR Rove)
    119x 70%x 85%83.3101.15RHR+ 70RHR+ 70

    From the grounds and the needs of the client, the 12-week trailing program is a essential macrocycle that standpointes on the wellentity of the client and so in steady her luxuriants. The trailing is disconnected into three faces with the highest face entity the precursory week and familiarization. Another standpoint of face sole earn be on architecture the deep kinsman with a standpoint on cardio and power (Plowman and Smith 211). The face earn conclusive coercion five weeks. During the assist face, the trailing earn standpoint on her power amplifyment and architecture her kinsman. During this face, the compute of loads, reps, despatch earn be increased. Adjoinedly, repose intervals earn so be minimized to entireow her organization to compose the increasing employments. The assist assessment experience earn be inaugurateed during this face. The third and conclusive face of the trailing earn standpoint on optimizing her aerobic purposeurance. In this face, employments earn majorly be on inferior consequence hindrance workouts and conspicuous reps.

    In face sole Week 1 earn be an precursory week that we earn be elucidation the plantment coercion her trailing. She is going to be familiarized with the opposed employments and equipment conducive at the gym. The week is essential coercion the brace of us since it extemporeers me the convenience to teach entire the movements and so to demonstreprove the equitefficacious coercionm and on her verge, she is efficacious to employment subordinate direction, giving her the self-reliance and momentum to thrust through the repose of the trailing (Bompa and Buzzichelli 56). During this week, her employments earn be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday where she earn be conduct-ind, secure the demonstration on how to infer the equipment, and the employments she earn be expecting. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday earn be redemption days. On Sunday, she earn feel an unconditional repose. Some of the unconditional consequences inferd this week earn be deadlifts, strand compeles, dumbbell flyes, French compel, limp curls, and barbell shrugs. Each of these earn be dsole in sole firms and five reps. Machine employments earn grasp leg compel, be calf raises, over pulldowns, seated tier, cefficacious curls, and seated leg extensions. Similarly, sole firms and 5 reps coercion each employment earn use.

    During the assist week through week five, the deep standpoint earn be to plant cardio kinsman and to succor her compel her power. A holistic advent of incremented firms, reps, influential tension and employment limit earn be applied. The employments applied earn be the identical as those in week sole beverge adjoined employments such as the treadmill, dumbbell tricep kickback over compel, and allusive earn be applied. The firms earn be adjusted to 2 or 3 firms consistently and the reps earn use a 10-8-6 advent. Her repose season among employments earn be three minutes.

    During week 6 through to week 9, the deep standpoint earn be on architecture her power and kinsman.  As such, the consequences earn be increased opportunity the reps are decreased. The deep infer as to why the consequences are increased is becainfer Selina should feel compeled some power to enefficacious her to elevate over consequence. The employments earn embitter her excite development. Employments during this limit earn grasp those dsole in the earlier weeks and firms entity firm to brace or three similarly, the reps earn rove from ten to indecent. Adjoinedly, the reposes earn be brace to three minutes.

    During the conclusive three weeks, the standpoint earn be on advancing her kinsman. Since her deep infer coercion fastening the trailing was to smoulder her baby consequence and to deeptain her barren muscles. The limit earn standpoint on increasing her flexure movements, aerobic conditioning, and cardiovascular optimization. During this limit, the firms earn be increased to indecent and at the identical season, the reps earn so be influential to a ultimatum of 15. The treadmill season earn so be increased from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

    Conclusively, the trailing program is channeled to subserve Selina’s needs. At the purpose of the trailing, Selina earn feel stunted her baby consequence and compeled a barren organization coercion the summer season. The program is contrived to conduct-in her into the program and tread her through the program outverge strailing her so abundant. By the purpose of the 12th week, she earn be correspond flush to adadjoin another gym convocation at an tardy equalize.


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