I know this may sound crazy but it is an 8-10 page paper due tonight at 11pm. Here are the instructions: > 1. Complete the assigned readings for this unit. > > 2. In a Microsoft Word document, write an eight to ten page paper (minus tables, charts, figures, references, and cover page) on Leadership and Organizational Change. Your paper should focus on the role of leadership and the consequences to organizational behavior and performance as related to implementing a successful change project. Be sure to respond to the following questions in your paper: > > What is the current state of knowledge about the subject matter? > > What is consistent and conflicting in practices and outcomes relative to change? > > What impact does organizational culture and leadership have on change? > > Include a summary and conclusions section at the end of the paper. > > 3. In your paper, be sure to do the following: > > Write a clear and concise introduction that explains the scope and purpose of your research. This should be no more than one page. > > Present a clear and logical explanation of the academic research on this topic. It is suggested that you start with an outline of your paper and fill in the details so that your paper flows and is readable. Include research that disagrees with your opinion as well as that which supports it. > > The summary should concisely present the overall assessment of the literature reviewed. If applicable, a “Future research needed” may be included before the summary. > > 4. Include a cover page and abstract. Your paper should be in standard APA format, Times New Roman 12-point font, with a 1 inch left margin and a 1 inch top, bottom and right margin. The Header is the running head and the Footer should include your name, course number, and page number. > > 5. The purpose of this paper is to be concise and precise. Please do not use metaphors. For example, do not say things like “Walmart kills small business.” (Walmart did not pick up a knife and stab the other business.) What is most important is your thought processes and reasoning, not necessarily a particular conclusion. In essence, you are to engage in the economic way of thinking. > > 6. Your paper should be in written in APA style with appropriate references and bibliography.