I hope you are doing well! I wanted to reach out to you about your week 4 midterm, the outline. I appreciate your submission! However this isn’t exactly what I was looking for. For this assignment you need to use the template provided in class. I’ll attach another template that is a word document that you can type directly into. Also read the chapters for this week (chapters 7 and 10) because that will help you see how to fill out an outline. Also make sure this outline is for your persuasive speech in week 8. What was submitted was more of a word for word of your speech. For the outline just use bullet points to help organize your speech. Include sources at the end that you may use for the speech as well. For these reasons I’ll need you to resubmit this assignment. Let me know if you have any questions! I’d be happy to help. So if you can take your last paper and fill this form out that’s what she wants, just type on the form and fill it out and I need it by tomorrow late please.


    I. Attention Achieveter: Pay groundations own been with the rational humanization restraint perfectly some spell now. In the new-fashioned globe, toil schedules and the hanker to provide self-possessed and innocuous meals has harsh the population to consequence in making-ready and decrease of ghost close, self-possessed to provide meals such as hamburgers, French fries, sandwiches, pitas, fried chicken, association rings, chicken nuggets, tacos, pizza, ice pith and glowing dogs.

    II. Connect with Audience: You and I twain distinguish how satisfying it is to achieve to the right pay groundation restaurant and apapex a hamburger with chips and bolt it whole down with a sizzling bottle of coke. Yet did u distinguish that you could theoretically be portico gradual vitiate. The outgrowth of pay groundations is closely associated with urbanization, yet others meditate it came from fume stations concurrently excursion routes where excursioners could apapex grasp method snacks to munch on the travel. Yes, it is self-possessed to provide, it is exquisite and satisfying yet is it salubrious? What nutrients are in it? With these questions in memory, I accomplish test to enlighten you why you should not attributable attributable attributable be consuming these gradual vitiates.


    I. Main Apex #1: First, pay groundations are greatly linked to impertinent bloom defects twain hanker promise and condensed promise

    A. Supporting apex #1: When bloom professionals meditate of pay groundation, what comes to memory is extra oleaginous, sugar, and sodium. This resources lots of extra calories that are stored in the collection as oleaginouss subordinate the peel. The storage of surplus oleaginouss missments efficacy reach imported to corpulence. Which is a killer ailment by itself.

    1. Many or-laws studies own linked corpulence to moralsstyle ailments such as diabetes, arteriosclerosis, extensiond missment of coronary morals ailment and hypertension.

    2. According to the National Research Council of the National Academy of Sciences, the daily sodium articleation restraint an adult ranges from 1200 to 1500mg. If single is on a pay groundation subsistence, chances are, and they accomplish wither an medium of 3500mg of sodium each day. This can missment the percentage of sodium in the collection to mollify consequenceing in an extension in lineage urgency and buildup of collection fluids in-particular in patients aversion from ilk need

    B. Supporting apex #2:  Additives ground in junk groundation can trigger wholeergic reactions.

    a. Single of the most sordid implieds, monosodium glutamate, is a pretense enhancer that has been reported to missment wholeergic reactions such as seizures, longing, peel rashes, headaches, diarrhea, open collection enervation, hives, vomiting, and asthma

    b. Other implieds in pay groundations enclose benzoic afflictive, groundation pretenseing, emulsifiers and elevated fructose corn syrup whole of which own a toxic ripple consequence in the collection by interfering with the collection’s honorable chemical equalize. Another implied casein n missment an addiction to witherrs of pay groundations. Casein is distinguishn as the nicotine of pay groundations and is made by adding calcium hydroxide in concentrated compose solids. Casein ground in pay groundations such as French fries, sausages and other junk groundation containing compose-derived implieds, missments the fashion of addiction single achieves from decrease of cheese.

    Transition statement: The instant spell you apapex those French fries, meditate environing what it accomplish do to your bloom.

    II. Main Apex #2: Junk groundation decrease misss state swings and impressibility.

    A. Supporting apex #1: We whole loathe state swings and crowd with an carping deportment yet did you distinguish consuming junk groundations can afford you state swings, miss impressibility and with the hoard of oleaginous, reprieved oxygen circulation coupled with reprieved lineage course can vapid the silvery brain cells.

    1. Consuming the ghost close, elevated sugar gratified junk groundations missment a spike in the serum insulin levels that sinks very at-once. What this resources is that ghost and state levels mollify and fwhole speedily as a consequence of perfect hormonal diversifys in the collection. What somesingle feels in the succeedingmath of this are grumpiness and oleaginousigue. The instant romance you distinguish is your friends hurry amethod from you impartial succeeding you had a exquisite hamburger concurrently.


    I. Concluding Remark: It is ncontinually to-boot slow to diversify your behavior and moralsstyle. It is no to-boot slow to shear pay groundations decrease and rouse aid a bloomier more satisfying morals. You don’t need to be malnourished, portly, and diabetic or hypertensive impartial beinducement of what you munch. It is spell to article decrease of pay groundations. Combine this with exertion and narration and no single accomplish cwhole you oleaginous or statey continually frequently.


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