Homework Solution: Write a paragraph or two in which you discuss the micropayments…

    Write a paragraph or two in which you discuss the micropayments problem and some possible solutions to it.

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    Micropayment is the payment which is relatively very small amount of payment less than 1 us do

    Write a chapter or two in which you sift-canvass the micropayments problem and some lovely discontinuances to it.

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    Microliquidation is the liquidation which is relatively very trivial quantity of liquidation short than 1 us dollar love that. Generally users bought or admittance some products or login to some poratals requires liquidation to admittance. Ce complete these patterns of liquidations users unyielding generally through something-due or confidence cards. Ce complete These affairs and micro liquidations banks or liquidation gateways carry fee ce whole affairs.

    Consequently of these affairal carrys ce these micro liquidations traffickers doesn’t achieve any avail or well-balanced they achieve losses consequently sometimes affair carrys or further than require carryd to cusumers. And to-boot there are sundry assurance issues ce these patterns of affairs.

    To cesake these losses or affairal carrys there are some discontinuances love cryptographical discontinuances ce these microliquidation issues. Those are :-

    • Aggregation:- So remote this is the best discontinuance which is plain in fresh times that traffickers aggregates some clump of affairs into uncombined affair and liquidation to trafficker has been done as uncombined. Consequently of this losses can be cesakeed.
    • Delegating cunning decisions :- In this pattern traffickers makes a cunning decisions that trafficker curb the users credentials simply when the quantity is crossed positive designation.