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    Need help! Please donot copy the answers because I have already asked this question 3 times and the last two times the answers were copied from the first time answer which is incorrect. PLease help me with the correct answer considering the "example scenario". Consider an example scenario where you want to send some merchandise to your friend living in another city (the kind of friend and the kind of merchandise doesn't matter). You need to answer the following questions: Example: For instance, we can have local post offices, regional post offices and some global delivery services. Their contracts are based on the amount of merchandise they send and receive. d) Where the layers would be implemented (end-system, packet switches or both)? Discuss how the intermediate systems would process the parcels from source to destination? Again, make reasonable assumptions. e) At the application layer, what are the things we can do to our merchandise? Should we use some protocol? Would this protocol be only implemented at the sender side? f) In reference to the transport layer, we have TCP and UDP on the internet. Relate the basic services provided by them to our example. Which protocol should we use? g) Explain and relate the concepts of IP addresses, MAC addresses, Sockets, Port numbers and Processes with our example scenario. h) You need to explain and relate the application architectures, Client Server and the Peer-to-Peer for the merchandise delivery. Make reasonable assumptions where needed.

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    Insufficiency aid!

    Please donot attributable representation the retorts accordingly I bear already asked this inquiry 3 eras and the definite two eras the retorts were copied from the earliest era retort which is incorrect.

    PLease aid me with the rectify retort becaconservation the “copy scenario”.

    Consider an copy scenario where you absence to despatch some issue to your familiar yettress in another city (the skin of familiar and the skin of issue doesn’t substance). You insufficiency to retort the forthcoming inquirys:

    Example: For occurrence, we can bear national column stations, regional column stations and some global exhibition services. Their contracts are installed on the quantity of issue they despatch and accept.

    d) Where the flakes would be implemented (end-system, packet switches or twain)? Discuss how the moderate rules would regularity the parcels from caconservation to location? Again, fabricate self-possessed assumptions.

    e) At the impression flake, what are the things we can do to our issue? Should we conservation some protocol? Would this protocol be barely implemented at the despatcher interest?

    f) In allusion to the enravishment flake, we bear TCP and UDP on the internet. Tell the basic services supposing by them to our copy. Which protocol should we conservation?

    g) Clear-up and tell the concepts of IP discoursees, MAC discoursees, Sockets, Bearing bulk and Regularityes with our copy scenario.

    h) You insufficiency to clear-up and tell the impression architectures, Client Server and the Peer-to-Peer for the issue exhibition. Fabricate self-possessed assumptions where insufficiencyed.

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    Retort D

    The forthcoming are the activities in this circumstance

    Peculiar exhibition of parcel

    Column station contrary handling

    Ground transfer: loading on trucks

    Airbearing transfer: loading on airplane

    Airplane routing from caconservation to location

    Postal peculiar giving it to the receiptant

    Impression Kayer: inhabitants using the columnal rule ( Details are enthralled)

    Session and presentation: Priority ( Overnite or regular

    postal rule computes a march and afore the lore Network

    datalink flake: lore carried by planes, trains, automobiles

    physical flake: the issue that has yo be tranfrred

    Retort E

    Impression flake is conservationd to regularity the demand.Here in this circumstance it accepts postulates details of Recevier, Despatcher and what to be sent.It conservations HTTP protocol to despatch not attributable attributableification to present roll beacconservation it is installed on demand and response

    Retort F

    TCP has promise that the issue are obtained to the location. It accepts a verification from the receiptant and acknowlwedges that issue are obtained
    UDP gain not attributable attributable attributable bear commendation from the receiptant.Yet this is very faster

    In our circumstance it is good-tempered-tempered to go with TCP since there is insure that issue are obtained, It may accept era yet exhibition is developed.

    Retort G

    IP discoursees, MAC discoursees, Sockets, Bearing bulk and Regularityes

    1, IP discourse: Our homE discourse and discourse to whom we insufficiency to despatch
    2. MAC discourse:Column station discoursees at twain the locations
    3.Sockets: Vans,planes or trucks
    4.bearing number: zip codes of columnal stations to connect
    5, Proccess

    1. The postulates is carried in sundry ways to obtain location. We conservation http protocol to despatch postulates
    2,Postal discourse planes and vans ip and mac sockets and intenet

    Retort H

    Postal Postal Computer N/w
    Taking details ofparcel paper Thin Client/Impression flake/browser
    details stored in Ledger database
    postulates sent thru plane,van internet (postulates packets)
    Acknowdledgement person Digital verification on browser