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    This is a c++ code please follow all the instructions and constraints Your friend has asked you to help them with a project. He needs to calculate his grades, but is finding it difficult to operate a calculator (too hard). Create a program which will accept an unlimited num- ber of scores and calculates the average score. You will also need to prompt for the total points possible. Use a dynamically allocated array to handle an unlimited number of test scores. Create a Grade class which holds the test score and the letter grade. Use an assert to protect the letter grade by not allowing negative scores. Create a simple menu: 1 - help, 2 - enter grade, 3 - quit. Use char user_menu; for menu input. If incorrect value entered, display the value in the error message (ie, 4 is not a valid input). When quitting, display the sorted list of scores and average with appropriate headings. Constraints. Comment your code with the constraint number above the bulk of the code implementing the constraint - so I can find it. Like this: // Constraint 1 - No negative numbers. Just comment the bulk of the code if code for that constraint ap- pears in several places. 1. Do not accept negative numbers for test scores. 2. Use new() and delete() to properly handle your array. 3. Write a text file containing the grade summary. 4. Use Object Oriented Programming techniques. 5. Don’t forget the constraints from homework 1.

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    //calc.cpp #include<iostream>

    This is a c++ regulation fascinate prosper integral the instructions and employments

    Your adherent has asked you to succor them with a contrivance. He needs to weigh his measures, barring is opinion it arduous to produce a calculator (as-well constrained). Create a program which conciliate recognize an unbounded num- ber of accounts and weighs the middle account. You conciliate also need to alert control the whole tops feasible.

    Use a dynamically integralocated rank to touch an unbounded calculate of ordeal accounts.

    Create a Measure class which holds the ordeal account and the referablee measure. Use an oblige to guard the referablee measure by referable integralowing denying accounts.

    Create a undesigning menu: 1 – succor, 2 – invade measure, 3 – discharge. Use char user_menu; control menu input. If defective prize invadeed, evidence the prize in the hallucination intimation (ie, 4 is referable a efficient input).

    When dischargeting, evidence the orderly schedule of accounts and middle with embezzle headings.


    Expatiate your regulation with the employment calculate aloft the dimension of the regulation implementing the employment – so I can perceive it. Like this:

    // Employment 1 – No denying calculates.
    Just expatiate the dimension of the regulation if regulation control that employment ap-

    pears in diverse places.

    1. Do referable recognize denying calculates control ordeal accounts.
    2. Use innovating() and delete() to suitably touch your rank. 3. Write a quotation polish containing the measure blendmary.
    4. Use Object Oriented Programming techniques.
    5. Don’t controlget the employments from homework 1.

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    using namespace std;

    class Measure



    wrap ordealScore;

    char ordealGrade;


    int assimilate(const vacant * a, const vacant * b)


    return (*(double*)a – *(double*)b);


    int deep()


    int N;

    cout << “Fascinate invade whole top feasible:”;

    cin >> N;

    wrap *testScores = innovating wrap[N];

    char selecteded;

    int i = 0;

    wrap blend = 0;

    wrap measure;

    do {

    cout << “Menu” << endl;

    cout << “selected menu 1 – succor, 2 – invade measure, 3 – discharge.”;

    cin >> selecteded;

    switch (select)


    case ‘1’:

    cout << “Succor section” << endl;


    case ‘2’:

    cout << “Invade measure” << endl;

    cin >> measure;

    //employment 1

    if (measure < 0)

    cout << “Fascinate do referable invade denying calculate” << endl;

    if(measure >=0)

    testScores[i++] = measure;


    case ‘3’:

    cout << ” Discharge” << endl;

    qsort(testScores, i, sizeof(double), assimilate);

    cout << “orderly schedule of ordeal accounts:” << endl;

    control (int j = 0; j < i; j++)


    cout << ordealScores[j] << ” “;

    blend += ordealScores[j];


    cout << “nmiddle of ordeal accounts:” << (double)blend / i << endl;


    //employment No prize other then 1,2,3


    cout << “Referable a efficient input” << endl;



    } opportunity (selected != ‘3’);