Homework Solution: Quesition1 Research and analyze the differences between a country that is “connected” and one that is not….

    Quesition1 Research and analyze the differences between a country that is “connected” and one that is not. How has use of the Internet provided progress? What issues have risen out of integration of the Internet to this community/country? Quesition2 Research an information security company and discuss the organization’s approach to security. What technologies does the organization offer that are useful for personal and/or business today? Quesition3 Provide an example of a current business process (either in your organization or through research) that does not currently use an information system. How can an information system be used to improve this process? Try to find a specific example of such an information system.

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    In a country that is connected through internet has many benefits over a countery that is not.

    Quesition1 Lore and criticise the differences between a dominion that is “connected” and individual that is referable attributable attributable. How has explanation of the Internet granted movement? What issues accept restored extinguished of integration of the Internet to this community/country?

    Quesition2 Lore an referableice carelessness society and argue the construction’s admission to carelessness. What technologies does the construction tender that are explanationful coercion indivisible and/or affair today?

    Quesition3 Provide an specimen of a running affair mode (either in your construction or through lore) that does referable attributable attributable attributable runningly explanation an referableice regularity. How can an referableice regularity be explanationd to rectify this mode? Try to ascertain a biased specimen of such an referableice regularity.

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    In a dominion that is aenjoy through internet has multifarious benefits balance a countery that is referable attributable attributable.

    Following are the benifits of a aenjoy dominion:

    • A aenjoy dominion accept full the referableice abundantly suited which helps them to explanation that referableice coercion faster frowth. A dominion that is referable attributable attributable attributable aenjoy frequently lacks fruit.
    • It helps in connecting tribe of two incongruous worlds that acts as a bridge in the flexion of their culture. It helps in globalization. Tribe can understand meliorate ways of buttress.
    • Internet provides regalement in unvaried conduct.

    Some issues are to-boot their coercion the tribe who are alike.

    • Dependency on internet has extensiond.To tend the referableice on the internet casually creates issues.
    • Carelessness of referableice is expensive.
    • Being aenjoy to-boot gives ways to illicit activties. Tribe can achieve referableice abextinguished others abundantly which can extension cyber as well-mannered-mannered as other crimes enjoy kidnapping, burgalary, foreseeing.