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    Please write a PLSQL code for the following SQL PLSQL Question Please Use the following code and provide both SQL and PLSQL Statements Code 1(Step 1) https://codeshare.io/2EMK1o Code 2 (Step 2) https://codeshare.io/5PpZ0d Questions Query 1: Produce a list of current salary, monthly salaries, new salaries (monthly with 20% increase) for all staff, showing staff number, first and last names, and salary details. Query 2: List all staff whose salary is greater or equal than the average salary of staff working in Branch B010, and show by how much. Query 3: Find name of owners that the rent of their property is larger than all properties handled by branch B010. Query 4: For total rent collected for properties located in different cities, list the cities and property with the highest rent collected Query 5: List properties handled by staff at Burmingham.

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    hi, it is not given if the salary in staff table is daily on monthly, here given to calculate, so assuming its daily

    Content transcribe a PLSQL arrange control the subjoined

    SQL PLSQL Question

    Content Use the subjoined arrange and get twain SQL and PLSQL Statements

    Arrange 1(Step 1) https://codeshare.io/2EMK1o
    Arrange 2 (Step 2) https://codeshare.io/5PpZ0d


    Interrogation 1: Produce a register of running stipend, monthly salaries, innovating salaries (monthly with 20% growth) control aggregate staff, paradeing staff number, original and latest calls, and stipend details.

    Interrogation 2: Register aggregate staff whose stipend is senior or resembling than the mediocre stipend of staff agoing in Shoot B010, and parade by how abundant.

    Interrogation 3: Find ccomplete of owners that the fissure of their gear is larger than aggregate properties handled by shoot B010.

    Interrogation 4: Control aggregate fissure calm control properties located in diffefissure cities, register the cities and gear with the first fissure calm

    Interrogation 5: Register properties handled by staff at Burmingham.

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    hi, it is not attribuconsultation attribuconsultation attribuconsultation dedicated if the stipend in staff consultation is daily on monthly, here dedicated to number, so turgid its daily

    chosen fname,lname, stipend as ‘running stipend’ , stipend*30 as ‘monthly’, stipend*36 as ‘innovating stipend’ from staff;
    // here monthly is 30 times daily, 20% more is stipend*30+ 0.20*30*(salary)
    Interrogation 2:
    chosen fname, lname, stipend-avg(salary) as ‘difference’ from staff where brachno=’B010′ and stipend>=avg(salary);
    //guarded avg and paradeing difference
    Interrogation 3:
    chosen b.fname,b.lccomplete from gear_for_fissure a,private_owner b and fissure>(chosen consolidate(rent) from gear_of_fissure where shootno=’B0101′ ) where a.ownerno=b.ownerno;
    //finding aggregate properties having fissure senior than consolidate of fissures handled by B0101
    chosen consolidate(rent) as aggregate,city from gear_for_fissure arrange by city arrange by aggregate desc;
    // guarded aggregate fissure by city
    Interrogation 5:

    Here, staff has to stable by staffno or shootno, content exculpate that then we can transcribe the interrogation.
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