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    Please need serious and professional help! Hello! I am working on an "object oriented analysis and design" Project. I would really need your sincere help in creating a vision document for this project. The Things That I require in the "vision document" are: 1. Constraints [Note any design constraints, external constraints or other dependencies.] 2. Quality Ranges [Define the quality ranges for performance, robustness, fault tolerance, usability, and similar characteristics that are not captured in the Feature Set.] 3. Precedence and Priority [Define the priority of the different system features.] 4. Other Product Requirements: [At a high level, list applicable standards, hardware or platform requirements, performance requirements, and environmental requirements.] 4.1          Applicable Standards [List all standards with which the product must comply. These can include legal and regulatory (FDA, UCC) communications standards (TCP/IP, ISDN), platform compliance standards (Windows, UNIX, and so on), and quality and safety standards (UL, ISO, CMM).] 4.2 System Requirements Define any system requirements necessary to support the application. These can include the supported host operating systems and network platforms, configurations, memory, peripherals, and companion software.] 4.3 Performance Requirements [Use this section to detail performance requirements. Performance issues can include such items as user load factors, bandwidth or communication capacity, throughput, accuracy, and reliability or response times under a variety of loading conditions.] 4.4 Environmental Requirements [Detail environmental requirements as needed. For hardware- based systems, environmental issues can include temperature, shock, humidity, radiation, and so forth. For software applications, environmental factors can include usage conditions, user environment, resource availability, maintenance issues, and error handling and recovery.] About my Project: Title: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Online System 1)      Purpose and Idea: This system is needed to help ensure that the IESCO electric company keeps record of all the incomings and outgoings transactions within and outside the company. The company also needs to keep track of all the customers and their bills. The company will also store the information of the employees working in the company. The employee’s detail such as salary and attendance will also be stored as well. This system decreases a significant amount of paper work and removes human errors while doing transactions. 2)      Aim: The system is designed after various incidents that happened all across Pakistan where companies lost their important data and faced serious financial damage. We have seen a lot of times whenever a company or firm catches fire; all the important paperwork is lost. So to reduce the company’s cost and damage this system will be designed. This system also ensures that no employee makes unwanted changes in the company’s private data. Since, all the data would be loaded into the system, the user can verify his/her record by searching for it. Whenever an employee puts in a query the system shows result within no time which saves a lot of time. Another important advantage of this system is that if customers inquire about their bills they must be able to view it and pay it online. An invoice must also be generated when any kind of transaction is performed. Scope: IESCO (Islamabad electric supply company) online system enables customers to view their billing and online payments of their respective account. It also includes employee’s personal details as well as his attendance details, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO online system manages the human resource requisite with quality and efficiency by decreasing the labor work for both the employees as well as customers. The major task of the system is to build an automated error free online system. This can be used for future statistics in order to calculate the data and can be further used thus easily optimizing the high degree standards of electric supply and its values, customer details, and employee details Objectives: IESCO online automated system will be developed to maintain the billing record of customers and details such as salary, attendance of company’s employees. The primary users of this system will be customers and employees who are managing the system. It will provide a GUI interface to handle different billing operations performed by online customers and queries of company’s employees (both technical staff and managerial staff). The system is targeted to achieve accurate and consistent data, elimination of data redundancy to some extent, and to avoid human errors. Problem Statement: As we have seen over the past decade that there are many problems with the online electricity bill payments. The foremost issue is that sometimes bills get shuffled on different addresses and people have to face a lot of trouble. This system offers a unique feature that is if any customer does not get his/her bill until two days before the given due date by post, he/she can complain online and can get his/her bill to be paid online. Second, the system will ensure that there are no human errors involved in the calculation of final bill to be paid by any customer. Third, it would be easy to trace all the people who do not pay their bills and still use electricity by unfair means while still being registered customers of IESCO. Finally, people often lose their previously paid bills so this system offers complete security that all the previously paid bills of customers are saved along with their payment dates. Also, employee details will be stored, which will facilitate the employees to see their progress. Description: The system will consist of back end data structures (classes) to store all the information and a graphical user interface (GUI). There will be separate sections for customers and company’s employees. It will also provide total security to all the company’s critical data as no one would be able to access the system other than company’s staff.

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    1. Constraints
    1. Availability of external interfaces to carry on our work.
    2. Availability of infrastructure with other stake holders

    Please deficiency leading and functional succor!

    Hello! I am agoing on an “object oriented disindividuality and plan” Purpose. I would veritably deficiency your cordial succor in creating a confidence instrument ce this purpose.

    The Things That I ask-coercion in the “confidence instrument” are:

    1. Constraints

    [Note any plan constraints, exterior constraints or other dependencies.]

    2. Character Ranges

    [Define the character ranges ce exploit, robustness, omission tolerance, usability, and congruous characteristics that are refertelling charmed in the Lineament Set.]

    3. Precedence and Guidance

    [Define the guidance of the contrariant scheme lineaments.]

    4. Other Consequence Ask-forments:

    [At a eminent plane, roll pertinent standards, hardware or platform ask-forments, exploit ask-forments, and environmental ask-forments.]

    4.1          Pertinent Standards

    [Roll entirety standards with which the consequence must consent. These can apprehobject lawful and regulatory (FDA, UCC) despatchs standards (TCP/IP, ISDN), platform consent standards (Windows, UNIX, and so on), and character and deposit standards (UL, ISO, CMM).]

    4.2 Scheme Ask-forments

    Define any scheme ask-forments needful to buttress the contact. These can apprehobject the buttressed multitude frank schemes and neteffort platforms, configurations, retention, peripherals, and mate software.]

    4.3 Exploit Ask-forments

    [Right this individuality to specialty exploit ask-forments. Exploit results can apprehobject such items as rightr direct factors, bandwidth or despatch accommodation, throughput, correction, and reliability or counterportio ages beneath a difference of directing provisions.]

    4.4 Environmental Ask-forments

    [Specialty environmental ask-forments as deficiencyed. Ce hardware- grounded schemes, environmental results can apprehobject weather, surprise, dampness, radiation, and so ceth. Ce software contacts, environmental factors can apprehobject exercise provisions, rightr environment, media availability, livelihood results, and deception laborerling and revival.]

    About my Purpose:

    Title: Islamabad Electric Accoutre Posse (IESCO) Online Scheme

    1)      Purpose and Idea:

    This scheme is deficiencyed to succor secure that the IESCO electric posse conducts archives of entirety the incomings and waste negotiations amid and beyond the posse. The posse so deficiencys to conduct footprint of entirety the customers and their mandibles. The posse succeed so ammunition the referableification of the employees agoing in the posse. The employee’s specialty such as remuneration and retinue succeed so be ammunitiond as well-mannered-mannered-mannered. This scheme decreases a weighty whole of pamphlet effort and removes cosmical deceptions ageliness doing negotiations.

    2)      Aim:

    The scheme is planed succeeding diverse incidents that happened entirety across Pakistan where companies lost their leading grounds and aspectd leading financial hurt. We enjoy beholdn a cetune of ages whenever a posse or robust catches fire; entirety the leading pamphleteffort is lost. So to subject the posse’s absorb and hurt this scheme succeed be planed. This scheme so secures that no employee makes unwanted changes in the posse’s retired grounds. Since, entirety the grounds would be directed into the scheme, the rightr can demonstrate his/her archives by minute ce it. Whenever an employee puts in a question the scheme shows effect amid no age which saves a cetune of age. Another leading habit of this scheme is that if customers affect about their mandibles they must be telling to intention it and rapid it online. An invoice must so be generated when any peel of negotiation is produced.


    IESCO (Islamabad electric accoutre posse) online scheme enables customers to intention their mandibleing and online rapidments of their relative representation. It so apprehends employee’s indivisible specialtys as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as his retinue specialtys, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO online scheme manages the cosmical media defective with character and objectingness by decreasing the drudge effort ce twain the employees as well-mannered-mannered-mannered-mannered as customers. The superior achievement of the scheme is to uplift an automated deception unreserved online scheme. This can be rightd ce controlthcoming statistics in classify to investigate the grounds and can be excite rightd thus amply optimizing the eminent range standards of electric accoutre and its values, customer specialtys, and employee specialtys


    IESCO online automated scheme succeed be open to adhere-to the mandibleing archives of customers and specialtys such as remuneration, retinue of posse’s employees. The earliest rightrs of this scheme succeed be customers and employees who are managing the scheme. It succeed furnish a GUI interaspect to feel contrariant mandibleing operations produced by online customers and queries of posse’s employees (twain technical staff and managerial staff). The scheme is targeted to object servile and harmonious grounds, encircleation of grounds redundancy to some space, and to quit cosmical deceptions.

    Problem Statement:

    As we enjoy beholdn aggravate the elapsed decade that there are numerous problems with the online electricity mandible rapidments. The ceemost result is that casually mandibles achieve shuffled on contrariant addresses and mob enjoy to aspect a cetune of vexation. This scheme offers a rare lineament that is if any customer does refertelling achieve his/her mandible until brace days anteriorly the absorbed imputefficient continuance by shaft, he/she can afflict online and can achieve his/her mandible to be compensated online. Second, the scheme succeed secure that there are no cosmical deceptions compromised in the balance of ultimate mandible to be compensated by any customer. Third, it would be unconcerned to pursue entirety the mob who do refertelling rapid their mandibles and calm?} right electricity by trickish media ageliness calm?} substance registered customers of IESCO. Ultimately, mob frequently occasion their previously compensated mandibles so this scheme offers entire deposit that entirety the previously compensated mandibles of customers are saved parallel with their rapidment continuances. So, employee specialtys succeed be ammunitiond, which succeed expedite the employees to behancient their journey.


    The scheme succeed halt of object object grounds structures (classes) to ammunition entirety the referableification and a graphical rightr interaspect (GUI). There succeed be disjoined individualitys ce customers and posse’s employees. It succeed so furnish entirety deposit to entirety the posse’s precarious grounds as no individual would be telling to arrival the scheme other than posse’s staff.

    Expert Defense


    1. Constraints

    1. Availability of exterior interfaces to propel on our effort.
    2. Availability of infrastructure with other sobtain?} arresters

    2. Character Ranges

    Exploit Trial process

    • Trial team succeed warrant scenarios ce Exploit Trialing.
    • Entirety the Exploit scenarios should be reviewed and current by employment.
    • Only current trial scenarios succeed be produced as portio of Exploit trialing.
    • Testing succeed be produced pristine in the ancient environment to benchmark the negotiation ages.
    • The negotiation age enslaved ce each scenario succeed be compared.
    • Ce online scenarios, Direct Runner cat's-paw succeed be rightd.
    • Ce conspire processing marks, we may do manual exploit trial by using a bung wait or by checking logs.


    Stress trialing is dindividual to trial the robustness of contact. The direct succeed be applied on upper limits to behancient if the scheme is behaving correctly/Sufficiently

    Omission tolerance is the estate that enables a scheme to endure frank uprightly in the incident of the ask-coercion of some of its functions

    3. Precedence and Guidance

    1.     Precedence of having reviews on statute anteriorly deployment

    2.     Precedence of having character checks anteriorly tender to live

    3.     Groundslow trialing hancient guidance in SIT phase

    4.     Employment encomium arrests guidance anteriorly we initiate developing ask-forment

    5.     Proper ask-coercion planning, schedules to enjoy in laborer is guidance.


    4. Other Consequence Ask-forments:

    4.1. Pertinent Standards

    Contact standards

    1. Arrivalible on entirety Browsers

    2. Eminently secured

    3. Amply manageable

    4. Rightr friendly

    Character Standards

    1. Risk Skill

    2. Configuration skill

    3. Proper Estimation methods

    4. Pursueability matrix

    5. Defect Prevention plan

    6. Metrics

    7. Despatch Plans

    4.2 Scheme Ask-forments

    Configuration of Source Environment Configuration of Tarachieve Environment Furnish specialtys ce the following:

    Development Frank Scheme(Windows)
    Development Languages Java
    Development Compiler & Linker
    Development Groundsbase: SQL
    Development GUI: JAVA Applets
    Development Cat's-paws & Utilities

    Jscript, eclipse

    DeploymentàJenkins Furnish specialtys ce the following:

    Tarachieve Frank Scheme (windows)

    Tarachieve Languages : JAVA

    Tarachieve Compiler & Linker

    Tarachieve Groundsbase: SQL

    Tarachieve GUI; JAVA Applets

    Tarachieve Cat's-paws & Utilities

    Jscript ,eclipse


    Exploit Trialing

    Exploit trialing succeed be produced in brace ways:

    • NFRs that are apprehendd in a uplift.
    • Detailed Exploit Trialing succeed be produced with a further grown uplift and succeed be scheduled conjointly with GOI.

    Current Lowline : No of rightrs which are availtelling now when considered ageliness plan

    Scheme Direct: The max direct the scheme can obtain?}. This we can trial by increasing the direct

    Fail Aggravate: This mark of trialing is rightd to demonstrate an IT scheme’s ability to endure operations ageliness the processing facility is substance transmitted to a object-up scheme.

    Capacity: the max accommodation the scheme can arrest

    Http protocol to trial the thoughput.

    Hardware Ask-forments

    Server/Multitude Name Description Instance Remarks XXX1 Datalow Server TBD YYYY1 Java construction and App Server TBD

    Software Ask-forments

    Server/Multitude Name Version Info Purpose JAVA Latest Used ce GUI and employment process Informatics 8.6.1 Extraction, Transformation and Directing succeed be produced using Informatics Employment Objects BI 4.0 Dashboard & Reports succeed be open using BI 4.0 Toad 11.0 This cat's-paw is rightd to link to the grounds low and develop/execute the SQL scripts SharePoint 7.0 Ce foothold reports SQL server latest To ammunition the grounds cognate to the contact HP ALM 10 This is a trial skill cat's-paw, rightd to apprehend ask-forments, trial scripts, trial runs and defects Exploit Center 11.o To propel on exploit trialing