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    Please need serious and professional help! Hello! I am working on an "object oriented analysis and design" Project. I would really need your sincere help in creating a vision document for this project. The Things That I require in the "vision document" is: 1.1          Assumptions and Dependencies [List each of the factors that affect the features stated in the Vision document. List assumptions that, if changed, will alter the Vision document. For example, an assumption may state that a specific operating system will be available for the hardware designated for the software product. If the operating system is not available, the Vision document will need to change.] 1.2          Cost and Pricing [For products sold to external customers and for many in-house applications, cost and pricing issues can directly impact the application’s definition and implementation. In this section, record any cost and pricing constraints that are relevant. For example, distribution costs, (# of diskettes, # of CD-ROMs, CD mastering) or other cost of goods sold constraints (manuals, packaging) may be material to the projects success, or irrelevant, depending on the nature of the application.] 1.3          Licensing and Installation [Licensing and installation issues can also directly impact the development effort. For example, the need to support serializing, password security or network licensing will create additional requirements of the system that must be considered in the development effort. Installation requirements may also affect coding or create the need for separate installation software.] Description of the Project: (for your help to understand) Title: Islamabad Electric Supply Company (IESCO) Online System 1)      Purpose and Idea: This system is needed to help ensure that the IESCO electric company keeps record of all the incomings and outgoings transactions within and outside the company. The company also needs to keep track of all the customers and their bills. The company will also store the information of the employees working in the company. The employee’s detail such as salary and attendance will also be stored as well. This system decreases a significant amount of paper work and removes human errors while doing transactions. 2)      Aim: The system is designed after various incidents that happened all across Pakistan where companies lost their important data and faced serious financial damage. We have seen a lot of times whenever a company or firm catches fire; all the important paperwork is lost. So to reduce the company’s cost and damage this system will be designed. This system also ensures that no employee makes unwanted changes in the company’s private data. Since, all the data would be loaded into the system, the user can verify his/her record by searching for it. Whenever an employee puts in a query the system shows result within no time which saves a lot of time. Another important advantage of this system is that if customers inquire about their bills they must be able to view it and pay it online. An invoice must also be generated when any kind of transaction is performed. Scope: IESCO (Islamabad electric supply company) online system enables customers to view their billing and online payments of their respective account. It also includes employee’s personal details as well as his attendance details, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO online system manages the human resource requisite with quality and efficiency by decreasing the labor work for both the employees as well as customers. The major task of the system is to build an automated error free online system. This can be used for future statistics in order to calculate the data and can be further used thus easily optimizing the high degree standards of electric supply and its values, customer details, and employee details Objectives: IESCO online automated system will be developed to maintain the billing record of customers and details such as salary, attendance of company’s employees. The primary users of this system will be customers and employees who are managing the system. It will provide a GUI interface to handle different billing operations performed by online customers and queries of company’s employees (both technical staff and managerial staff). The system is targeted to achieve accurate and consistent data, elimination of data redundancy to some extent, and to avoid human errors. Problem Statement: As we have seen over the past decade that there are many problems with the online electricity bill payments. The foremost issue is that sometimes bills get shuffled on different addresses and people have to face a lot of trouble. This system offers a unique feature that is if any customer does not get his/her bill until two days before the given due date by post, he/she can complain online and can get his/her bill to be paid online. Second, the system will ensure that there are no human errors involved in the calculation of final bill to be paid by any customer. Third, it would be easy to trace all the people who do not pay their bills and still use electricity by unfair means while still being registered customers of IESCO. Finally, people often lose their previously paid bills so this system offers complete security that all the previously paid bills of customers are saved along with their payment dates. Also, employee details will be stored, which will facilitate the employees to see their progress. Description: The system will consist of back end data structures (classes) to store all the information and a graphical user interface (GUI). There will be separate sections for customers and company’s employees. It will also provide total security to all the company’s critical data as no one would be able to access the system other than company’s staff.

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    1. Assumptions And Dependencies
    ID Assumption

    Please demand thoughtful and authoritative succor!

    Hello! I am launched on an “object oriented separation and artifice” Artifice. I would truly demand your honest succor in creating a anticipation muniment restraint this artifice.

    The Things That I insist-upon in the “anticipation muniment” is:

    1.1          Convictions and Dependencies

    [List each of the factors that desire the elements customary in the Vision document. List convictions that, if newfangled, conciliate exvary the Vision document. Restraint illustration, an conviction may specify that a wrongful unconstrained rule conciliate be succorful restraint the hardware named restraint the software effort. If the unconstrained rule is referservicetalented succorful, the Vision muniment conciliate demand to vary.]

    1.2          Absorb and Pricing

    [Restraint efforts sold to palpservicetalented customers and restraint divers in-horepresentation contacts, absorb and pricing effects can undeviatingly contact the contact’s determination and implementation. In this minority, proceedings any absorb and pricing constraints that are pertinent. Restraint illustration, distribution absorbs, (# of diskettes, # of CD-ROMs, CD mastering) or other absorb of chattels sold constraints (manuals, packaging) may be representative to the artifices consummation, or redundant, depending on the peel of the contact.]

    1.3          Licensing and Inaugurateation

    [Licensing and inaugurateation effects can so undeviatingly contact the extinguishedgrowth trial. Restraint illustration, the demand to maintenance serializing, password warranty or neteffort licensing conciliate coercionm joined insist-uponments of the rule that must be considered in the extinguishedgrowth trial.

    Installation insist-uponments may so desire coding or coercionm the demand restraint disconnected inaugurateation software.]

    Description of the Artifice: (restraint your succor to perceive)

    Title: Islamabad Electric Give Assemblage (IESCO) Online Rule

    1)      Purpose and Idea:

    This rule is demanded to succor fix that the IESCO electric assemblage retains proceedings of perfect the incomings and deductions matters amid and withextinguished the assemblage. The assemblage so demands to retain way of perfect the customers and their reckonings. The assemblage conciliate so accumulation the not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributableification of the employees launched in the assemblage. The employee’s particular such as compensation and accoutrements conciliate so be accumulationd as polite-behaved-behaved. This rule decreases a speaking aggregate of article effort and removes ethnical deceptions spaceliness doing matters.

    2)      Aim:

    The rule is intended behind sundry incidents that happened perfect opposing Pakistan where companies late their considerservicetalented facts and aspectd thoughtful financial impairment. We enjoy bewaren a chance of spaces whenever a assemblage or established catches fire; perfect the considerservicetalented articleeffort is late. So to convert the assemblage’s absorb and impairment this rule conciliate be intended. This rule so fixs that no employee makes unwanted varys in the assemblage’s secret facts. Since, perfect the facts would be loaded into the rule, the representationr can confirm his/her proceedings by minute restraint it. Whenever an employee puts in a inquiry the rule shows product amid no space which saves a chance of space. Another considerservicetalented usage of this rule is that if customers strive abextinguished their reckonings they must be serviceservicetalented to object it and reckless it online. An invoice must so be generated when any peel of matter is produced.


    IESCO (Islamabad electric give assemblage) online rule enables customers to object their reckoninging and online recklessments of their appertaining recital. It so includes employee’s single particulars as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as his accoutrements particulars, which can be monitored by his seniors. IESCO online rule manages the ethnical resources necessary with sort and aptitude by decreasing the strive effort restraint twain the employees as polite-behaved-behaved-behaved as customers. The main drudgery of the rule is to elevate an automated deception uncounted online rule. This can be representationd restraint coercionthcoming statistics in classify to proportion the facts and can be exalt representationd thus amply optimizing the elevated class standards of electric give and its values, customer particulars, and employee particulars


    IESCO online automated rule conciliate be plain to adhere-to the reckoninging proceedings of customers and particulars such as compensation, accoutrements of assemblage’s employees. The original representationrs of this rule conciliate be customers and employees who are managing the rule. It conciliate cater a GUI interaspect to representation contrariant reckoninging operations produced by online customers and queries of assemblage’s employees (twain technical staff and managerial staff). The rule is targeted to terminate complimentary and congruous facts, conclusion of facts redundancy to some quantity, and to desert ethnical deceptions.

    Problem Specifyment:

    As we enjoy bewaren aggravate the late decade that there are divers problems with the online electricity reckoning recklessments. The restraintemost effect is that casually reckonings secure shuffled on contrariant addresses and vulgar enjoy to aspect a chance of grief. This rule offers a sole element that is if any customer does referservicetalented secure his/her reckoning until brace days antecedently the absorbed due conclusion by column, he/she can annoy online and can secure his/her reckoning to be remunerated online. Second, the rule conciliate fix that there are no ethnical deceptions confused in the computation of developed reckoning to be remunerated by any customer. Third, it would be unconstrained to delineate perfect the vulgar who do referservicetalented reckless their reckonings and peaceful representation electricity by wrongful resources spaceliness peaceful nature registered customers of IESCO. Developedly, vulgar frequently expose their previously remunerated reckonings so this rule offers adequate warranty that perfect the previously remunerated reckonings of customers are saved along with their recklessment conclusions. So, employee particulars conciliate be accumulationd, which conciliate arrange the employees to beware their movement.


    The rule conciliate rest of tail object facts structures (classes) to accumulation perfect the not attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributtalented attributableification and a graphical representationr interaspect (GUI). There conciliate be disconnected minoritys restraint customers and assemblage’s employees. It conciliate so cater aggregate warranty to perfect the assemblage’s discriminating facts as no undivided would be serviceservicetalented to arrival the rule other than assemblage’s staff.

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    1. Convictions And Dependencies

    ID Assumption 1 Authoritative Insist-uponment muniments, HLD muniments are caterd by the extinguishedgrowth team and public by the matter. 2 Elevate Team performs jurisdiction deployment in the perfect succorful environment 3 The ordeal environment conciliate be geting and authoritatively validated(Smoke Ordealing) antecedently ordealing is scheduled to begin 4 Required permissions to be-mixed the rules conciliate be granted 5 Any varys to the insist-uponments or artifice of the contact conciliate be considered as vary requests and these varys conciliate be infectious to the perfect the teams. 6 Team conciliate be caterd link/ports/arrival thru firewalls restraint be-mixeding to perfect environments. 7 Installation and figure of the software/hardware efforts conciliate be dundivided . 8 User counter-argument ordealing is carried extinguished by the matter representationrs. 9 Participation of stakeholders in triage meetings, standing meetings and governance meetings are very discriminating ID Dependencies 1 Public authoritative, Technical muniments from the extinguishedgrowth team restraint fable of interface, rule and representationr counter-argument ordeal case/scenarios 2 Outgrowth team to reobject Aggravateperfect interaspect ordeal cases and rule ordeal cases 3 Artifice Manager reobject and acarrogation of perfect artifice team deliverables 4 Adherence to the artifice delineation and delineationned spaceline of endowment by each effort-stream. 5 Readiness of ordeal environment antecedently begin of each exhibition of the attempt and procurement of perfect software and hardware components. 6 Necessary arrival and network.

    2. Absorb And Pricing

    Role Location Hourly Rate (USD) No. of Months No. of Resourcess Absorb (USD) Ordeal Engineers India 20 5 3 $55,125 Architect India 35 6 1 $38,588 Devloper India 25 7 10 $321,563 Artifice Manager India 40 7 1 $51,450 CD-Rom Absorb $200 Network $2,500 $469,425
    1. Licensing and Inaugurateation

    Perfect the software’s which are licensed to shared by IESCO (Islamabad electric give assemblage). They enjoy to instperfect in our assemblage’s neteffort or enjoy to remotely cater arrival to their servers so that team can effort virtually.

    The other liberty can be our assemblage conciliate suborn the software and then arrogation in the invoice cycle.