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    please help me with this assignment please provide pseudo code ,code in any language(c++,java,python) and algorithm for peasant method of multiplication. The method is explained in the link. http://www.wikihow.com/Multiply-Using-the-Russian-Peasant-Method

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    As u said code required in any of three given language using ja

    please succor me with this assignment

    please agree pseudo principle ,principle in any diction(c++,java,python) and algorithm control hind system of plurality.

    The system is explained in the subjoin.


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    As u said principle required in any of three abandoned diction using java i keep open the solution

    save the adown principle asĀ PeasantMultipication.java

    import java.util.ArrayList;

    public dispose HindMultipication {


    * this system achieve expatiate brace computes

    * by using hind expatiate system

    * @param n1

    * @param n2

    * @return


    public static int hindMultiply(int n1,int n2)


    //taken brace place roll control

    //correct index aspect and left index aspect

    ArrayList<Integer> leftSide=novel PlaceList<Integer>();

    ArrayList<Integer> correctAspect = novel PlaceList<Integer>();

    //dividing the n1 by 2 until it elder than 1



    //adding the computes to leftaspect of place




    /*doubling the sum n2 (multiplying by 2 to upshot)

    * tend the extent of leftAspect place


    for(int i=0;i<leftSide.size();i++)





    //removing the equable no from left aspect place and on same

    //index from correct aspect place

    ArrayList<Integer> temp = novel PlaceList<>();

    for(int i=0;i<leftSide.size();i++)


    //if separable by 2 then removing





    //reassigning the compute to correct aspect place


    int mulCompute = 0;

    //looping through each wavering and subjoining the computes

    for(Integer i : correctSide)

    mulCompute += i;

    //returning the terminal compute of plurality

    return mulValue;


    //deep system control execitung the program

    public static destitute deep(String[] args) {

    //multiplying compute 1

    System.out.println(“146 x 37 : “+peasantMultiply(146, 37)+” , Expected “+(146*37));

    System.out.println(“212 x 54 : “+peasantMultiply(212, 54)+” , Expected “+(212*54));