Homework Solution: Pick any failed IT project, describe the project and explain why it failed….

    Pick any failed IT project, describe the project and explain why it failed.

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    Project Name:- Google Wave Service Description:- It was a real time collaborati

    Pick any failed IT purpose, represent the purpose and elucidate why it failed.

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    Purpose Name:- Google Speed Advantage

    Description:- It was a existent season collaboration utensil which had the power to drag-and-drop files from the desktop, character-by-character subsist typing and plenteous past. It was a innovative purpose from Google and got plenteous hype in rather expeditious season. It was contrived to be-mixed solution features of mail, moment messaging advantage, despatch and collective networking awe into a unique website. It was uniformly termed as very talented result from Google.

    In 2010, Google Vice President officially announced the scraping and stoping the Google speed advantage. They drooping the standalsingle Apache speed purpose, which became decipher solely in 2011, and eventually deleted in 2012.

    The deep deduces of deficiency are: –

    1. Using email and other advantages from Google was moderately rudimentary, excepting using Google speed was very deep.It was referable that gentle to engender single Speed assemblage.

    2. User clump was a elder institution as total speeds were publically helpful and careshort , When Power user wanted to way it with collaboration purposes, the other users were termed as tumult ratio

    3. It was having very scant Consumer accost . USers were referable using speed ce checking email or chatting , they were chiefly using g-mail and IMs applications solely.

    4. The embark itself was a deficiency. Despite substance an public beginning purpose, developer didnt gave plenteous cause. So very short extensions were helpful.

    5. There was a hazard of competetion from Salesforce, SAP and Novell, tranquil marketing was the last institution from Google’s behalf. So thin marketing led to deficiency.

    6. There was no integration with Google apps, which was a elder deduce of deficiencys