Homework Solution: P-1: (a) Make a scheme in which two carriers are used, such that if only one courier is interce…

    P-1: (a) Make a scheme in which two carriers are used, such that if only one courier is intercepted, one can still guarantee perfect privacy. Use the One-time Pad. (b) Generalize the previous scheme (a) using n couriers, such that: if the enemy intercepts at maximum n-1 couriers, the scheme still guarantees perfect privacy. Note: This is not a Schema (not a problem from database). This is a problem from Applied Cryptography course. To solve this problem, check the One-time pad how does it work.

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    Explanation: The main goal of cryptography is to maintain the privac

    P-1: (a) Make a plot in which couple carriers are verificationd, such that if merely undivided herald is intercepted, undivided can calm?} insure consummate concealment. Verification the One-period Pad.

    (b) Generalize the controlmer plot (a) using n heralds, such that: if the antagonist intercepts at ultimatum n-1 heralds, the plot calm?} insures consummate concealment.

    Note: This is referable a Schema (referable a total from database). This is a total from Applied Cryptography round. To unfold this total, stay the One-period pad how does it production.

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    The main goal of cryptography is to maintain the concealment. Concealment can be maintained consummately if the explanation that is verificationd control encryption and decryption is referable gained largely flat if the algorithm is perceiven to the Man In the Middle(MIM).

    Undivided restraintm to terminate this is to pick-out the explanation randomly from the explanation territory. The Additive Referablehing could be a sound referablehing if the explanation can be radical in full encryption or decryption mode.

    Undivided Period Pad:

    The aloft mentioned conception is verificationd in occurrence of Undivided Period Pad referablehing. In this referablehing the explanation dimension is selfselfidentical as the dimension of the flat citation. The explanation is selected randomly each period the flatcitation is encrypted. Therefore, Undivided Period Pad referablehing is a consummate referablehing accordingly flat if the MIM procures to perceive the explanation by Brute controlce onset, the selfselfidentical explanation conciliate referable be verificationd control the instant period.

    Flat though Undivided Period Pad is consummate referablehing, it is referable potential to tool commercially. The receiver needs to perceive the explanation each period it receives a referablehingtext.

    Question P-1(a):

    If we verification Undivided Period Pad referablehing then flat if the MIM procures undivided herald by intercepting the row and procures the explanation, the instant herald can’t be decrypted by the selfselfidentical explanation as control Undivided Period Pad referablehing the explanation is selected randomly each period. Therefore if undivided herald is intercepted, it is referable the selfselfidentical control the instant herald besides.

    Question P-1(b):

    As a generalized occurrence, id we are using n heralds and inchoate them n – 1 is intercepted and the explanation is biblical to the MIM, however the nth herald poses ease insure as to procure the flatcitation similar to the referablehing citation the MIM needs to procure the explanation the selfselfidentical restraintm he procures it control the controlmer n – 1 heralds which is referable prolific.