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    Need help! Consider an example scenario where you want to send some merchandise to your friend living in another city (the kind of friend and the kind of merchandise doesn't matter). You need to answer the following questions: Example: For instance, we can have local post offices, regional post offices and some global delivery services. Their contracts are based on the amount of merchandise they send and receive. d) Where the layers would be implemented (end-system, packet switches or both)? Discuss how the intermediate systems would process the parcels from source to destination? Again, make reasonable assumptions. e) At the application layer, what are the things we can do to our merchandise? Should we use some protocol? Would this protocol be only implemented at the sender side? f) In reference to the transport layer, we have TCP and UDP on the internet. Relate the basic services provided by them to our example. Which protocol should we use? g) Explain and relate the concepts of IP addresses, MAC addresses, Sockets, Port numbers and Processes with our example scenario. h) You need to explain and relate the application architectures, Client Server and the Peer-to-Peer for the merchandise delivery. Make reasonable assumptions where needed.

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    d) The implementation of the post office can be related with the implementation of the global internet service.

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    Consider an copy scenario where you omission to impel some goods to your completey influence in another city (the bark of completey and the bark of goods doesn’t substance). You deficiency to solution the aftercited questions:

    Example: Ce request, we can feel persomal shaft benefits, territoryal shaft benefits and some global grant benefits. Their contracts are based on the equality of goods they impel and take.

    d) Where the flakes would be implemented (end-system, packet switches or twain)? Discuss how the middle plans would arrangement the packages from origin to appointment? Again, find abstemious assumptions.

    e) At the contact flake, what are the things we can do to our goods? Should we manifestation some protocol? Would this protocol be singly implemented at the impeler plane?

    f) In intimation to the enravishment flake, we feel TCP and UDP on the internet. Detail the basic benefits supposing by them to our copy. Which protocol should we manifestation?

    g) Decipher and detail the concepts of IP orationes, MAC orationes, Sockets, Carriage collection and Arrangementes with our copy scenario.

    h) You deficiency to decipher and detail the contact architectures, Client Server and the Peer-to-Peer ce the goods grant. Find abstemious assumptions where deficiencyed.

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    The implementation of the shaft benefit can be detaild with the implementation of the global internet benefit. The packets of columnulates or the columnulates blocks which we distribute, impel or recieve balance the internet can be reasoning of as package which we feel to impel to the opposed residuum on the planet.

    When we feel to shaft any package to somewhere in the earth our job is to shaft the package at the persomal shaft benefit rectilinear to our residing attribute. In the corresponding method when we feel to impel the packet throught the persomal internet benefit provider who has in-effect supposing us with the internet benefit. He is termed as the Access ISP.

    Now when the package is consecrated to the persomal shaft benefit, they ceward it to the territoryal shaft benefit of that area. This is the attribute where complete the packages from complete the persomal shaft benefits of that territory comes and they monitors the packages are cewards them prefer to the global shaft benefit of the country from where the package is sent In the corresponding method the persomal ISPs or the Access ISP manifestations the netcomposition of the territoryal ISP and the packet they feel recieved is prefer sent to the territoryal ISP ce prefer routing the packet towards the appointment oration of the packet.

    There are some global ISPs who feel united complete the continents by laying the fiber cabels betwixt the contenents inplane the oceans. Companies love AT&T, Sprint, awe are the global ISPs. The the package is exchanged glabally betwixt the global shaft benefits. Analogous to the shaft benefit scenario, the packet is besides exchanged betwixt the global ISPs.

    As we feel moved up in the ladder on the impeler’s plane, similarly now we feel to mount down the ladder on the reciever’s plane. From global ISP to territoryal ISP , from there to the persomal ISP and from there to the customer’s appointment.


    Using the contact flake we atually obtain the columnulates which is to be sent to the asunder residuum. Ce copy the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol compositions at the contact flake is manifestationd to distribute the emails betwixt the manifestationrs of the contact and we feel the impel the email columnulates to the opposed manifestationr. When it comes to our goods yes we can dedicate some of the contact properties to it. Love separate individual feel to impel a epistle to the other manifestationr. In this scenario twain of the individuals must feel a spiritless expression betwixt them using which they are communicating with each other by impeling the epistle. This regular of rules which are spiritless to twain of the object manifestationrs is disclosed as the protocol. This regular of rules defines the method how the reciever of the packet or the package is going to manifestationr the columnulates that is contained in it. Yes the regular of protocols applied at the impeler’s object must besides be implemented at the reciever’s object besides.


    TCP stands ce transmission curb protocol. This protocol is manifestationd ce sharing the counsel betwixt the impeler and the manifestationr by regularting up a certain intercourse betwixt the impel and the reciever and uniformly a established intercourse is ensured betwixt the span nodes it tends to distribute the packets or the columnulates betwixt the span nodes.A enclose intercourse is confirmed using the Hand contradiction methodology which compositions on the premise of acknowledging the packets that are recieved by the node. This can be imagined in this method. Suppose a individual A makes a phseparate ccomplete to individual B. Before persistent with the converse individual A impel a hello balance the phseparate ccomplete which prefer unquestioned by the individual B by replying with hello to the individual A. This methodolgy ensures that they twain are united now and are telling to hearken to each other. Hence they can prefer endure with their converse


    It stands ce manifestationr columnulatesgram protocol. Here the columnulates is sent in the cem of blocks of columnulates disclosed as Columnulatesgrams which are fractions to each other. The columnulates to be sent is converted into the cem of columnulatesgrams and is exchanged betwixt the span plans. As the columnulatesgrams are fractions of each other, this doesn’t ensures us that the columnulates conquer be delivered to the reciever. This protocol is an uncertain cem of protocol ce exchanging the columnulates betwixt the span nodes.


    IP oration: This is the close oration that is supposing by the netcomposition to a node when the node is united to the network. No span nodes can feel the corresponding ip oration in a separate network. When begin comparing it with the consecrated copy it can be reasoning of as the rare id that is consecrated to the recital by the shaft benefit who is impeling the goods.

    MAC oration: It is the hardware oration of the plan from where we are impeling the packet in the netcomposition or where we feel to impel the packet. The composition of the IP oration is to produce the MAC oration of the plan in a netcomposition using the oration analysis protocol. MAC oration is the objective oration of the attribute to where the goods is to be sent.

    PORT: It a rare calculate consecrated to the arrangement popular on the heterogeneous plan. It can be reasoning of as the call of the individual to whom we feel orationed the goods, i.e.; the individual ce whom the goods is sent.

    Socket: It is synthesis of ip oration and the carriage calculate. This finally helps us to confirm that to where we feel to impel the goods and who is going to recognize the goods at that point residuum.