Homework Solution: Need help answering both these questions….

    Need help answering both these questions. 1. What are the twisted pair cable categories and uses/application for each? 2.Explain each of the good network design goals.

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    Need aid obedient twain these questions.

    1. What are the aslant brace cable categories and uses/application coercion each?

    2.Explain each of the good-tempered-tempered network cunning goals.

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    Aslant Brace cable:- Aslant brace cable consists of span fractions insulated conductors of a undivided tour aslant abextinguished undivided another. These span wires aid to expunge extinguished electromagnetic interference from externals sources and to convert crosstalk.

    Categories and applications of aslant brace cable:-

    Type/Category Maximum basis rate Application
    Kind 1 Upto 1 Mbps
    • Used in telephundivided industry
    • Analog voice
    • Basic rate interface in ISDN Doorbell wiring
    Kind 2 4 Mbps
    • Used in IBM cabling rule coercion Token ring networks
    Kind 3 16 Mbps
    • Voice
    Kind 4 20 Mbps
    • Used in 16 Mbps Token Ring, differently not attributable attributable attributable used ample. Was solely a exemplar little and never widely installed
    Kind 5 100MHz
    • 100 Mbps TPDDI
    • 155 Mbps ATM
    • No longer assistanceed; replaced by 5E.
    • 10/100BASE-T
    • 4/16MBps Token Ring
    • Analog Voice
    Kind 5E 100MHZ
    • 100 Mbps TPDDI
    • 155 Mbps ATM
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • Offers ameliorate near-end crosstalk than CAT 5
    Kind 6 Up to 250 MHz
    • Minimum cabling coercion basis lifes in TIA-942.
    • Quickly replacing kind 5e.
    Kind 6E MHz

    (field-tested to 500 MHz)

    • Assistance coercion 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GBASE-T)
    • May be either shielded (STP, ScTP, S/FTP) or unshielded (UTP)
    • This exemplar published in Feb. 2008.
    • Minimum coercion Basis Lifes in ISO basis life exemplar.
    Kind 7 600 MHz

    1.2 GHz in braces with Siemon connector

    • Full-motion video
    • Teleradiology
    • Government and manufacturing environments
    • Fully Shielded (S/FTP) rule using non-RJ45 connectors beside backwards congruous with impure cords.
    • Until February 2008, the solely exemplar (published in 2002) to assistance 10GBASE-T coercion a liberal 100m.