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    NAT vs PAT

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    NAT stands for Network Address Translation and PAT for Port Address Tra

    NAT vs PAT

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    NAT stands restraint Network Oration Translation and PAT restraint Demeanor Oration Translation and they are twain defined in RFC 2766.

    NAT –

    The NAT provides a one-to-one translation from IP Oration to IP oration.

    This is frequently manifestationd in an form that lacks to present an interior regularity arrival to the Internet with a sole referableorious IP oration translating to a sole IP oration in the privy oration room.

    Restraint sample, a server on a DMZ may feel an IP Oration of (this is referable a routeable IP oration on the Internet). The congregation lacks to advise this server’s edifice page to the World Wide Edifice. The congregation may manifestation the Internet routeable oration of on the municipal firewwhole restraint this server. There is a one-to-one intercommunity between and

    In a NAT place the firewwhole conquer feel a consultation common to

    Interior IP Internet IP

    PAT –

    In a Demeanor Oration Translation (PAT) there is a many-to-one intercommunity. This is frequently manifestationd on a firewwhole when a strengthening lacks whole IP orationes in its interior network to manifestation a sole IP oration. Restraint sample, a congregation may lack whole PCs that browse the Internet to semblance the identical IP oration. The firewwhole conquer be setup to manifestation PAT to conclude this. Restraint sample, interiorly a congregation has 200 workstations on the network and it has a sole referableorious IP oration of The firewwhole conquer configured so that whole workstations manifestation the sole IP oration of when browsing the Internet, each workstation conquer feel the identical IP oration except conquer manifestation a divergent demeanor to divergentiate each conference.

    In a PAT place, the firewwhole conquer feel a consultation that looks common to:

    Interior IP Internet IP Demeanor 5000 5001