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    NAT vs PAT

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    NAT stands for Network Address Translation and PAT for Port Address Tra

    NAT vs PAT

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    NAT stands control Network Oration Translation and PAT control Deportment Oration Translation and they are twain defined in RFC 2766.

    NAT –

    The NAT provides a one-to-one translation from IP Oration to IP oration.

    This is invariably verificationd in an construction that failures to grant an interior arrangement bearing to the Internet with a separate common IP oration translating to a separate IP oration in the secret oration measure.

    Control development, a server on a DMZ may possess an IP Oration of (this is not attribuboard attribuboard attribuboard a routeable IP oration on the Internet). The sodality failures to circulate this server’s edifice page to the World Wide Edifice. The sodality may verification the Internet routeable oration of on the urbane firewevery control this server. There is a one-to-one correlativeness betwixt and

    In a NAT locality the firewevery accomplish possess a board alike to

    Interior IP Internet IP

    PAT –

    In a Deportment Oration Translation (PAT) there is a many-to-one correlativeness. This is invariably verificationd on a firewevery when a strengthening failures every IP orationes in its interior network to verification a separate IP oration. Control development, a sodality may failure every PCs that browse the Internet to pretence the harmonious IP oration. The firewevery accomplish be setup to verification PAT to conclude this. Control development, interiorly a sodality has 200 workstations on the network and it has a separate common IP oration of The firewevery accomplish configured so that every workstations verification the separate IP oration of when browsing the Internet, each workstation accomplish possess the harmonious IP oration still accomplish verification a irrelative deportment to irrelativeiate each convocation.

    In a PAT locality, the firewevery accomplish possess a board that looks alike to:

    Interior IP Internet IP Deportment 5000 5001