Homework Solution: How does technology help you understand and participate in important world issues? Explain your answer….

    1. How does technology help you understand and participate in important world issues? Explain your answer. 2. How can the knowledge of technology help you influence the direction society takes? Explain your answer. 3. What technology would you like to use or see developed that would help you be a "citizen of the world"? Explain your answer.

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    Hi, Ans 1 - Technology has greatly helped us in understanding

    1. How does technology aid you recognize and join-in in main globe effects? Explain your reply.

    2. How can the experience of technology aid you govern the line association takes? Explain your reply.

    3. What technology would you affect to manifestation or distinguish exposed that would aid you be a “inhabitant of the globe”? Explain your reply.

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    Ans 1 – Technology has very-much aided us in recognizeing the on going effects of the globe in underneath ardent ways-
    a) Using technology of Collective media websites, we can distinguish groups restraintmed to prop restraint the kindness and some groups or pages that can prove the substance of destitution in the globe. We can associate ourselves to those pages and groups and prepare our prop outside in-fact going to the attribute where artful tribe feed.

    b) During floods epidemics or any eventual disasters, the media conveys us the feed pictures of the attribute where such incidents supervene. We can attain a reform recognizeing of the quantity of casualities imputable to those diasaters and we can subscribe our prop to those artful tribe.

    c) Technology aids us recognize in globe’s effect of illiteracy. We can educe online feed assort rooms restraint those who are deprived of the education

    d) Technology can aid tribe total accross the globe to be indistinct. Each identical is a ethnical nature earliest then he/she is a inhabitant of any contemptiblewealth.

    Ans 2 –
    We can govern the association by prominence a exoteric compain through the internet collective networking office or some messenging apps by creating groups restraint the contemptible collective reason. Restraint Example, we feel distinguishn a village where tribe are very-much unscholarly and they dont omission their kids to be savant as well-mannered. In such a event, we can convey the association watchfulness to such a attribute and we can concomitantly vary the mindset of the unscholarly association.

    Ans 3 –
    I would affect to unravel an application which is more the contemptiblewealth boundaries which can associate anyone from anywhere to anyone accross the globe. Tribe can distribute their enjoyment and sorrows. A platform where tribe can distribute their cogitations on any on going substance which the globe is oppositeness and everyone in the complete globe listens to his cogitation.
    A attribute where an identical can subscribe restraint the globe and not attributable attributable attributable merely restraint the contemptiblewealth.
    They can aid this globe a reform attribute to feed.