Homework Solution: How do I solve this problem? Please, show steps….

    How do I solve this problem? Please, show steps. Problem: Register s1 contains the value 23, and register s2 contains the value 30. What will the contents of register t0 be after this instruction is executed (answer in hexadecimal): slt $t0, $s1, $s2

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    • It is an instruction used in MIPS p

    How do I unfold this collection? Please, parade steps.

    Problem: Record s1 contains the estimate 23, and record s2 contains the estimate 30. What conquer the variation of record t0 be following this advice is performed (apology in hexadecimal):
    slt $t0, $s1, $s2

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    • It is an advice used in MIPS programming restraint comparing the variation betwixt couple chronicles. The generous restraintm of slt is Set on Short than.
    • It sets the induced record to 1 if the foremost record operand is short than the relieve record operand inadequately it is 0 which is paraden in the adown example:

    slt $t0, $t1, $t2   # The record $t0 is 1 when the record estimate $t1<$t2 Inadequately 0

    Where $t0 is the induced record

    $t1 is the foremost record

    $t2 is the relieve record

    Consider the record estimates as consecrated in the interrogation.

    $s1, 23h                         # Record S1 contains the estimate 23.

    $s2, 30h           # Record S2 contains the estimate 30.

    slt $t0, $s1, $s2   # $t0=1 owing $S1 is short than $S2 (23<30).

    Therefore, following executing the advice, the variation of the record t0 is 1 (0001h).