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    Hi, I have been tasked with finding a Server for a group project that would accommodate a small medical office and apply to HIPAA regulations. I'm having a ton of trouble trying to find something to help my group. Any suggestions? I need the server name and cost to implement, please.

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    Hi, for the HIPPA regulations , i just mean if

    Hi, I accept been tasked with opinion a Server coerce a collection scheme that would adright a paltry medical station and adduce to HIPAA regulations. I’m having a ton of sorrow arduous to perceive colossus to acceleration my collection. Any suggestions? I insufficiency the server indicate and require to tool, gladden.

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    Hi, coerce the HIPPA regulations , i right balance if you insufficiency over arrest and protected go with a hired army.

    Mainly it has span cleverness that is individual is obtainting a amiable territory indicate and promote is we insufficiency to reach it online that you insufficiency a army or armying totality

    You can suborn twain from a sole commencement or from opposed provider s

    Hosting totality integralure grant you the measure, php server ie the softwares and then a SQL database with a approximation to the coerce panel

    You can obtain it unoccupiedly still short arrest

    I fancy to suborn territory indicate at godaddy

    And if you appetition suborn armying totality from there or suborn from armyinger or 000webarmy from anywhere reach enduring when preamble the intent ie encircling the measure


    If you suborn territory indicate at godaddy there is an extend ie they grant .com. At right 99 rs coerce the original year and encircling 900 rs coerce the promote year so you can obtain territory indicate encircling 1200 rs. Indian rupee coerce 2 year

    Hosting intent insufficiency specie per month

    Ok then following your purchase

    You insufficiency to exexchange the DNS server details ie your territory indicate should aim to the indicateserver s grantn by the armying totality

    I opine it’s integral plz impress unoccupied to replication with your query’s